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Best Air Compressor Reviews In 2018

So you’re looking for a best air compressor for home use and you wonder exactly what kind you need. It’s possible to get an under powered one that might work for blowing up balloons and there are also models that can help with blowing up tires and home improvement projects. Those air tanks that scuba divers have on their backs are also a kind of air compressor, so you certainly don’t want to underestimate their usefulness in certain situations. Be sure to check out Air Compressor Reviews to find out more about what kinds of air compressors are available.

Makita MAC700 – Small Electric Air Compressor

With a shipping weight of about 61 pounds, the Makita MAC700 delivers quality output and uses an oil-lubricated system to extend the life of its pump. Makita is known for producing high quality electric air compressors and the MAC700 is certainly one of them. Suitable for the homeowner who has numerous projects or an experienced professional, the MAC700 is built to last and deliver powerful output.

Small Electric Air Compressor

Product Highlights

  • Big bore cylinder
  • Cast iron pump (1720 RPM)
  • Lower noise levels
  • Oil lubricated machine
  • Less maintenance


The MAC700 is a versatile product designed to produce a high output with less maintenance and low noise. The features of this product include:

Maximum Performance – The MAC700 has been designed with a bigger bore and a much larger stroke than what can be acquired from other similar machines. This gives the MAC700 an edge and results in better performance. The cylinder’s larger bore delivers a much higher output and with accuracy too

Reduced Noise – Delivering great output can sometimes come at a high price, which in many cases would be noise. However, the MAC700 is able to provide great output with less noise. With an RPM of 1720, the air compressor is able to achieve higher levels of displacement. With a noise output of only about 80 decibels, this is very impressive, especially when the goal is not to keep the neighbors awake while working with the machine

Extended Motor Life – It can increase the life of the motor by using less energy. Lower amplitude does not cause circuits to break or trip. The motor does not suddenly burn up due to overload which could result in permanent damage to the air compressor

Minimal Wear – Although oil-lubrication for the pump can be somewhat intimidating to first-time buyers, the presence of the oil-lubricating system for the pump actually helps the pump remain cool during operation and this helps the pump last much longer

Cast Iron Cylinder – The durability in the MAC700 air compressor stems from the durable cast iron cylinder that is forms the main structure of the compressor

Oil Sight Glass – For those who are somewhat concerned about the maintenance issue regarding the oil-lubricated pump, an oil sight glass has been provide to make maintenance quick and easy

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Bosch CET4-20W – Twin Angled Tank Air Compressor

The Bosch CET-20W 4-gallon 2-HP wheeled twin best air compressor has a tank on a vertical angle and provides comfortable use, great drainage capabilities and excellent balance due to the proximity of the machine to the body. Designed for quality, mobility and efficient use, the compressor has 2 couplers, a pressure gauge to view the pressure reading, driving nail regulator, a dip stick, an air filter and a safety relief valve.

Bosch CET4-20W

The CSA-certified CET4-20W compressor unit also has a 2-pole induction motor, a cold-start valve, a control panel and a roll cage. With detailed design and safety considerations, the design of the air compressor protection and reduced exposure for other components of the CET4-20W including the coupler and drainage value areas.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use components
  • Tanks at vertical angles
  • Safety relief valve
  • Easy drainage system


Weighing about 85 lbs and having dimension of 16.3″ (L) x 7.8″ (W) x 19.8″ (H), the features of the product include:

Vertical-Angled Tanks – The tanks are at a vertical angle to help move and use the compressor with ease

Dual Tanks – Two tanks are provided to provide twice the power and more efficient service

Oil-Lubed Pump – This unit comes with oil already provided in the pump. The use of a pump that has been lubed with oil helps to protect the air compressor especially in cold temperatures. In addition, an oil dip stick is provided to provide a way to conveniently check oil levels.

Recovery Time – To give the machine a break to enable it continue its operation, recovery time as little as ten seconds will allow the compress continue to function

Air Filter – The air filter prevents debris and other impurities for penetrating the air compressor. The air that enters the pump is clean and free of particles

Easy drainage – The EZ drainage system provide an easy method for draining the tanks. Both tanks can be drained at the same time because the drainage systems for both tanks are connected. Drainage is important to ensure that your compressor continues to function efficiently

Portability – This unit has 10″ tires for easy mobility. These tires contribute to the compact size of the CET4-20W and distinguish this compressor from other similar units that are bulky and unsteady

Powerful Performance – You receive outstanding performance from an induction motor that provides 3,400 revolutions per minute

Cold-Start Value – The cold-start valve protects the machine during use in cold weather. Other compressors that do not have cold-start valves can blow a fuse in frigid temperatures


The Bosch CET4-20W is a 4-gallon electric compressor with wheels. Other components of the CET4-20W include air filters, oil dip sticks and a pump. Enjoy easy draining for dual tanks on the CET4-20W by using the control panel. With the Bosch CET4-20W, operation is controlled and user-friendly. With easy drainage operations, the compressor is also very portable and easy to move around, especially at busy jobsites. Small 10″ tires contribute to the mobility and efficiency of this product.

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Stanley Bostitch CAP1512-OF – Oil-Free High-Output Trim Compressor

The Bostitch CAP1512-OF is a high-performing air compressor that can produce pressures up to 150 psi when performing many finish tool activities. It does not use an oil-lubricated pump which eliminated the need for continual maintenance and it is able to use low energy levels to begin operation. The 1.2 gallon tank provides sufficient storage and also makes the unit ideally portable to be used in various applications.

Oil-Free High-Output Trim Compressor

The Bostitch CAP1512 weighs 26 pounds and has a size of 15″ x 13″ x 18. Built to provide quality, portability, reliability and convenience, the air compressor has an easy start capability, an integrated panel for controlling the unit and a roll cage for protection. There is also rubber feet included with the air compressor. Onboard tool compartments make accompanying tool accessible. The cord can also be wrapped conveniently around the provided notch.

Product Highlights

  • Compact Design
  • Oil-Free Pump
  • On and Off Switch


High Output Pump – The Bostitch CAP1512-OF uses a pimp that produces a high output. At 90 psi, a 2.8 CFM can be reached.

Multiple Tool Operations – It is possible to generate up to 150 psi while performing multiple tool operations (finishing)

Low Energy Usage – The CAP1512-OF uses a low amp rating. The motor can demand 12 amps which can helps to make the start-up process for the machine smooth and without needed to surge any power outlets. Hence, there is little probability of breaking circuits or causing any major power failure. Also, the low energy start helps to protect the motor of the air compressor

Horse Power – The CAP1512-OF features peak horsepower capacity of 2 HP and a capacity of 1.5 HP while running

Portability – It is easy to move the air compressor from one location to another. The design of the air compressor is compact to enhance its portability and the storage tank is also built to consider portability

Control Panel – The control panel is clearly visible and provides integrated assistance when needed. An LED switch is also available to turn the machine on and off

Roll Cage – A roll cage available to provide protection for the machine and it can prevent damage to gauges and other parts of the PC10101

Convenience – To enhance the user’s experience, fasteners, hose storage slots, cord wraps and rubber feet

Oil-Free Pump – The CAP1512 -OF doe not use oil in its operation and is still able to deliver 90 psi and up to 150 psi

Convenience – The unit features hose storage and onboard tool areas. It also has a cord wrap section for added convenience. You can store hand tools and various fasteners within the unit


The Bostitch CAP1512-OF is easily portable and provides high performance. It uses low energy to start and this protects the motor from surges. Visible on and off switches help the user determine when the compressor is on. This feature also helps to avoid misfires related to low-pressure usage. The Bostitch brand is known for durability and has the industrial experience required to be a recognizable part of the world of innovatively engineered air compressors.

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Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 – 3.2-Horsepower 60-Gallon Oiled Vertical Compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 can be used in different ways and wherever a pneumatic tool is required. Applications include trimming and finishing jobs for home projects as well as at professional jobsites. Add air to tires or inflate a ball. No matter what the task is, this air compressor will deliver powerful air pressure and can be relied on to be consistent in how it operates. It makes air pumping jobs extremely easy and the air compressor is also not difficult to use.

Campbell Hausfeld VT6275

The lubricated pump is durable and easy to maintain. Compared to other similar units, the product manufactured by Campell Hausfeld is quite competitive in functionality and it does deliver quality at an affordable price. It is quite the bargain if seeking reliability, powerful air pressure and an excellent air compressor. It’s much quiet operation is also an additional bonus and although it is not entirely quiet, it is certainly quieter than many other best air compressors.

Product Highlights

  • Durable Cast Iron
  • Product Life: 5000 Hours
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Powerful Air Flow


Durability – You get an extremely durable product from Campbell Hausfeld. The cast iron used in manufacturing the pump provides a heavy-duty component that is built to last a very long time. This adds to the reliability of the air compressor

Oil-Lubed Pump – Using an oil-lubed pump is a great way to protect the pump and this serves its purpose essentially. It does require some maintenance in terms of checking the oil and changing it as needed. The pump has two cylinders which provided combined power and efficiency

Air Power – Grab onto the super powerful air flow that the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor provides. With substantial air flow, the compressor is able to accommodate extended usage and can also supply power to many types of tools. This is handy when many types of jobs need to be completed. The 60 gallon tank capacity also helps to provide maximum air storage. This capacity is much larger than other air compressors

Long Life – The air compressor can provide about 5,000 hours of life depending in the specified bearing ratings. This is a significant length of time and provides value for the user through many connected tools. A variety of tasks and jobs can be accomplished during this timeframe

Quiet Motor – The Campbell Hausfeld VT6275 is able to provide a quiet operation with 3.2-HP. With an oiled compressor, the quietest operation can be attained with the 60-gallon vertical compressor

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Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 – Hand Carry Twinstack Air Compressor

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is a durable air compressor. Its size is 19″ (L) x 19″ (W) x 19″ (H) and it can be carried around a room or job site. It can also be used in a stationary mode. At a shipping weight of 83 pounds, the Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 air compressor uses a twin stack and also has an oil-lubed pump that is made from heavy cast-iron. The cast iron cylinder ensures that 100% continuous operation is provided and this guarantees quality output from the air compressor.

Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9

Each of the twin tanks has a capacity of four gallons. It needs a power cord and uses a lubricant to improve its performance. With its single-stage and portable compressor, the P1IU-A9 is popular and well-liked, especially by those who love doing home projects. Ingersoll is a brand name that produces quality products and has been doing so for decades. With well-known use in various industries, the brand can be trusted to competently provide durable and reliable products.

Product Highlights

  • Maximum pressure: 135 psi
  • 3.2 CFM capacity at 135 psi
  • 4.3 CFM capacity at 90 psi
  • Corded electric power source
  • Motor: 2 HP; 15 Amps; 115 V


Power -The ability of the air compressor to produce substantial power is based on its integrated design and pressure output capabilities

Portability – It is easy to use this compressor on jobsites because of its light weight and durability. Easy to carry around, the Ingersoll Rand is your ideal air compressor on jobsites. Even with a double stack compressor and a 2-HP frame, the unit is still compact and quite portable.

Durability – The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is built to be tough and provide continuous operation, as needed. You can count on the Ingersoll air compressor to provide continuous duty cycles

Ergonomic Design – Ergonomic considerations have been used to design this air compressor and make it easier to use and more from one location to another

Oil-Lubed Pump – The pump is oil-lubricated which also helps in extending the life of the pump and the air compressor

Discharge Pressure – The air compressor is able to discharge a maximum of 135 psi. However, the lower pressure range is 90 psi

Control Panel – A control panel is provided to ensure that the user is able to understand the status of the machine

Quick Connections – The air compressor comes with two couplers. These couplers contribute to the quick connections that are possible with the Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9. With these quick connect and disconnect couplers, you can easily run more than one tool at the same time


The 2-HP Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 air compressor can reach a capacity of 4.3 CFM at a pressure of 90 psi or a capacity of 3.2 CFM at 135 psi. It also uses 15 amps and a voltage rating of 115. Ingersoll Rand’s P1IU-A9 compressor can be used in a variety of applications including on decks, around the house or to provide finishing and completing trimming operations. From a trusted brand name, the P1IU-A9 is a good product to purchase and use for tasks that require portable pneumatic equipment.

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DEWALT D55140 – Heavy-Duty Air Compressor

The DEWALT D55140 Trim compressor is an air-powered 1-gallon machine that includes quick couplers and has a compatible fastener range. With a sound level of 69 dB, the size of the compressor is 19″ (W) x 21.3″ (L) x 10.1″ (H).

Heavy-Duty Air Compressor

The D55140 has a control panel that provides convenient connections which are universal and can be used with a variety of pneumatic tools. With a weight of 24 pounds, the DEWALT D55140 is easy to carry around. Working on an entire room has never been so easy when you have the portability and power of this air compressor. Definitely compact, the air compressor has the right height to allow for great maneuverability.

Product Highlights

  • Trim Compressor (Heavy Duty)
  • Durable Pump (Oil Free Usage)
  • Low Energy Startup (2.6 Amp)
  • Quiet Operation (69 dB)


Efficiency and Dependability – The DEWALT D55140 is efficient and dependable. Design is a huge factor for the D55140 and it uses a ball drain valve to ensure that the tank can be quickly drained

Quiet Operation – Even with a portable design, the unit is not noisy and can deliver quality output while remaining relatively quiet. At 69 dB, the unit is much more quite that competing brands

Versatility – The air compressor is able to be used in a variety of applications including finishing and trim jobs

Sufficient Power – The D55140 features provides great power from a 1-gallon tank. It can deliver pressure as low as 90 psi and can also reach pressures as high as 135 psi. The pressure produced is able to provide high power for quality performance

Low Energy Startup – Starting this machine is easy. The low energy capability guarantees that circuits are protected from sudden electrical surges. No tripping or breaking of electrical connection. Also, no damage to the equipment or other electrical components on the circuit

Oil-Free Usage – This air compressor does not require the use of an oil-lubed pump. Hence, no maintenance or oil changes are required for the DEWALT D55140. No need to check oil levels or refill any containers

Durability – The heavy cast iron is meant to last a long time. This encloses the unit in a shield of durability that is sure to please any owner. It is also protected by a roll cage which is particularly great at protecting the gauges. DEWALT uses innovative techniques to ensure that their products are dependable and durable

Control Panel – The control panel is accessible and easy to use. The panel is also protected from damage or wear and tear by using the wrap-around covers that are provided with the unit


The DEWALT D55140 is a quiet air compressor (69 dB) that uses an oil-free pump. Able to provide a pressure of at least 90 psi and at most 135 psi, the D55140 is very portable and lightweight. The trim compressor provided by DEWALT is durable and efficient in its operation. Quiet and built to last, the 24-pound is portable and lightweight. It has one compressor but does not include a nailer and hose. Nevertheless, this air compressor is powerful and able to deliver great quality.

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Hitachi EC12 14.5 amp – 4-Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor

The 60-pound Hitachi EC12 is a capable machine that provides portability, durability and has a 4-gallon twin stack. It can provide great power output of 1.5 HP in running mode and 2.0 in peak mode provides substantial power in many capacities. The unit uses batteries which are not included when the air compressor is purchased.

Hitachi EC12

It uses a 3,450 motor RPM, has a 4 gallon tank and starts with an energy rating of 14.5 amps. The unit includes an oil dipstick and synthetic oil (SAE5W50). Built to last with heavy duty cast iron and a robust motor, the Hitachi EC12 is able to accommodate a variety of tools and this adds to its versatility and applications.

Product Highlights

  • Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Dewalt Synthetic Regulators
  • 2-HP and 4-Gallon Compressor


Power – This Hitatchi EC12 air compressor is able to deliver substantial power within its compact structure. It has a 2-HP motor and also uses a 4-gallon tank. You can also achieve 4.1 CFM at 90 psi

Oil-Lubed Pump Component – The unit is oiled and this helps to extend the life of the machine. Oil lubrication allows smooth operation and guaranteed efficiency. An oil dipstick is also included with the air compressor, for convenience and to aid in maintaining the machine. Changing the oil is easy and the drain valve is also conveniently located and user-friendly

Portability – You can move this compressor from one location to another. A convenient handle is also available for carrying the unit

Safety – The Hitachi EC12 also includes a shut-off value and it is able to reset automatically

Durability – Made from cast iron which is heavy-duty and long-lasting, the air compressor is able to withstand wear and tear. This makes the Hitachi very durable and powerful to use in many tough jobsite environments

Accessories – The Hitachi EC12 uses a DEWALT regulator to monitor the synthetic compressor oil. Also a DEWALT regulator is also used to monitor the pressure of the air compressor

Direct Drive Electric Motor – A powerful motor that uses direct drive technology is at the center of this Hitachi air compressor. With 115 volts, the 2-HP motor is very robust and provided a rugged delivery that is accurate and substantial. The motor has excellent recovery times and is guaranteed to provide consistent output. It is a durable motor and transforms the air compressor into a reliable and dependable machine

Air Delivery System – The Hitachi EC12 features an air delivery system that is efficient and able to provide the right kind of pressure that can accomplish many jobs requiring pneumatic tools. Use the compressor as a stapler or as a nailer and watch it perform effortlessly through excellent air delivery

Air Capacity – The air compressor is able to provide an output air capacity of 4 gallons. With the efficient delivery of air, high pressure capacity can be attained


The Hitachi EC12 is your air compressor of choice when seeking durability, efficiency and portability. At 60 pounds, it is still easy to relocate this compressor and it has various features which make it convenient and user-friendly. The motor will automatically shut down when an overload is detected. The oiled pump also guarantees extended life for the air compressor. Great for many jobsite applications, the Hitachi EC12 will deliver and perform as intended.

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What To Look For In An Air Compressor

What will you use it for? If you’re the person who usually blows up balloons for local events, you probably don’t need the most high-powered compressor out there. On the other hand, if you’re doing some heavy-duty stuff involving nail guns or you’re a bicycle enthusiast who frequently blows up tires, you might want something a little more high-powered like the GMC Syclone 6310.

Does it have a warranty? Manufacturers who believe in their products will usually back them with a pretty good warranty. That way, you’re covered if you happen to get a lemon that tanks on you after the first couple of uses.
Is it from a manufacturer you’ve heard of? Like with most products, there are a few manufacturers who dominate in the air compressor world. Their compressors get the top reviews and they get most of the market share. That wouldn’t happen if they didn’t know how to make air compressors. Buying from these top names will usually beat buying from some fly-by-night seller you’ve never heard of.

Can you find some good reviews? If you’re waffling between a few air compressor models, it can help to find a few independent reviews that list the pros and cons of any particular model. You want to find the guys who really use air compressors a lot, might have tried a few different models and know what they’re talking about. If one model consistently gets better reviews than the others you’ve been eyeballing, that might be the one for you.

Do you have a budget? We understand that you might not have the money to blow on a high-end air compressor with all the latest features. If you shop around for a while, you’ll probably find an air compressor that works for you at a price you can afford. To make things easier, our categories of air compressors include prices ranging from less than $100 to $300 and up.

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