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Best Baby Swing Reviews 2018

A great way to soothe and comfort your little one is with a best baby swing. Baby swings also provide mom with the much needed break she deserves so she may get other important activities done while baby naps.

Babies will enjoy swinging for hours in baby swings that provide relaxation and comfort and are easy to drift off to sleep in. For the colic babies or ones that are not as easily soothed as others, finding only the best swings on the market is essential.

The rocking motion of the swing will usually soothe a colic baby or any baby almost instantly.

Find the right baby swing reviews is really a personal preference, however, below you will find listed four choices of baby swings with reviews to help you decide which is best suited for you as well as your baby.

Best Baby Swing 2018 – Reviews In Details

Graco SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center Review

Graco Soothing System Baby Glider

The Graco SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center offers 6 swing speed levels, 3 recline options and 4 sear positions in total. There is a MomMotion action that rocks your baby almost similar to the natural way. It operates as a vibrating swing and a floor rocker.

Furthermore, it can work as a base for Graco’s car seat for infants to offer additional flexibility. There are a total of 15 sounds that include white noise, sweet lullabies, entertaining songs and calming tones.

This unit is compatible with your personal MP3 system and hence, allows you to create a playlist of your choice.

Product Features:

  • Patented MomMotion is exclusive and developed scientifically for recreating natural movements to imitate a loving parent
  • There are 3 recline positions and 4 seating positions in order to mimic your hold
  • The seat comes with vibration doubles and is removable too, making it possible to move it to different rooms if needed
  • You can easily replace the seat with almost any Graco infant car seat and ensure that the baby is not disturbed on the go
  • A total of 15 different tones comprising of white noise, natural sounds, upbeat songs and lullabies for soothing and/or amusing your baby

Final Analysis:


Easy-to-assemble unit that offers a functional, comfortable as well as cute system with a beautiful seat that is removable too. You can put in the Graco SungRide seat instead, if needed. There is a rhythmic sound during the swinging action and the function of swing is almost perfect.

There is no need to buy a bouncer because one is included. There is a soothing rhythmic tone to the motor that comforts the baby and soothes him. The quality of sounds is quite high.

Furthermore, the unit offers a large and plush seat too. The detailing of this unit has been done with expertise so that the baby enjoys everything and has peaceful time. There are a couple of speed levels and some nice extras added too, like detachable crinkly toy and swaddling blanket etc.


When compared to other swings, it costs more. Its speakers pop when you turn off and it might startle your baby. Not a deal breaker though as the Graco SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center has so many great features and is really a blessing to have in the home.

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Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing My Little Snugabunny Review

Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing

A relaxing and comfortable environment is offered by the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny. It features airy canopy, soft head rest, bird mobile playing tunes and 6 varying speeds. The swing is foldable and can be stored.

There is also an AC adapter option in case parents do not wish to use batteries. My Little Snugabunny cradle ‘n swing is a great choice whether you want your baby to sleep while rocking, have a soothing rest or just get entertained.

This swing comes with different types of movements, sounds as well as music. There are 6 speed levels, head-to-toe swing motion and side-to-side cradle motion.

Product Features:

  • Alternate swinging motion as well as soothing music allows the baby to calm down and offer a secure environment sense
  • Three positions to choose from to ensure baby’s comfort and convenience while facing towards you
  • Conversion to different positions is very easy
  • Portable and easy-to-store as it can be folded
  • Money saver as it offers plug-in option too

Final Analysis:


The plug-in option plays as money-saver as almost every other toy may be running on batteries. So, the swing saves you from spending constantly on those little power houses.

The swing has a mirror and plush fabric that makes it comfortable and beautiful too. It also offers multiple swinging options unlike many other counterparts.


This cradle ‘n swing comes with a limitation on weight which is only 25 lbs, however, Graco takes it up to 30 lbs. Also, there is a clicking motor sound but it might be another soothing effect for making the infant sleep.

Overall, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny is soothing, comfortable and provides a relaxing environment for your little one. Definitely recommended for any household with a baby.

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Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing ReviewIngenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

When you want snuggly comfort for your baby, then the Comfort and Harmony portable swing is meant for you. The duckling bolster is removable, soft and sweet enough to offer perfect support for infants.

The portable swing features TrueSpeed Technology that recognizes weight of baby and accordingly adjusts the motion of swing to keep it soothing and consistent, as baby grows.

There are 2 different positions for play and rest. It also accommodates six sweet melodies that assist in soothing and calming the baby. This swing is portable and can be folded for storage too.

Product Features:

  • For supporting smallest infants, reversible duckling bolster is available
  • Offers two positions in comfort recline seat for baby’s need
  • Whisper quiet operation and six melodies with auto shut off and volume control facilities
  • Swing timer with interval of 15, 30 or 45 minutes option and six speed levels

Final Analysis:


Putting the unit together is easy. It does not go through batteries so much. Furthermore, the swing does not make noise when operating. It is small in size and can be taken along when traveling.

There is no need of bells or whistles on some fancy swing because it offers a perfect solution. The rocking has 8-9 varying speed levels and is subtle. The time feature and music is also very good, even though it turns off automatically, after a certain time period.

The swing’s fabric is comfortable and sturdy. Also, there are toys for baby to have fun with.


The swing lacks swing lock and hence, the seat cannot be stationary completely, when you are placing or taking the baby out of it. You will have to manually still the swing, probably using your legs or ask someone else to help.

Other than this, the Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing is a must have for any parent with a little one who wants something that will soothe and quiet them.

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Fisher Price Tree Party Cradle ‘n Swing Review

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

In case your baby keeps losing his/her patience and cries a lot, then the Fisher-Price Tree Party Cradle ‘n Swing is the perfect solution for both parents and the kid. It allows the infants to get busy with other stuff while enjoying comfort and being safe.

This cradle is meant to hold as much as 25 lbs weight and is designed for newborns right until they start crawling out of the seat. It operates on 4 ‘D’ batteries or you can plug-it to some standard outlet. The AC adaptor is included but the batteries are not.

This swing brings sleep to your baby as there are soothing sounds and songs to make him comfortable. The cradle is comfortable and cozy too and features 2-position fabric seat. The Starlight gives out a feeling similar to nest and the design of the cradle is supportive and ensures that the head of your baby stays in comfortable position.

There is a 3 point harness coupled up with sturdy frame in order to ensure safety of baby in case of front-to-back as well as side-to-side swings. Furthermore, it features no less than sixteen songs

Product Features:

  • The seat is made up of cozy and comfortable fabric with two position for nest-like feel
  • Features 2 sound effects and 2 music modes
  • 2 long plays sounds, 8 nighttime and 8 daytime sons in total
  • 6 varying speed levels work in both cradle and swing mode
  • Baby is secure due to 3-point restraint and this unit is foldable and easy-to-store

Final Analysis:


The unit is very easy to put together and takes less than 20 minutes in total. The canopy can be removed and it conserves battery power by getting shut down automatically after 7 minutes.

However, when plugged in, it does not shut down but remains operative as your baby takes nap. You can also unbuckle the seat cover and wash it.

The movement of seat is very smooth and does not disturb the baby while making adjustments. The nature and musical sounds are nice and adjustable due to volume dial.


The motor results in clicking sound effect. However, it might be the result of rocking mechanism of the cradle. The swing comes with only one speed level. Other than this, the Fisher-Price Tree Party Cradle ‘n Swing is a must have if you have a baby in the house.

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