What is the Best Bag to Buy?

Post Christmas Buying Frenzy

What is the Best Bag to Buy. Not everyone is aware of this, but the best deals on consumer products come the month after Christmas. Immediately after the grand day, stores are dying to liquidate their inventory before New Years and will take their products to rock bottom prices to get rid of it all. But what doesn’t go after that, still remains and is easily found in the clearance bins or tucked behind new product. One of the least bought items that are great for the New Year shopping craze are designer bags. It’s fashion, new product has to come out and the bags that don’t sell have to go. That’s why this article is all about the best bags to buy for the post-Christmas season. You’ll read all you need to know about Baggallini bags and Kata backpacks.
Sit tight, grab some coffee and start planning your attack.



The end all be all of bags…

In the bagging world, Baggallini is king. They are the leading brand of bag fashion and make incredibly well made bags, infamously known as a Baggallini Bagg. They make everything. Totes, handbags, travel on, luggage and even the occasional sunglasses case. The company was originally started in 1995 by two flight attendants with intent of bringing their insider knowledge to the bag industry. Now they’re one the most well known bag producing companies in the United States. Chances are, if you’ve been on any airline, you’ve seen a Baggallinii Bag.


Laptop Accessorizing

Even you’re laptop bag can look good!

Womens laptop casesWomens laptop cases are becoming more and more popular as the laptop becomes ever more prevalent in today’s society and culture. No longer will you find the huge clunky laptops that scream ugly but rather the sleek designer friendly laptops that scream “you look good.” That’s why you need to get a great looking womens laptop case to tote around that great looking piece of hardware you’ve got. There’s plenty of brands to choose from for these great items, they’re easy to make and accordingly everyone makes them. One of the best brands you can buy in the laptop market though is the Abbi New York best laptop bags, they’re incredibly fashion friendly and will stay in style as long as the laptop does!



Kata Camera Bags

For those of you photo friendly fashion fiends

If you’re looking for a fashionable way to conceal your incredible photo gear, look no further than Kata bags. Kata are the leading brand in durable packing bags for heavy duty equipment. Originally begging as an offshoot of military technology, they now specialize in the fashionable side of lugging your important things. Below is a video of a great Kata camera bag being demonstrated by a professional photographer.


Kata Backpacks

More than meets the eye…

Kata Backpacks

The best and brightest of Kata is definitely their backpacks. Their signature hiking backpacks are the quintessential outdoorsmen gear for the next century.

Camera Backpacks

Hide your camera from theft!

Camera BackpacksSpeaking of Camera holding bags, it’s important to consider the relative expense of a Camera before investing in your next Camera bag. The rule is, spend way more on your gear than your bag. Too pricey of bag may be to appealing to the average clepto and result in an unfortunate loss. That’s why so many companies are now designing backpack camera bags. These ingenious items are so inconspicuous that they keep your expensive gear from note in a crowd. Which is incredibly important if you don’t want someone getting to interested in what you’re lugging.

McKlein Leather Goods

Treat Yo Self…

McKlein is a giant among giant bags. Having started back in the late nineties, McKleinUSA became an official company in 1998 and have since dominated in well designed bags. They specialize in portability, there goal is to make their products as easy to transport as they are easy to the eye. What’s more is that McKlein leather is incredibly high quality. After assemblage in their huge factory in Thailand, these bags make their way straight to the US and hardly stay on the shelf long enough for most people to buy. But, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find a great McKlein bag for a great price this year! Here’s a cool video of some of their products.


McKlein Briefcases

The best briefcases money can buy!

McKlein Briefcases

Probably the most prestigious product of the McKlein name is their incredible briefcase. Not only does McKlein make incredibly durable briefcases, they’re top of the line fashion for them!

High Sierra

The peak of bags

Welcome to the elite of the elite of bags. High Sierra. The worlds leading designer of durable, highly useful bags is High Sierra. They’re an enormous company of intensive designers that put out incredible products every year. Whether it be one of their notorious High Sierra backpacks or an awesome piece of luggage, you can’t go wrong with High Sierra. So, watch one of these videos and get your High Sierra bag today!


High Sierra Backpacks

Pack your back in style!

High Sierra Backpacks

Backpacks may be the greatest satchels ever, they’re lightweight, easy to carry and they’re supported by the largest muscle in your body! If you’re looking for well made and fashion forward, look no further than High Sierra backpacks!

National Geographic Bags

Get in the game of great living!

National Geographic Bags

For all of those earth tone enthusiasts out there, look no further than National Geographic for your fashionable outdoors gear. That’s right, they exist, National Geographic backpacks!

Travelon Bags

Get your travel on!

Travelon Bags

You may not know it but there actually exists a company that specializes in carry on luggage for airplanes. That’s right, Travelon bags is the amazing producer of the worlds leading carry on brand. It’s prefect for carrying on those need-to-have-at-the-end-of-this-flight essentials like your mouthwash, jane iredale makeup and daily planner.

High Sierra Luggage

Lugging in style!

High Sierra Luggage

One of the many products that High Sierra specializes in is luggage. That’s right, awesomely made High Sierra luggage for you and your whole crew! Good luggage is one of those things you put on the back burner that comes back to bite you in the butt when it’s time for that big trip that you don’t have time to think about going out to buy good luggage for. You need space for multiple wardrobes, your packable sun hat and enough room to keep your creams from exploding in that little ziplock bag. So, deal with it now

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