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Best Camera Bags for Women Reviews In 2017 and Buying Guide

Best Camera Bags for Women Reviews In 2017 and Buying Guide

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Whether you take pictures for hobby or for a profession, there is one thing that is a need. That need is a camera bag and it is one of the most important accessories you have. Cameras and camera equipment is not cheap by any means. Sometimes we can grow really attached to our camera equipment as well. So you want to make sure they are protected. lets check best camera bags for women

There are many choices out there when it comes to camera bags for women reviews. So instead of you spending hours and possibly days finding the best ones available, we have created a list for you. Saving you all that precious time you could spend elsewhere.

Best Camera Bags for Women

The size of cameras and the amount of equipment is different for each person. So we have complied a list of bags that are great for a variety of people and needs. All you have to do is spend a little time to read through them and pick the one that is best for you. Have what you need when you need it all in one place.


YuHan Travel Sports Camera Bag – Best Camera Backpack

camera bag for women

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If you are always on the go with your camera gear, keep you and it comfortable while going. This great camera backpack bag is constructed of waterproof and shock proof material. This bag is also abrasion resistant and extrusion resistant, which are welcomed features especially if you are in the outdoors a lot. There are suspension buckles, adjustable back straps, adjustable waist straps and reinforced chest buckle as well. There is also hand carrying handles as well for when you don’t want to backpack carry it.

When you do want to carry as a backpack, it is designed to be comfortable and equal out the weight. There is a waist strap as well as shoulder straps to protect bag from falling or slipping. It also helps to keep the bag in place. Carrying as a backpack allows you to free up use of your arms and hands for taking pictures.

This bag offers up plenty of compartments and pockets for your items. There is a front exterior zip pocket, as well as side exterior mesh pockets on each side. There are even straps for securing longer items in the side pockets as well. The interior has six smaller compartments sectioned off with a padded divider. Shoulder straps are padded for your comfort.  The measurements of this bag are 19.29 inches X 9.45 inches X 9.84 inches. It is a great lightweight of 2.05 pounds.


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Professional Womens Canvas Camera Case by Koolertron – Best Dslr Camera Bag

women camera bags

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This unique canvas camera bag has a unique set up that any level photographer will love. It has a backpack style but consists of a separated upper and lower section. This bag is made of durable classic canvas material, with a classic look. The lower larger compartment has a removable padded interior bag. It has 3 sections divided with padded dividers as well. The interior bag also features 4 small pockets on inside of top flap great for memory cards or anything else flat and small.

The interior bag has a zipper closure to keep things secure in and out of the bag. When not needed the bag can be inserted in lower part of backpack for carrying. The upper part of the back pack is an open storage area with pockets for phones pens and other items you can’t fit in the lower part in backpack. The whole entire bag is padded to protect the contents.

This bag is perfect size it is not to large and not too small. Has a top carry handle as well as padded shoulder straps. The measurements of this bag are 17.32 inches X 11.61 inches X 5.90 inches. This is a great bag for SLR cameras and is lightweight coming in at 1.9 pounds.


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Kattee Canvas Cow Leather Messenger Style DSLR SLR Camera Bag – Best Leather Camera Bag


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If you love your messenger style bags, this is the camera bag for you. This Kattee Canvas bag is a great combination of cow leather and canvas. It has a vintage messenger style that many will love. It also has a soft cotton liner to help give your camera gear a soft ride. The straps and buckles featured on this bag are made of 100% cow leather.

This is a great all around bag for several types of cameras. It will accommodate DSLR cameras as well as SLR cameras, including vintage cameras. There are self-adhering padded dividers that you can set up for your needs in the interior of the bag. There are also pockets for additional items as well such as memory cards, CD’s and etc.

The shoulder strap for this bag is adjustable so you can find your perfect shoulder length. It also has brass buckles for a fast and secure lock. One of the best features of this bag is it is a dual bag, it is two bags in one. There is an inner bag and outer bag and they can be switched around depending on need such as the weather. The external size is 12.6 inches X 9.8 inches X 5 inches. The total weight comes in at a total of 2.6 pounds unpacked, which is a welcomed lightweight.


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Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag for Women by Generic – Best Stylish Camera Bag


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This is a great bag for those who carry a lighter camera load. If you just need a bag for your basic camera needs this is it. It has a great looking design making it a fashionable useable accessory. It is made from nylon for strength and durability. The interior features adjustable dividers you can adjust to your needs. The entire bag itself is padded to protect all your camera items. You also have two addition zippered pockets on the exterior of the bag. One on the front of the bag and one on the exterior of the flap of the bag.

The shoulder strap is padded for comfort and it adjustable for your perfect length. This camera bag also comes in two colors black or pink. The exterior measurements of this bag are 29 cm X 18 cm X 23 cm and the interior measurements are 26 cm X 13 cm X 20 cm. This bag is a little heavier than some due to the exceptional padding, coming in at 5.3 pounds. The extra weight is worth the protection the bag provides. This is perfect for those days you don’t need as much but still need to carry it easily.


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ZYLC Unisex Vintage Styled Genuine Leather – Best Canvas Camera Bag


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Looking for that old school look with modern function in a camera bag? This is a great choice it has clean lines comes in a beautiful dark blue. It is made of heavy duty canvas as well as incorporating some genuine leather in key areas. This bag features one large pocket and padded pads to protect camera. There are also four smaller pockets for organizing all of your smaller items. There are enough padded dividers included to keep the main body separate from the spare lenses.

This bag features a flip over flap closure with buckle straps to secure the flap. The exterior measurements are 13.4 inches X 9.4 inches X 5.5 inches. The interior measurements are 11.4 inches X 8.6 inches X 4.3 inches. This bag weighs a total of 1.85 pounds, which is an excellent and welcoming lightweight.

This camera is great for a wide variety of cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm and more. This product is also handmade you can be sure that you are receiving a quality product. Depending on the size of your camera you may even have enough room to fit a tablet or small computer such as a netbook.


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Rose Red Neept DSLR Waterproof Sling Camera Bag – Stylish Dslr Camera Bag



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This is a perfect camera when you want something portable that don’t take a ton of room. This bag has a sling design and comes in a beautiful rose red color. This bag is made of waterproof nylon, which is great for those days you may get stuck in the rain or snow. It will also help protect against spills as well, the design is simple without any crazy colors.

It also has a thick bumper spacer layer that is thickened protect against shock. This bag features one larger compartment that is zippered with a layer of padding that separates it from the flip over flap which also has a small interior mesh zip pocket. It also has one zipped pocket on the outside of the bag as well.

The flip over flap features a snap closure to help keep things secure. It also has a carry handle on the top of bag as well as a padded shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be removed if not needed or wanted. This bag is very lightweight only coming in a t 0.3 ounces. The overall exterior measurements of this bag are 20 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches.


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Koolerton Professional Woman’s Camera Backpack – Best Stylish Camera Backpack


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If you are looking for unique, functional and stylish all in one camera bag this is it. This camera bag takes on a backpack cooler combo style. It looks like a backpack, but yet has an inner bag in the lower compartment that is removable and looks like a cooler. The upper part of the backpack camera bag is lined and offers up storage for some of your smaller items. The upper part of bag is padded in front and back, the lower is padded on all four sides.

This bag is made of durable nylon that can handle a lot. There is zipped access to both the top and bottom. This bag has padded and adjustable shoulder straps as well as a carrying handle on top. The inner bag for the lower section does have padded dividers as well. That way it keeps pieces from hitting other pieces while in the bag. The overall dimensions of this bag are 5.8 inches X 13.6 inches X 13.6 inches. The unfilled weight of the bag is 1.8 pounds, which is great for those looking for lightweight as well. You have two color options with this bag as well, giving you at least some option.


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Red Brown Tan DSLR Waterproof Sling Camera Bag- Best Nikon Dslr Camera Bag


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This camera bag is great for small needs photographers. It is big enough to carry your basics, while staying small enough to be easily portable. It isn’t any more of a burden to carry than a purse. This bag is tri colored brown, red and tan. It has a flip over flap closure with a snap and buckle strap closures. It is made out of durable and reliable waterproof nylon. It also features a thick bumper layer for extra protection against bumps and drops.

There is a zippered compartment on the back of the outside of the bag. There is also a mobile phone storage area on the outside front. The interior of the bag has two padded dividers to protect camera pieces from bumping each other as well. There is also an adjustable padded shoulder strap as well. The overall product dimensions for this bag are 10.6 inches X 8.1 inches X 4.5 inches. The total weight of this bag comes in at 15.2 ounces unfilled, so just under a pound. Which is a great weight for those looking to travel light.


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Kelly Moore Lavender Mimi Purse Style Camera Bag – Fashion Camera Bag



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This would be hard for most to tell that this bag is actually a camera bag. It takes on the styling of a purse even though it is a fully functioning camera bag. This bag is made of a man made material that is water resistant. Which is great in case of wet weather or accidental spills. This bag features a double carry handle as well as an optional adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be extended to 56 inches for the perfect fit. The carry handles are approximately 6.5 inches in length.

There are two front exterior zippered pockets as well as one rear exterior zippered pocket. The interior is well padded for protection and also features a padded divider insert. Giving you five sectioned off storage spots. The divider can be moved around to fit your storage needs. The main compartment features a zippered closure as well. So you will have plenty of room for your camera basics as well as some of your smaller items. The outside dimensions of this camera bag are 13. 5 inches X 7.5 inches X 9 inches and weighs 2.3 pounds. This bag comes in a great soothing lavender color that is pleasing to the eye. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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Kelly Moore Purse Style Designed Women’s Black Mimi Camera Bag – Cute Camera Bags



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Want to have a camera bag that looks fashionable and low key? Well this Kelly Moore purse designed camera bag is the one to have. Most won’t even have a clue you have a camera in there. They will just think it is your purse. This bag is made of manmade materials that are water resistant. So you can worry less if you get caught in wet weather. The metal hardware that is used is gun metal and antique brass for both looks and durability. This bag is black in color so it will color coordinate with anything easily. It has pleats on the front for that little bit of design flair. This bag features double top carrying handles as well as a 56-inch removable padded shoulder strap.

This bag may be smaller in size, but there is still plenty of room for your camera basics and a few extras. It features two zippered pockets on the exterior front as well as an open pocket on the exterior back. The interior walls and bottom are padded for protection. This also comes with interior padded dividers as well to section off the inside as wanted. The overall dimensions of this bag are 13 ½ inches X 7 ½ inches X 9 inches. The weight comes in at a great weight of 2.2 pounds.


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Camsafe V18 Anti-Theft Expandable Sling Camera Bag – Best Camera Sling Bag



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Want the ultimate in protection and portability? This bag will protect your camera from damage and theft. This bag is great lightweight size and weight making it easy to go anywhere on a whim. It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap as well as a double carry handle on top. This great bag is made for the outdoors and when out and about worry less about theft.

This bag has eXomesh stainless steel wire mesh woven into the fabric. Making it difficult for a slash and run by a thief. The makers didn’t stop there though, they also added RFID safe blocking into the pocket as well. So if you decide to store your ID’s and credit cards in your bag they will be safe from scanning by thieves as well. Which are both great features to have if needed.

There are exterior zippered pockets for extra items you may want to store. The interior compartment is padded to provide even more protection. The interior compartment also offers removable adjustable Velcro dividers. So you can section off the interior the way you need to. There is even a compatible iPad sleeve, that will accommodate another type of tablet of similar size as well. The bag dimensions are 5.9 inches X 21.3 inches X 11 inches.


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Blue and Brown Kelly Moore Women’s Riva Satchel Camera Bag – Best Camera Bag



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This convertible handbag camera bag is great for the photographer that wants to keep it stylish. You can look great while still having the function that you need when you need it. There is an open pocket on the front exterior of the purse for extra items. The interior of the Riva is roomy and features padded removable adjustable dividers. That way you can create as many separate spaces as you need or as big or small as you need them.

The walls and the bottom of the bag are all padded for protection. The padding actually attaches to the aka basket. There is also one interior zipper pocket as well. This bag also features a flip over top with a buckle style magnetic snap lock. You can carry by the handle on the top of the bag or you can use the padded adjustable shoulder strap as well. The measurements of this bag are 8 in bottom X 10 in top length X 4.5 in width X 7.5 in height and weighs 2 pounds. This bag is made of man-made materials that are water resistant. The metal hardware on this purse is made of brass hardware for looks and durability.


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Jo Totes Gracie Mint Fashion Faux Leather DSLR Camera Bag – Cute Dslr Camera Bag


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This bag will have you looking as fresh as mint tastes using this camera bag. This is a great bag for the photographer that still loves take pictures in style. This bag has plenty of pockets for you to fill. It has two buckle style snap closure pockets on the front exterior as well as a zippered compartment on the front exterior as well. There is one back exterior compartment as well with a zippered closure and one without for easy access. The interior is lined with soft cotton to protect your items.

The large compartment area is padded and contains padded removable and adjustable dividers. The dividers fasten with Velcro to secure in place. So you can set up the interior the way you need to. The interior also has an iPad pocket too, which you can also use for other tablets too within same size range. On the other side of the inside of bag there is another with a zipper for items such as your phone or keys. This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to be worn as a crossbody strap as well.

All the hardware used is antique brass which helps tie the whole design together. This bags overall dimensions are 13.25 inches X 13 inches X 4.75 inches. The material is flexible allowing the bag to be body hugging making it more comfortable for long time wear. You will love this bag and how great it looks its fresh minty color will take your breath away.


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Timbuk2 Snoop Black and Grey Camera Messenger Bag – Crossbody Camera Bag



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This is the bag with a lot to hide, it is quiet on the outside while being busy on the inside. This bag is designed to go anywhere and even though it’s on the smaller side it performs better than some of its larger counterparts. It has a classic looking exterior with dark material. The material used for this bag is heavy duty reliable blue and black nylon.

The interior of the bag has a removable padded insert, when being used the walls can be adjusted to fit your needs. When you don’t need them you can take them out and use the bag as just a regular messenger bag as well. Which means you can use this daily for whatever you need may be that day. It has a top carry handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. You will love the versatility of this bag as well as the durability. The overall dimensions are 4.7 in X 11.8 in X 9.8 in and the weight is 2.5 pounds.


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Bestek Caden Orange Camera Backpack Case Bag for SLR DSLR – Waterproof Camera Bag


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Portable, waterproof, larger, stylish and universal all in one. This is the perfect bag for the photographer that needs something that can hold up in outdoor situations and look good doing it. This bag was made to protect your camera in many ways as well as keep your things organized and at your fingertips. You will not be disappointed in what this bag has to offer.

This great backpack camera bag has the adventurist in mind. This bag is made of waterproof and durable high density nylon. It has an all-weather cover that can be easily cleaned and washed. This bag even comes with a rain cover that is made to protect against many environmental aspects. Which is a must have for a photographer that spends more time outdoors than in.

This bag has a main compartment that is lined and padded for protection. It also includes padded dividers in which you can remove or set up to your specific needs. This bag also comes with a pad on the back of bag to offer more comfort while resting against your back during backpack wear. It is mesh to allow air exchange to help keep things cool. The shoulder straps are padded and mesh as well for the same reasons. There is also a waist strap to keep things in place and for extra security. There is an exterior zippered side pocket for extra storage as well. Overall product measurements are 9.8 in X 7.9 in X 16.2 in. The weight is great at a lightweight of 1.99 pounds.


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Yaher Purple Digital Nylon SLR Camera Bag – Trendy Camera Bags


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This is the camera bag for you if you like the durability of nylon but the look of suede. It comes in a beautiful purple color with a hint of white that you are sure to love, as well as other colors too. This bag is smaller in size so great for those days you just need to carry basic camera items. The material is a heavy duty 420D nylon that is water repellant to protect against wet weather and spills. This bag is suitable for DSLR and SLR cameras.

There is a wide zippered pocket on the front exterior as well as a narrower zippered pocket on the exterior back. The interior is accessed through a double zipper closure. The interior walls and bottom are padded for protection. There are also removable and adjustable dividers for your use as well. You can customize them in any way you need them or remove them if you don’t want to use them.

This bag features a great long length padded shoulder strap. So it is long enough to just wear over one shoulder or use as a cross-body strap as well. You are able to wash this bag but not with hot water. The overall measurements of this bag are 9.8 inches X 4.7 inches X 6.3 inches. If you are looking for lightweight this bag is it at 1.1 pounds unfilled.


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Kelly Moore Orange Fashionable Purse Styled Camera Bag – Camera Tote Bag



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If you are looking for a large and in charge fashionable camera bag, this one will do the trick. This bag has a great style you are sure to fall in love with. This bag is made of man-made materials that have a leather look with a hint of sheen. This material is water resistant but not waterproof. You can easily wipe down with damp cloth only when needed. This bag comes in a bright orange color you are sure not to miss.

This bag has 3 exterior front zippered pockets, 2 open side pockets one on each side and one large zipped pocket on the exterior of the back. The interior of the bag is padded on the side and bottom. This bag also has removable and adjustable padded dividers. So you can set individual compartments the way you want. It features to large carry handles that are long enough to wear over the shoulder. The overall dimensions of this bag are 13.5 inches X 6.5 inches X 16 inches. This bag is a little heavier than some on the market coming in at 4.2 pounds. So when you need room, you will have it with this bag hands down.


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Multi-Color Professional Camera Backpack – Camera Case Backpack



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This bag will provide all the storage you need in a compact portable design. This bag takes on a backpack style that can easily be carried where ever you need to go. This bag is made of a waterproof nylon and offers a leather belt as well. It has a thick bumper spacer layer. The sides and bottom are padded for shock proofing. This bag has zippered compartments on the sides and the back of the exterior of the bag as well. It has a flip over flap on top to protect top opening as well. The bag has a lower and upper compartment, so you can store items separately if you so choose.

The interior also has security straps to secure items in place. As well as some additional pockets for storing smaller items. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for comfort. There is a top handle for hand carrying if needed as well. There is also a waist strap to further insure a comfortable carry and increased safety. There are buckle straps to secure the flap when closed.

This bag can accommodate a wide variety of SLR and DSLR cameras. Always make sure that you know your camera measurements as well as the bag to assure it will fit. The exterior dimensions of this bag are 6.69 inches X 14.57 inches X 10.24 inches. This bag weighs a total of 2.38 pounds unfilled.


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Bestak Caden Brown Canvas SLR DSLR Backpack – Trendy Camera Bags for Dslr


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This bag has everything you want when it comes to protection and function in a camera bag. This bag is made of body hugging heavy duty canvas. This bag is both waterproof and shockproof as well. There is a solid bottom compartment with a removable insert if not needed. The top compartment is great for storing some of your smaller items. There is a back exterior pocket as well as 3 front zippered pockets as well. So you have plenty of room for cables, phone, SD cards and more.

This bag does offer a carry handle at the top when needed. It also features two adjustable padded shoulder straps. So you can choose to wear as a single shoulder bag or as a backpack style using both shoulder straps. The upper part of the bag has a drawstring closure that is also protected by a flip over flap. When you don’t want to use it as a camera bag it can second as a regular backpack as well.

This bag is larger in size which is great for those needing to carry more gear with comfortable ease. The overall size of this bag is 6.7 inches X 9 inches X 13.1 inches externally. You will also get a welcomed 18-month manufacturer’s warranty as well with this bag.


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What Are the Best Camera Bags for Women?

What Are the Best Camera Bags for Women? My girlfriend is into photography, and her birthday was coming up recently, so I wanted to get her something that she could really put to good use. I thought, why not get her a camera bag, so she can easily carry her camera around with her wherever she goes.

The thing is, once I started looking at all the different camera bags that are available, there are so many that it’s hard to choose. To make things easier I decided to split all the women’s camera bags into four main categories: Backpack Camera Bags, Small Camera Bags and Stylish Camera Bags, and DSLR camera bags for women.

As you can see, I managed to find a good selection of each type of bag. For example, if you’re looking for a stylish camera bag, the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag is a fantastic choice, and doesn’t even look like a camera bag at all! The only problem is it’s a bit on the pricey side.

If you’re looking for a more practical backpack style camera bag, there are still plenty to choose from. Some of them still have a feminine look, such as the Jill-E Kaleidoscope Camera Backpack or the Jill-E Baroque Camera Backpack. Alternatively, if you want something smaller to fit just the camera, the Laurel Compact Edition Nylon DSLR Camera Carrying Handbag is a great choice.

Reasons for Getting a Camera Bag

Why not just any bag will do. You need a good quality camera bag.

Camera bags are great for carrying your camera and accessories. Of course, some people try to make do by just using a standard bag to carry their camera, such as a normal backpack. This is a mistake, because many camera bags are shaped to fit a camera, and the backpack style camera bags have padding and compartments to enable you to safely carry your camera and accessories without them getting damaged.

Camera bags have a number of benefits over standard bags, for example:

  • Small camera bags don’t take up much space, and your camera fits neatly insite with padding to protect it.
  • Larger camera bags, such as the backpack style bags, contains multiple padded compartments for lenses and other accessories.
  • Stylish camera bags don’t even look like camera bags, they just look like stylish bags that you would be proud to show off.
  • Having a camera bag means you can easily keep your camera with you wherever you go, so if you spot a photograph opportunity you are ready to shoot.


One of the Best Camera Bags for Women

Video featuring the Caselogic SLRC-202 Medium SLR Camera Bag


Choosing the Right Camera Bag

Which women’s camera bag is best for you?

So, you want to get a camera bag, but you’re not quite sure which type to get? Here we have featured three different types of camera bag: Stylish Camera Bags, Backpack Camera Bags, and Small Camera Bags. So, which type would best suit your needs?

Consider the following:

  • How big do you want the bag to be?
  • Do you own a digital SLR or a compact camera?
  • Do you need to be able to carry lenses and other accessories in your camera bag?
  • Do you want it to look like a stylish lady’s bag rather than a typical camera bag?
  • How much money are you going to spend on your camera bag?
  • Are you serious about photography?
  • Do you do a lot of outdoor photography?


Whichever camera bag you get, make sure it is the right bag for your needs. For example, don’t just get a small bag if you have lots of lenses to carry. On the other hand, there’s no point getting a big backpack if you’re only going to be carrying your camera and no other accessories.

What Other People Are Saying

What others think about camera bags for women

Do you own one of the camera bags in this article? Or do you own a bag which you think is better than those featured here? Feel free to share your thoughts…

Pro Photographer Tip:

Carry your camera with you everywhere!

Epiphanie Bags

Epiphanie Bags was launched in 2009 by pro photographer Maile Wilson. Epiphanie currently carries 10 different DSLR camera bags for women varying in colors from bold brights to soft neutrals.

Just released this fall, Epiphanie launched their first camera bag for men and a women’s backpack! And their latest bag is called the Charlotte!

Epiphanie Bag

Epiphanie Bag specs:

  • Water resistant and made with high quality synthetic leather
  • Detachable padded cross-body strap
  • Ultra soft interior lining
  • Extra padding for extra protection
  • Velcro adjustable dividers


THEIT Bossi Bag

The “IT” Bag

THEIT Bossi bag is the “Chanel” of DSLR camera bags for women. Launched in 2010 by Nicole Fajardo who envisioned a sleek classically designed bag with function plus style.

The Bossi bag features:

  • Cross body strap
  • Dual carrying handles
  • Inside & outside zippered pockets
  • Removable & adjustable padded dividers
  • Five beautiful neutral colors to choose
  • Water resistant
  • Fits a camera body, 2-4 lenses and other small items
  • Measures 14 x 9 x 6







Is Lowepro, the way to go? Sometimes you just need a rugged bag when you are out in the elements.Whether it’s wind and sand at the beach or a sudden summer downpour while hiking, no need to worry if you have a Lowepro bag. Trusted for years, Lowepro is undeniably one of the most popular camera bag vendors ever!



Check Price on Amazon     Check Price on Amazon       Check Price on Amazon


Jo Totes

Jo Totes has been around since 2009, creating stylish DSLR bags for women. Currently their line features 6 different camera bags, from collegiate preppy look to fashionable and trendy. All bags are quite reasonably priced.

Features include:

  • Adjustable dividers pads
  • Protective foam in bag lining
  • Removable and/or adjustable cross-body strap
  • Removable shoulder pad
  • Interior lining


Shootsac Tote & Shoot

Shootsac is a Southern California based company created by photographer Jessica Claire and entrepreneur Kent Elliott. Together they created the Tote & Shoot which most unique feature is its side loading camera pocket which leaves the main compartment free for lenses, personal items and even extra clothing.

Shootsac Tote and Shoot


Other features include:

  • Fully padded
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Available in 3 different colors.

Great everyday bag for any women who wants her DSLR camera at her side day in and day out.


Dre Hartmann

Dre Hartmann carries three versatile dslr camera bags: the Cameron Hobo, the Monaco, and the Liza. Dre Hartmann is a newer company built on the belief that you can have timeless style, versatility, and efficiency all at the same time.

Features include:

  • Luggage quality 100% cotton canvas
  • Genuine leather details
  • Fully lined
  • Detachable inner dividers


What’s in My Bag or a DSLR Camera Bags for Women?

  • Nikon D5100 with 18-55 lens
  • Lens hood
  • Remote Control
  • USB Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • Guess Wallet
  • Cell phone
  • Sunglasses & Case
  • Car Keys
  • Lipgloss
  • Lipstick

Best Stylish Camera Bags for Women Photographers

The Cutest and Cheekiest Stylish Camera Bags for Women by Cosmos, Jill-E, and Kelly Moore

Are you looking for Stylish Camera Bags for Women photographer in your life or for yourself? As with any bag, the ideal camera bag will be one that suits the purpose. Most women will be carrying more than just a camera (or two) in their camera bag, so they will need extra room for all those essentials that they just cannot do without.

Lifestyle will also need to be considered. Are you constantly on the move? Do you need to be able to literally just grab your camera bag and run? Do you need shoulder straps long enough to use the camera bag as a Messenger Bag or is just throwing over your shoulder enough?

Perhaps you take photos while hiking or walking over rugged terrain? Then a backpack may be best. Or perhaps you don’t want people to necessarily know you are carrying an expensive camera? So go for a style that looks more like a purse than a camera bag.

Here you will find a range stylish camera bags for women photographers, to suit various lifestyles and environments.

Best Stylish Camera Bags for Women 2017

womans camera bags
womens camera bag
cute camera bags
Kelly Moore Libby
Orange Fashionable
Camera Bag
Kelly Moore Mimi
Womens Multifunction
Camera Hand Bag - Black
Jill-e 769350 Nylon
Camera Bag Small
Black / Gray
16 x 6.5 x 13.5 inches
9 x 9 x 13.5 inches
7 x 8 x 14 inches
4.2 pounds
2.3 pounds
3.3 pounds
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Cosmos Khaki Green Shoulder Canvas Outdoor Camera Bag

Sporty cute camera bag with adjustable shoulder strap

Camera Bag For Women

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Made of heavy duty, but soft, canvas, this green camera bag has extra pockets to store battery, cables and other accessories. The inner compartment is protected from wet weather by water resistant canvas.

The strap is fully adjustable and can be lengthened to wear the camera bag in messenger style.

Measures: 9″ (L) x 5.7″(W) x 7.5″(H).


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Cosmos Vintage Brown Shoulder Camera Bag

Adjustable shoulder strap

stylish camera bags

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Made from faux leather, this camera bag has removable dividers, so you can use the bag as a casual bag if you wish. There’a carry handle and and adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry the bag Messenger Style if you wish.

One back and two front pockets provide additional storage for smaller accessories, such as cell phone, keys, memory cards etc.

Measures: 10″x4.1″x7.65 inch on the inside – 11.75 x 5 x 9 inch on the outside.


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Jill-E Small Nylon Camera Bag

Funky camera bag that can be carried as Shoulder or Messenger Bag

cute camera bags


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This Lemon Yellow colored Women’s Camera Bag has a lot more room in it than you would think. The polka dot padded interior has adjustable velcro dividers allowing you to arrange your camera and accessories how you want.

There’s a netted interior pocket to make finding those small items, like memory cards, easy. The outside pockets fasten with magnetic clasps and provide lots of room for both camera and personal accessories, such as keys, wallet and cell phone.

This women’s camera bag can be used as a Shoulder Bag or converts into a Messenger Bag with the detachable padded shoulder strap.

Measures: 7″ x 8″ x 14″


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Cameron Hobo DSLR Camera Bag/Case for Women

Durable but stylish

fashionable camera bags


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This very stylish women’s camera bag will hold most Digital SLR Cameras, plus their Lens, Gadgets and Electronics. Made from 100% Cotton Canvas, the camera bag has a genuine leather front buckle and trim.

The interior has a padded lining and the dividers are removable and have velcro attachments. There’s enough room to carry your camera and 2 or 3 lenses, together with other smaller camera accessories, cellphone, wallet, etc.

There’s a large outer pocket for extra storage with a zipper closure for extra security. The adjustable shoulder strap is removable.


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Jill-E Medium Leather Camera Bag

Rave reviews for this bag!

leather camera bag

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This quality, leather camera bag has extra padding inserts you can put around your camera and lenses for extra protection. The inside is fully adjustable and customizable, so you can arrange your cameras and equipment how you want.

Various pockets are provided for both camera and personal items and there’s a handy pocket at the back in which you can keep paperwork ready accessible.

There’s dual carry handles, plus a detachable shoulder strap.

Measures: 8″ x 9.5″ x 14″


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Jill-E Large Leather Rolling Camera Bag

Also has padded Laptop Sleeve


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Available in red or black, this leather weatherproof camera bag has dual carrying handles, but also the bonus of a telescoping handle to convert it to a rolling camera bag. There’s even a separate padded laptop compartment that will take most 17″ laptops.

The roomy padded interior will hold multiple cameras, lenses and other equipment. The multiple pockets will house every professional and personal accessory you can think of.

Measures: 9″ x 15″ x 20″


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Kelly Moore Mimi Women’s Camera Bag – Lavendar

Available in other colors

womens camera bag

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Also available in grey and black, this women’s camera bag by Kelly Moore is deceptively roomy. There’s two shoulder straps, with a 6.5″ drop, plus a detachable long messenger strap.

Made of water resistant, man-made materials.

Measures: 13.5″(L) x 7.5″(W) x 9″(H)


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Kelly Moore Libby Bag – Sapphire (Orange)

womans camera bags


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Specifically designed as a multi-purpose bag to carry laptop, camera and more, this Kelly More bag is only available in Orange.

Made from water-resistant man-made materials, the bag has two over the shoulder straps and a detachable padded messenger strap. One reviewer remarks that the bag is great for travelling and a photoshoot. Another uses it as a combined diaper AND camera bag!!


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Jill-E Baroque Camera Backpack

Specially designed for Women Photographers

best camera bags for women


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Designed to be just the right size for women photographers, this stylish camera backpack is made from durable, lightweight nylon. It has a top carrying handle, a padded interior and hook and loop dividers.

The interior has velco dividers to allow for customization to help you store your equipment exactly how you like it.

The front pocket is secured with a zipper and flap closure, the side pocket with a hook and loop flap and there’s a side mesh pocket with a drawstring closure.

An additional panel is designed to hold pens, pencils and business cards.

Measures: 13.0″ x 10.5″ x 5.25″


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Kelly Moore Classic Bag Fuchsia Fashionable Camera Bag

Designed by a Woman Photographer

designer camera bags

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This faux leather camera bag was designed by a woman photographer, for women photographers. The interior has three padded velcro dividers that can be used to create up to four sections. The bag is designed to carry: camera body, flash, 2 to 4 lenses up to 8″ in length, cords, phone, keys, wallet and batteries.

Measures: 16″(W) x 11″(H) x 4″(D)


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Which is your favorite Stylish Camera Bag?

let us know your favorite one. or your can suggestion some best stylish camera bags for women.

Buying guide: Best Camera Bags for Women


A unique camera bag is a practical way to transport your camera from one place to the next without concerning yourself about damaging the camera or juggling around a lot of accessories. Camera bags, just like the photographers who use them are not created equal. Camera bags come in an assortment of styles, features, colors and sizes, which makes it possible to find a camera bag that meets very specific needs.


With so many bags out there to select from, finding the perfect camera bag that meets all your needs can be a bit daunting. We will provide some tips on things to consider in order to help you make the best decision possible when buying your camera bag.


Styles of Camera bags

Camera bags come in several different styles. Each style is suited to be used for a specific purpose. When you are determining which camera bag is the best option, consider thinking about the main purpose of why you are using the bag and the type of environment in which the bag will be used. The type of camera must be taken into consideration because not all camera bags are appropriate for all types of camera.


Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags free up the hands and most of them come with a single shoulder strap as well as a carrying handle. Also, many of the shoulder straps are adjustable to help ensure comfort when using the camera bag.


Backpack Bags

These camera bags are perfect for people with an active lifestyle. This style of camera bag typically has elastic straps and interior pockets to keep the camera and its’ accessories secure while the backpack is being worn.


Compact Bags

Compact bags are a great option when there only enough room for the camera is needed. These camera bags offer very little, if any, room for other accessories.


Hard Bags & Cases

For photographers who use expensive equipment it probably isn’t ideal to not have a hard bag or case to protect their cameras. The hard exterior prevents the camera from getting damaged or broken, while a padded interior helps keep the camera safe.


Weather-Resistant Bags

These bags are a great option for people who spend a lot of time outdoors since these bags keep camera protected from harsh weather conditions.


Fanny Pack

This type of camera bag is worn like a belt and is a convenient carrying option for point-and-shoot cameras.


Camera Bag Features

After you decided on the type of style of camera you want, it’s essential to consider the optional features that the camera bag must have. The features that are necessary depend on the initial use of the camera and the accessories that have to be carried along with the camera.

Interior padding

  • Protects the camera during transport
  •  Usually made of foam

Memory card slot

  • Keeps memory card in easy-to-find spot
  • Size varies from micro memory cards to full-size memory cards

Bag lock

  • Keeps camera secure
  • Mini lock and keys usually included

Exterior pockets

  • Store durable items like pens and paper
  • Either zippered or open

Interior pockets

  • Store sensitive items like lenses
  • Sometimes padded
  • Often zippered

Lens cap attachment

  • Holds lens cap while using camera
  • Clip-style or enclosed available

Organizer trays

  • Keep lenses, filters, and other items neat
  • Usually made of hard plastic


Choosing what camera bag suits your needs is simple once the necessary styles and features determined. It’s important to think about the ultimate purpose of the camera bag, such as where and how will you use the bag to assure that an appropriate bag is chosen to keep your camera safe and accessories organized.


When looking for a camera bag you should always buy based on the amount of storage you need. Some people will purchase two sizes for different situations. With list of best camera bags for women we have provided, there are even some that can be used as a personal backpack in conjunction with being used as a camera bag. As well as just a personal backpack when not being used as a camera bag.

Material choice is mainly based on the user. In some cases, the environment you will be in. If you are going to be in inclement weather from time to time you will want waterproof. If that is not an issue, then water resistant will be good enough. Hope you like my post Camera Bags for Women Reviews

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