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Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Whether you are searching for a sizable commercial-grade gas pressure washer or inexpensive light-weight portable professional electric design, there are pressure washers to fit every budget.

You might be aware that possessing a pressure washer for using around your property, backyard, and garden can help you keep things tidy and neat looking having a significantly less amount of manual work. For more industrial jobs, these come in real handy too and can do the work of an army.

By using the pressure washer’s diesel and gas or even the electric pump compress the garden hose water, it may improve the pressure stream to help you get rid of grime, algae plus cobwebs along with other dirt quickly from your home siding, tools and other things you may need to be washed, with the least effort.

An additional advantage is you will discover that you will use much less water washing items with the use of a pressure washer. Whether using personally or for commercial use, pressure washers are a must have. Below are four professional pressure washers for you to consider!

Top Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews

Generac 6024/5991 3,000 PSI 2.7 GPM 212cc OHV Gas Pressure Washer

GPM Gas Pressure Washer Power wash the outdoor patio, drive, garden furniture and much more with this professional grade Generac 6024/5991 3,000 PSI Pressure Washer. For ages they have been recognized for their industrial quality motors, this particular model is not an exception, designed with a robust 212cc Generac OHV motor.

Additionally integrated are 5 Quick-Click nozzle tips along with a 30 ft. hose. Generac’s professional power washers tend to be meticulously designed for long life and simplicity of use, with characteristics not available on competing designs.

Simple to move around, the welded body is made for sturdiness, having a built-in step intended for simple starting and a built-in gun holster. The easy to access high performing axial cam pump offers optimum heat dissipation for prolonged life and the simple to pull trigger decreases fatigue.

Product Features:

  • Comes with the Generac 212cc OHV powerful motor complete with integrated unloader valve for simple start-up and low oil shutdown
  • Comes with easy access pump that is high performing and axial cam pump that is built for longevity as well as industrial strength jobs
  • Easy to move around; compact and super easy to store
  • Comes with a 2 yr. limited warranty and is Non-CARB compliant

Final Analysis:

Pros: The Generac 6024 is quite simple to attach the water source and also the pressure hose to. It starts right up and runs perfectly each time.

The corporation makes a great item and has a tendency to market that in most the merchandise they create. Done well. The motor and pump base is horizontal, therefore the pump, as well as hose connections are accessed easily.

The machine comes with an electric “kill” switch, a genuine choke, plus a fuel shut off valve. If you are in the market for a professional, industrial grade power washer, this is definitely it.

Cons: Make sure that any kind of new nozzle is firmly secured in position – if it is not, it can fire from the ending of the power wand similar to a bullet.

The spark plugs can be more than $12 a plug since it is an uncommon type plug and the guidebook doesn’t provide any cross-references so that you can purchase a far more generic plug.

Overall, you really get a professional job done with this top of the line commercial-grade Generac 6024/5991 3,000 PSI Pressure Washer!

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Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 2,000 PSI Commercial Grade Electric 120 Volt Pressure Washer

Commercial Grade Electric 120 Volt Pressure WasherThe Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Commercial Grade Pressure Washer comes with an established class CAT pump while offering 2000 PSI. The industrial tri-plex pump is manufactured with strong ceramic plungers as well as unique high-pressure seals that offer a lifetime of hassle free usage and possesses a completely functional camshaft pump.

ETL authorized to UL and CSA requirements it’s totally secure, steel, and the encased vented cover will keep water away as well as air moving. The speedy connect tips provide flexibility of cleaning pressures plus circulation and the tips may be easily kept on the pressure washer.

This heavy duty 120v induction engine outperforms various other professional electric powered engines. It functions just like commercial-grade gas pressure washers minus the headache of fuel emissions, sound as well as reduced vibrations which makes it ideal to utilize inside or outside.

The easily transportable steel cart with pneumatic tires makes it simple to move and an easy task to store. Onboard storage space for the power cord, hose, spray tips and gun/lance, the handle additionally folds down intended for compressed storage.

Product Features:

  • Comes with CAT pump of professional grade
  • ETL approved to CSA and UL standards
  • Comes with steel cart with pneumatic wheels and is portable
  • Includes the 120 volts, heavy-duty induction motor
  • May be used indoors or outdoors

Final Analysis:

Pros: Customer support is extremely helpful in the event you have a couple of questions. This really is undoubtedly the quietest professional pressure washer you will ever witness.

There several variations of commercial-grade washers and although others tend to be larger and more powerful, this is actually the most effective of the other ones for speedy clean-up. Noiseless enough to work inside when required. If you are searching for a good professional pressure washer, this really is the one.

Cons: A customer report of lacking a wand item, however, a simple phone call to Campbell Hausfeld and they shipped one within a couple of days. Nevertheless, the Campbell Hausfeld CP5211 Commercial Grade Pressure Washer is top of the line solid commercial-grade equipment that will leave you happy.

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Simpson PowerShot PS4240S 4,200 PSI Honda GX390 Commercial Gas Pressure Washer

Commercial Gas Pressure WasherPressure washers may be used for all sorts of things from washing your vehicle, to cleaning up your outdoor patio, to getting rid of grime and paint from the property in preparing for re-painting.

Professional pressure washers like the Simpson PowerShot really help to make cleaning faster and less complicated, they conserve water given that they only take around 1/5 of the water that a hose would most likely use to accomplish the exact same task.

The Simpson PowerShot PS4240S Commercial Pressure Washer with tx series pump and quick connect steel lance is definitely something you want to check out if you are in the market for a commercial-grade power washer.

Product Features:

  • Comes with a triplex pump and ceramic pistons; thermal relief valve and adjustable unloader
  • Included is the five quick connect nozzles
  • Includes siphoning tube for detergent
  • Other accessories are the hose storage, gun and 13 in. premium pneumatic double-sealed tires

Final Analysis:

Pros: This is a strong as well as very well made commercial unit. The PS4240S packs a significant punch and it is definitely not for the fragile or wimpy. This unique unit weighs about 150 lbs when fueled. It operates smoothly and relatively noiseless for the size of it (13 HP) and for the fact it is an industrial grade machine.

This piece of equipment is ready to function inside half an hour, just add gas and oil, connect hoses, comply with initial use directions and you will be ready to pressure wash professionally in no time flat.

Wash the drive pavers and concrete pavement with minimal effort. This unit offers a great deal of power and was made to last.

Cons: The package it arrived in was somewhat flimsy, although not a deal breaker. Really cannot complain though of all the other professional features that the Simpson PowerShot PS4240S 4,200 PSI Commercial Pressure Washer offers.

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AR Blue Clean AR767 Industrial Grade 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure WasherFor more than 50 yrs, Annovi Reverberi has made one of the planet’s best quality collections of high-pressure pumping systems including the AR Blue Clean AR767 Industrial Grade Pressure Washer.

If you are looking for a real professional type of pressure washer, this is it. The experience in style and design standards, as well as manufacturing technology, adapt to the commercial market, assuring good professional performance security and quality of the electrical pressure washers.

Designs built with AR renowned Triplex Pump together with ceramic plungers plus dual packing industrial seals is what really makes this a commercial-grade type of pressure washer.

Powerful induction engine, gun-wand set up, thermal protection, pressure adjusting, pressure gauge and integrated detergent suction. Also features aluminum pump or forged brass head. Comes with automatic safety and GFCI valve with lower pressure by-pass on every model.

Product Features:

  • Comes with 1900 PSI – 2.10 GPM
  • Comes with pressure gauge and adjustment
  • Comes with a bypass valve that is automatic
  • Includes connecting rod system and triplex pump with included ceramic plungers
  • Has 30 ft. hose and 36 ft. power cord

Final Analysis:

Pros: It is the greatest pressure washer within its class, even outshines Karcher 5/12c. It has a great deal of professional features that put it into the commercial-grade type of pressure washer.

It is more substantial and provides a pressure regulator along with a tank intended for 2-liter detergent, and much more advantages compared to various other pressure washers. It offers more power than other professional power washers.

It’s 20amp engine never becomes hot, and just continues to go and go… completely noiseless as well.

Cons: It is expensive, however the cost is really worth the convenience and the industrial strength. When compared with it’s competitive electric opponents, the AR Blue Clean AR767 Pressure Washer is the best bargain, without a doubt!

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