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Best Commercial Treadmills 2018

When it comes to benefits, treadmills offer several of them. The freedom to choose when and where to perform your exercise will be a great convenience and you will have no excuse why you should not have your exercise on a particular day due to bad weather. This is also perfect for beginners because of the speed settings incorporated in its features. You can choose the right speed that best suits your capacity and as you start to become accustomed with it, you can slowly pick up your pace once you start feeling that your legs are becoming stronger to keep with the speed of the treadmill. Find out here the best commercial treadmills in the market and learn more about the new features that may just be what you are looking for.

1. Precor 9.31 Premium Series Treadmill

Precor 9.31 Premium Series TreadmillPrecor is one of the well known providers and manufacturers of top of the line fitness equipment in the market today that are used at home and other commercial fitness centers. When it comes to commercial treadmills, Precor products are among the best. Precor’s 9.31 Premium Series Treadmil is perfect for cardiovascular exercises as well as for strength training. Because most of the exercise routines are low impact, the strain and muscle stress is not focused on the back, knees and other body joints. This treadmill model effectively imitates the walking and jogging motion. As you jog or walk on the top ramp, you get to work out a variety of body muscles.

This commercial treadmill features a 3.0 HP continuous duty electric motor precision engineered to operate quietly while giving more than enough power and torque for each speed setting. This also comes with a steel capped drive as well as a take up roller that can maintain the perfect balance of the belt to ensure there will be minimal operational noise while diminishing regular maintenance requirements. The built in fan integrated in the flywheel also helps in keeping the machine cool so you can have a nonstop training session.

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2. Cybex 770T Treadmill

Cybex 770T TreadmillCybex 770T treadmill comes with a complete collection of cool new features that makes it one of the commercial treadmills in the market today. With Cybex 770T, you can now run and jog while controlling your speed. This treadmill machine is powerful, comfortable and can support large weight size. All the features and exercise settings work pretty well to give you a great workout.

The Cybex 770T comes with built in comfort pads so you will not hurt your feet while working out on the treadmill. These offers an excellent landing area for your feet so you can go on jogging on top of it for hours without feeling any strain. In addition, the Cybex 770T also offers adequate workout space so you can perform your speed sprints without worrying about lacking space. This also comes with a built in LCD display so you can track your time easily. You will also be able to monitor the calories you have burned as well as the distance you have covered. You can also access all your exercise settings here. Other things you can track using the LCD display includes your step count and your heart rate. This also features centralized controls used for exercise settings and entertainment using the Cardio Touch.

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3. Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill

Endurance T10HRC Commercial TreadmillThe Endurance T10HRC commercial treadmill has combined the commercial performance and club style features to provide you with a superior fitness experience at home. The Endurance T10HRC features up to twenty five top notch fitness programs precision engineered by the industry’s world class athletic trainers. This commercial treadmill targets your maximum performance levels for endurance, running, fat burning, distance covered, cardio fitness, and a whole lot more. This also features a heavy duty, high torque, 3.0 HP electric motor, a spacious running ramp, and a single touch speed adjustment that is perfect for athletes, dedicated runners, and fitness enthusiasts.

This commercial treadmill from Endurance is built to test your cardio fitness capacity while keeping on top physical conditioning. This has been designed in line with the demanding standards and specifications of professional health clubs and gyms with state of the art computer system and one of the best product warranties in the industry. And with its integrated Heart Rate Control system, the T10HRC from Endurance is a perfect choice for discriminating athletes and running aficionados. This is built with a durable, industrial grade steel frame construction to ensure optimum durability so you can use it without a hitch for years to come.

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4. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

ProForm 505 CST TreadmillGet the best out of your performance training exercises with the new ProForm Pro 505 Treadmill. This commercial treadmill is built with a heavy duty 3.8 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor so you can run for thousands of miles without problem. This also comes with a wireless, top of the line chest pulse strap so you can monitor your pulse rating according to the kind of heart rate training you are into. And with its integrated incline / decline controls and digital speed, you can conveniently alter your workout intensity with a single touch of the button. This also has a built in Android browser with integrated iFit Live Technology. This comes with thirty eight inclusive workout apps and ten inches touch screen.

When you purchase a ProForm Pro 505 Treadmill, you also get two High Def video workouts integrated into the iFit Tablet to get you motivated on your running exercise. Enjoy stunning views and listen to your virtual personal trainer while you perform all your workout routines. The ProForm Pro 505 Treadmill features a full surface, FS2 suspension cushioning to significantly reduce impact on the joints which is an ideal feature for those recovering from a leg injury.

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5. Livestrong LS Pro1 Treadmill

Livestrong LS Pro1 TreadmillThe LiveStrong LSPro1 commercial treadmill was designed for customers that demand only for the highest level of product quality and optimum performance. The new LiveStrong LSPro1 comes with a heavy duty, maintenance free tread belt and huge 60 mm rollers. This feature makes sure proper alignment and lubrication so your deck, motor, and tread belt will not wear out prematurely. This commercial treadmill has been precision engineered to come with a premium construction for added support and durability. With its full cast, heavy duty aluminum frame and top of the line internal and external components, the LiveStrong LSPro1 commercial treadmill is one of the toughest and most durable models on the market today.

LiveStrong LSPro1 features a patented Runner Soft cushioning technology that offers additional support for a much softer running experience similar to outdoor trail running. And for an easy and quick storage, the LiveStrong LSPro1’s folding frame has a built in hydraulic lift system. This also comes with a powerful, heavy duty drive system with its high performance, 3 HP continuous duty motor designed for quiet and smooth operation and is also maintenance free. This product is supported by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that ensures it is a world class high quality product.

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