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The 16 Best Crossbody Bags for Travel

Crossbody bags are a popular accessory for women and men travelers. Not only are they fashionable for both genders they protect your most precious valuables during your travels. For anyone who is traveling, they know there are various types of crossbody bags on the market, so sometimes it may be difficult to find the best crossbody bags for travel.

Why a Crossbody Bag is necessary on Travel ? 

Crossbody bags are essential for travel because they serve as a carry on and purse in one. A crossbody bag is necessary on travel because it provide protection from theft. There is an assortment of styles available depending on the type of travel you are planning to do. One of the best features of crossbody bags are they have convenient compartments that allow you to organize and have easy access to your belongings. Not only are crossbody bags practical and in style, but they can also be a safe option for you during your travels. Pick the best crossbody bag that is right for you!

Whether you are going on vacation, business trip or world tour; there are a variety of styles and makes to fit your needs. Even though crossbody bags aren’t 100% theft proof, wearing a bag across your body helps deter thieves. Even if you choose the best crossbody bag, if it’s slung loosely over your shoulder, it gives a thief the opportunity to snatch it or even cut it off with ease.  A good thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the bag’s strap and avoid straps that are too thing and easy to cut.

If you plan to do lot of you walking during your travels, it’s important to have a crossbody bag that has theft protection and comfortable straps for long wear. It’s also a good idea to have a crossbody bag for junior because it’s harder to pull off your shoulder. The last thing you need during your trip is to get your bag stolen. Wearing a crossbody bag can give you a peace of mind during your journey or while exploring your destination.

Best Crossbody Bags for Travel :

So after understanding why it’s necessary to use a crossbody bag for travel, it’s important to pick the best crossbody that will fit your needs and budget. Here are our picks for the best crossbody bags for travel. Not only are these best crossbody bags stylish but they are all very functional.

Military Messenger Purse, D-Tasks Mens Water-Resistant Travel Crossbody Bag


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D-Tasks’ Military Messenger Purse is the perfect bag for any outdoor activity, sports, school, shopping or daily use.

This bag is great for anyone who would like a unique, good-quality bag with a lot of pockets they can use to organize the items they need on their outings.

The bag has 8 zipper pockets of varying sizes, which is great for carrying all of the different sized items you might need daily, from your tablet, electronic reader, iPod, and books to your cell phone or your keys.

Thanks to its clever design, Military Messenger Purse helps you organize your belongings with no effort. Everything fits in this spacious bag, which weighs only 0.74 pounds and has the following dimensions: 10.9x3x8.5 inches.

The bag is made out of high quality water resistant nylon, protecting you from bad weather, and has high quality stitching, ensuring the bag’s durability and many wonderful trips in the years to come.

The bag has adjustable wide straps, devised to help economize your carrying effort and a simplistic, yet cool design reminiscent of old army bags.

This very affordable, but high-quality bag is available in black and army green.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag



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If you like to keep your packing minimal, and your possessions safe, then this small shoulder bag is the perfect fit for you. It has a simple, classis design with a small amount of details, but it has a very elegant feel to it.

The bag is made of durable synthetic materials, has a synthetic lining, and uses zipper closure. The bag keeps your belongings safe with such features as RFID blocking card and passport slots, locking main compartment, and slash-proof construction. These characteristics protect your things from pickpockets and thieves, and let you enjoy your travels without worrying about losing all of your belongings.

Although small, this bag is designed to carry all of your travel essentials that you like to keep with you during your travels, and allows you to have an easy access to them.

The bag also features a removable LED light, which might be useful on many different occasions.

Travelon Anti-Theft bag has the following dimensions: 13x11x3 inches, and it includes a 28 inches shoulder drop.

The cut-proof shoulder strap can be adjusted to meet your needs, and it can also be attached to post or chair. You can get this imported bag in eight colors: black, midnights, chocolate, stone, cranberry, olive, purple, and orchid.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag



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Travelon’s fashionable cross-body bag is great if you want to add a bit of style to your travels. The asymmetrical design makes this classic looking modern bag very pleasurable to look at, and its safety features are saving you from losing your valuables to theft or careless handling.

This imported bag is made out of nylon, and has a nylon lining. It features zipper closure on both of its compartments, the front one, and the back one. In addition to that, it also contains RFID blocking card slots. The main compartment has a locking feature, and the bag has slash-proof construction, and an adjustable, cut-proof shoulder strap, with a 28 inches shoulder drop, that attaches to any post or chair for added safety and convenience.

Another cool feature of this bag is a detachable LED light, which can come in handy in many situations.

The bag dimensions are 1x12x11 inches, making it small enough to carry around, yet leaving you enough space not to leave anything behind.

You can get the bag in two sizes named: one size, and two pocket.

This chic little bag is available in six different colors: black, chocolate, purple, midnight, olive, and orchid. If you choose to carry the two pocket version, then you can make your choice between stone and cranberry.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag




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This small Travelon bag is great for everyday use, and is equipped with a variety of features that allow you to bring everything you need, and keep it safe from theft.

This lightweight bag is very comfortable to wear, and thanks to its classic and stylish design, you will look great doing it. The bag is made 100% out of polyester, and has an interesting symmetrical design.

The bag has a 13 inches shoulder drop, and features a cut-proof shoulder strap that can be attached to any chair or post. The bag stands at 4x14x10 inches.

It has plenty of space for you to store your everyday miscellaneous items, as well as a small tablet, or a reader. It has slash-proof locking main and front compartments, for your safety, a front slash pocket, and zip rear pocket, as well as RFID blocking card slots.

The feature that makes it stand out among other Travelon bags presented here is two added mesh expansion pockets on both sides of the bag that can hold your water bottles or umbrellas.

A recognizable Travelon feature, a removable LED light, also comes with this bag.

The bag is available in six fashionable color choices: black, midnight, stone, chocolate, olive, and orchid.

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OXA Canvas  Crossbody  Travel Bag


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This is a great and sturdy messenger bag for trips where you do not need to bring a lot of things, but do want to look modern and neat.

This bag has a lot of organizational compartments for all of your miscellaneous items.

It has a total of nine pockets, including 2 main zipped pockets, 1 back zipped pocket, 2 front zipped pockets, and 1 inner zipped pocket.

With this bag you can safely organize all of your credit cards and small electronic devices, such as phones, iPods, or earphones, and there is also a specially designated compartment for a small iPad, that will keep it safe and accessible in your time of need.

The bag has a handle on top of it, so you can carry it in two different ways. OXA Canvass Messenger Bag has cotton lining, and is made out of high density cotton canvas, and real leather zip head, for increased durability.

The bag has one year warranty, and the makers vow to solve any of your potential issues with this handy little bag.

The bag has a small capacity, standing at 8 liters, and it is nine inches long, 11 inches high, and 5 inches wide.

This OXA bag is available in black, brown, and khaki.

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Baggallini Zipper Crossbody Travel Bag



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Baggallini Zipper Crossbody Travel Bag is a great choice for women who like to keep their travel possessions separated and neatly organized.

This functional, but also stylish bag offers a lot of space and organizational compartments for any of your potential travel needs. It is made out of 100 percent nylon, and has fabric lining.

The bag is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any of your important documents getting destroyed by rain or leaking accident.

The bag offers plenty of room for your travel items with its three horizontal zippered compartments, and one vertical compartment at reverse. It has five interior credit card slots, and a very handy lipstick holder.

It also features a detachable toiletries bag, which comes very handy at airport security, or any other trip where you would need to keep these items separate.

This lightweight bag features a 28.5 inches shoulder drop, with an adjustable and removable thin shoulder strap that will look good with any combination of clothes.

This bag has the following dimensions: 1x8x8 inches.

This imported bag is available in one size, and in eight different colors: apple, black cheetah, black/sand, charcoal, mocha, mocha cheetah, pacific, and pewter cheetah.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag



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Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag is a beautiful, functional bag for your everyday trips, or business and touristic travels.

This bag is made out of 900 D. polyester and designed to last.

This bag has two main compartments, and one mesh water bottle pocket at side, keeping you hydrated during your travels. The main compartment is very spacious and it features a locking zipper, and pockets for organization of all of your travel necessities.

The rear organizer has a variety of organizational pockets, and it includes slots for credit cards, and handy little pockets for travel documents. The zippered expansion pocket is designed to hold such items as a camera, water bottle, or sunglasses. The bag keeps these items safe with a variety of features, such as the hidden, slash-proof Chain Link construction that prevents slash-and grab- thieves, adjustable, cable-reinforced, cut-proof cross-body strap, and locking compartments.

This imported bag is 4.5x11x10 inches big. You can find this bag in four stylish colors: midnight, black, stone, and olive, adding to your style with its classic silhouettes, complemented with a silver-tone logo plaque at corner.

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Baggallini Everything Travel Cross-Body Bag



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The main advantage of this slim, sleek bag are its many organizational compartments that will keep all of your travel essentials neatly organized and in their place.

The bag is made out of 100% water resistant nylon, with 100% polyester lining, and it features easy to handle zipper closure. The bag has 28 inches shoulder drop. It possesses six exterior pockets, for any items you might need to access quickly, three interior slip pockets, and 4 interior zippered pockets for valuable items.

This lightweight cross-body bag also features a removable coin purse, useful in travel situations, two mismatched front compartments with cool details, and zippered middle wallet pocket with credit card slots.

With its clever design, this bag protects your belongings from thieves and pickpockets, and lets you concentrate on your travel enjoyment.

The bag is easy to maintain since all it needs in order to look presentable after a long trip is to be wiped with a dump cloth, which saves you time and energy you would otherwise spend on tending to your bag.

The bag is 11x7x3 inches big. You can find it in twelve different colors: black, charcoal, violet, apple, black cheetah emboss, mocha, pewter/che, beach, charcoal/fuchsia, mocha/che, pacific, and portobello.

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QualityArt Distressed Small Crossbody Satchel Ladies Tote Travel Purse Genuine Leather



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This cool, vintage-looking cross-body bag is a great travel bag and accessory. The bag is made out of naturally processed, free of chemicals leather, which is also non-allergic and eco friendly.

In order to ensure the uniqueness of each and every bag, these bags are handcrafted using pure 100% genuine goat leather. Thanks to the quality of the materials used, and the design, these bags are very strong and durable, so they can last for generations. The bag’s brass/metal fitting buckles and holders are internally lined with strong green canvass to add to the durability of the bags.

The bag is 9 inches in width, 7 inches in height, and three inches in depth. In addition to being very stylish, this bag is also pretty practical, with the compartments carefully designed to store your most valuable items separate from others.

The sturdy-looking bag protects your belongings with its well-structured body and strong construction. The bag features three hand-stitched inner compartments, one front pocket, and two zipper pockets, as well as a long and adjustable shoulder strap.

This beautiful bag will be a great addition to any outfit, and keep your possessions safe during your outings. It is available in different sizes.

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Berchirly Small Vintage Canvas+Leather Messenger Cross body bag Pack Organizer



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This bag is made for those people who appreciate simple minimalist design, and also pack minimalistically, without taking many things with them on their travels.

This cross body/single shoulder bag is made of canvass with high quality cowhide leather, increasing the strength and durability of the bag, and maximizing its lifespan.

The bag is made so it can fit some of the most common travel necessities, such as mini iPad, wallet, iPod, purse, and your mobile phone. They can easily fit in some of the bag’s organizational compartments, including two exterior compartments for easy-access items, placed both on the front and the back, the main compartment which is protected by the practical flap pocket, and several internal organizational units that can be used to store more valuable items.

The bag has a sturdy, adjustable strap that is 140 centimeters long when in full capacity.

This bag has the following dimensions: 9×8.1×2 inches, and is available in two relaxing, pastel hues: coffee, and olive green.

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Travel Bag



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This is yet another bag in Travelon’s anti-theft series of crossbody body bags. It has all the same features like the other ones, but what makes it stand out is its classic and classy simple, yet functional design.

This imported bag is made out of 900 D. Polyester, and it has many different organizational compartments, devised to help you store and organize your belongings, while at the same time protecting them from theft or getting lost.

The bag features a hidden, slash-proof Chain Link construction, and an adjustable cable-reinforced, cut-proof shoulder strap. The strap can attach to a post or a chair, for added protection and safety.

The bag features a locking zipper, spacious main compartment with padded iPad or tablet pocket, protecting your electronic devices from getting damaged or destroyed, and it also features several other pockets for organization of your miscellaneous items.

The bag has a locking front zippered pocket with RFID blocking card and passport slots, pen loop, and 2 wall pockets. It also has a rear zippered pocket and easy grab smart phone pocket.

The size of the bag is 3.5 x 10 x 8 inches. This bag is available in four different colors: stone, midnight, olive, and orchid.

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Ibagbar Small Vintage Cotton Crossbody Traveling Bag for Men and Women


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Ibagbar Small Vintage Cotton Canvas Messenger Bag is best used for working, traveling, school, and daily use.

The bag is made out of high density cotton canvas, cotton lining, and genuine leather zips.

The makers believe in the quality and durability of their bag, so they give you a one year warranty, and offer help with any possible problems that might occur with the bag.

This small shoulder messenger bag has a total of five pockets, including one main zippered pocket, one back zippered pocket, two internal small sandwich pockets, and one internal zippered pocket. It can fit a variety of your electronic devices such as iPods, electronic readers, tablets, or even a laptop up to 10 inches in size. The bag has a freely adjustable shoulder strap buckle, which you can regulate according to your height, needs and wishes.

This classic simple bag is decorated only with the leather logo and leather zips of the same color.

The bag has a small carrying capacity of 4.8 liters, and has the length of 10 inches, height of 12.2 inches, and the width of 2.4 inches. It is available in black and brown.

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Berchirly Casual Canvas Unbalance Backpack Crossbody Sling Bag Shoulder Bag Chest Bag



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This sporty bag is great for sporting outings, and outdoor sports, such as hiking, climbing, camping, cycling and so on. It could also be used as a travel bag, or for your everyday activities.

The bag is made of quality canvas  that can endure many different weather conditions, and last for years filled with fun physical activities.

The bag’s main zippered compartment can be used for some of your larger items, and you can use the two small zippered pockets, one in front, and one in the back, for other, miscellaneous items. The bag also has an inner pocket where you can safely store items of value, such as your mobile phone, tablet, wallet, keys, documents, credit cards, small snacks, and any other small personal belongings.

This simple, but fashionable bag has a very multi-function, and practical design, and is comfortable to wear.

Bechirly Casual Canvas has the chest-pack dimensions and stands at 17.8×11.6×2.3 inches.

This bag is available in three colors: khaki, black, and coffee.

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Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag, Crossbody Briefcase,Fit 15,17 Inch Laptop


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This versatile, multifunctional leather messenger bag will serve you equally well at a company picnic, a sport event, various travel trips, or a city outing.

Thanks to its casual vintage design, it can be used for many different events, since it is a great accessory to a lot of different outfits, but thanks to its practicality, it can also be used for purposes which require a strong and spacious bag.

The bag is made out of 100% real crazy horse leather and waterproof cotton canvass, which makes it long-lasting and strong.

Exterior of the bags is decorated with twin magnetic buckles, which is great for quick-access items, and it features an inside with zipper closure for the maximum security for your valuables. The inside of the bag can accommodate a 15 and 17 inch laptop, and any other items you might deem necessary. The bag has two additional pockets for cell phone and wallet, and one zipper closure pocket on the back. Every single one of these bags is individually crafted, so you can be sure you have a truly unique piece of luggage.

However, due to that fact, the color may differ slightly from bag to bag.

The bag weighs 2.18 pounds, and has the following dimensions: 16.3×5.3×12.6 inches. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that goes from 28.5 inches to 52 inches.

It can be found in five different colors: waterproof grey, grey, dark blue, army green, and lake green.

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Baggallini Big Zipper Travel Cross-Body Bag



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Baggallini Big Zipper Travel Cross-Body Bag is a great small, but functional bag for everyday use or travels.

This bag features a very interesting design with its three parallel front zipper pockets. It has three secure outside zippered pockets, and a very spacious main compartment, especially considering the bag’s small size, that features organizational compartments for your everyday or travel items.

The bag is made out of 100% nylon material, and it has nylon lining and zipper closure for added protection of your items. It has a 28.5 inches shoulder drop, and a removable adjustable strap, zip top, and included wristlet which you can use to store the most important items that require quick and easy access, or as a toiletry bag during flights. This small imported bag stands at 1x11x11 inches.

The bag is available in ten colors, made to suit a wide range of tastes: black, black cheetah, charcoal, fern, apple, violet, mocha, mocha/che, pacific, and pewter/che.

If you choose to carry a different size, you will get a charcoal/fuchsia version of this bag.

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Roma Leathers Light Brown Leather Travel Organizer Crossbody Shoulder Bag



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This beautiful small crossbody shoulder bag features an abundance of organizational compartments for your travel needs, while at the same time sporting a very fashionable, stylish but simple urban look.

The bag is made out of genuine cowhide leather, granting it good quality and endurance, and it is equipped with a great lot of pockets and a handy detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and a sturdy handle which allows you to carry your bag in a few different ways. Its multi compartment design allows you to take all of your travel essentials with you.

The main compartment includes an interior zip pocket for extra safety for your items, and the front compartment contains four credit card slots and a practical ID window.

The bag is also equipped with a side pocket for your cell phone, and front zip pockets for quick-access items such as keys or lip gloss, and you also have back slip and zip pockets for your other necessities. Moreover, the bag features zip closure, protecting your belongings from getting lost or stolen.

The bag’s dimensions are: 8.9 x 8.6 x 2.9 inches, and it is available in light brown.

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Final Verdicts :

One of the best features of crossbody bags is the anti-theft protection,  making it an ideal kind of bag to travel with. Unlike a backpack, a crossbody bags give you the ability to keep your eyes on your bag at all times, have both hands are free at all times and be comfortable for long periods of time.

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