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Best Electric Fireplace Reviews 2018

It’s time to make your home warm again with a best electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are a perfect way to add warmth and beauty to your household without the fuss and hassles of traditional fireplaces. They look great and provide a great deal of warmth heating your rooms much like electric heaters.

The flames, although artificial, look very realistic and may be customized to suit your needs. These elegant fireplaces come in different designs, colors and sizes. They are energy efficient so you can warm up your home without hurting your budget.

On chilly nights, you can gather around these warm fireplaces in comfort. The contemporary designs make these fireplaces ideal for any room and are a perfect solution as a secondary heating source. Here you will find four of the top name brands in electric fireplaces at affordable prices.


Best Electric Fireplace Reviews 2018


SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace Review

SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace Review

The SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace features a great espresso hue that is decorated with tiles of earth tones while arching over the firebox.

Both sides have sleek columns that complement the molding of the top of it. Being designed to fit in a corner or against a flat wall, the SEI Cartwright fireplace shows off its elegance. There is no need for a contractor or electrician to come into your home and install this fireplace and therefore remodeling can be done without the typical expense or mess.

Along with your bedroom or your living area, you can also move this fireplace for a romantic dinner to your dining area or even to your media room to compliment that big flat screen television you have in there. This is a very functional fireplace that will make any home a very welcoming environment.


Product Features:

  • Features long life LED lights and realistic looking flickering flame effects
  • The mantel can support up to 85 lbs.
  • Compliments a flat screen television of up to 47 in. and includes a remote control
  • Comes with flame brightness control and thermostat; both adjustable


Final Analysis:


Pros: This fireplace works and looks great. It can be used in a large family room and heat it up nicely. It is definitely more attractive than a space heater and is very easy to assemble.

It only requires a screwdriver to get it set up. The cabinet was simple enough to put together and it really only takes one person to do it as there is virtually no mechanical skills needed. The slate frontage piece and wood stain look terrific with a rich finish.

Everything was delivered in good condition with all parts being clearly listed and included. This is not always the case.

Cons: The fake flame on the SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace is not as realistic looking as some of the other top fire units, but it still looks good. The remote control is a little slow; it takes pressing the buttons a couple of times to get it to work properly, but nevertheless, it works. Overall, this fireplace makes a great addition to any home.


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Bionaire BFH5000-UM Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control Review

Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control Review

If you are looking for ambiance and instant warmth, look no further than the Bionaire BFH5000-UM Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control.

This electric heater features glowing embers and logs that look so realistic which looks just like a genuine fireplace but without the fumes, wood or open fire. There is no installation needed with this unit and you can place it in any room on its stand or mount it on a wall. Below the glass, the heat comes from the vents and heats up the room quickly.

You can use the realistic flame regardless of using the heat function or not. The programmable digital display and push-button controls makes it a snap to operate. You can set your fireplace at a temperature that is comfortable with the thermostat and adjust it to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time with the 12-hour on and off timer. This allows you to preheat any room so you walk in to warmth.


Product Features:

  • Enjoy a fireplace heater that is electric with realistic glowing embers and logs
  • Includes thermostat, programmable digital display and 12-hour on and off timer
  • Comes with a floor stand, remote control and hardware to mount on walls
  • Measurements are approximately 31 1/4 x 23 7/8 in. and comes with a 1 year limited warranty

Final Analysis:


Pros: This unit is very nice and easy to install. It can be mounted easily on a wall or simply stand it up in any room. It keeps you nice and warm without the need to turn the central heating.

You even get a neat little remote control for it. The heat it produces is great and the lowest setting does the job nicely. In fact, on the higher settings, you get a little too warm. It is attractive and relaxing to watch and the price is great.

You can fit it anywhere you want without too much space being taken up and you get three glowing stages of brightness.

Cons: The only downside really is the sound it makes. It is supposed to sound like fire crackling but is a bit annoying. However, after a while you hardly even notice it and you can easily turn it off.

Also, it is kind of odd that you cannot set the timer for 3 hours. They have all the other settings up to 12 hours just about, but not 3. Overall, the Bionaire BFH5000-UM Electric Fireplace Heater is well worth the price, a great way to warm up and great to look at.


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Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace Review

Wood Burning Fireplace Review

Create a warming atmosphere anywhere with the Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace. Whether on the patio, while camping or in the garden, this fireplace is fun and brings warmth on cool nights with a glowing ambiance.

It is made of solid steel construction with a porcelain enameled lid so it will not burn, fade or rust. The support ring is constructed with galvanized steel and the heat shield of aluminum that is rust-resistant.

It makes a really nice treat for people who like to take long weekends on camping trips or for those who just like to relax by a cozy fire in their back yards.


Product Features:

  • Use this fireplace for camping, in the garden or on the patio
  • Rust-proof porcelain enameled bowl and lid
  • Made of solid heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Has a aluminum rust-resistant heat shield and galvanized steel support ring
  • Measures at 29 1/2 in. diameter base


Final Analysis:


Pros: This fireplace is built to last for years with a well sturdy design. You can easily snuff out the fire when you are done with the lid and the lid also keeps the bowl dry all day and night unlike other fire pits.

Plus it keeps the animals away as well. You can use large logs in the bowl too which is an added plus and the porcelain coated steel is nice.

Unlike cheap aluminum fire pits, the bottom and top on this has a solid, heavy-duty construction It is simple to assemble and very reliable.

Cons: If you decide to burn this in your grass, it will leave a bare spot for some time and the wood handles do get hot. Other than this the Weber 2726 Wood Burning Fireplace is attractive and creates a nice warm ambiance to enjoy on chilly nights.


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Dimplex CFP3920BW 20-Inch Electric Fireplace Review

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review

The Dimplex CFP3920BW 20-Inch Electric Fireplace is a great unit that fits easily into small spaces and has a sophisticated design that matches the bigger size units.

It is elegant with detailed carvings and has graceful looking framed finials, arched and framed header and multi-stepped traditional hearth all in-cased in a burnished, rich hand-rubbed walnut finish. This unit serves as an eye-catching focal point in any room.

It has beautiful cabinetry with life-like flames, grates and logs which all lend to its charming character. On those chilly nights, you can simply click the remote control and get warmed up by the powerful fan heater up to 400 sq. feet away. It makes the perfect ambiance setting on those relaxing nights.


Product Features

  • Comes with 20 in. firebox and 4,910 BTU’s
  • Heats economically, reduces environmental impact and you can use it with or without the heater
  • Includes a thermostat that is adjustable to maintain comfort levels and a fan-forced heater
  • Comes in a burnished, traditional walnut finish, generous mantel, molding that is gracefully embellished and includes a remote control
  • Measurements are approximately 36 3/4 in. x 36 in. x 11 3/4 in.


Final Analysis:


Pros: This is a gorgeous space heater that provides a great deal of heat. It keeps any room warm and toasty. During the summer season, you can still use it.

Just switch off the thermostat and enjoy the ambient flames it offers without heat. It is shipped in two boxes which eliminate heavy lifting and it is easy to assemble. The wood on this unit is beautiful.

You even get a touch up stick in case you scratch or nick the finish. Plus, the heater is nice and quiet which really is great for relaxing.

Cons: It would have been nice if they included a separate setting for the flame and thermostat and the assembly instructions were not the greatest. However, the Dimplex CFP3920BW 20-Inch Electric Fireplace was fairly easy to get together and totally worth any effort.


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