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Top 5 Best Elliptical Machine In 2018 – Reviews & Comparisons

If you have thought about purchasing an elliptical trainer or any other type of fitness machine to add on to your home gym, you may have noticed these are not the smallest of fitness equipment around.

For many of us, our houses are small and lack a whole lot of space, therefore finding room for a piece of equipment as big as these fitness trainers can be quite the challenge. These days, you will find more compact or folding trainers that is more home-friendly. Below are four top quality elliptical trainers to choose from.

You will find that many of the best elliptical machine are not that cheap at all ranging from $250 to $1000 or more. However, the elliptical trainers are much more reasonable when it comes to cost and therefore make it easier on your pocketbook when shopping for one. Still finding the best one for you is important. Below are four top quality elliptical trainers to choose from.

Top 5 Best Elliptical Machine – Compared

Product Image
Product Name
Weight Capacity

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer

Horizon Fitness
EX-59 Elliptical Trainer


145 pounds

68.2 x 22 x 646

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Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 431
Elliptical Trainer

182 pounds

70 x 28 x 71

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Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer

Sole E35
Elliptical Trainer


244 pounds

32.3 x 26.4 x 8.7

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Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical Machine

Proform 14.0 CE
Elliptical Machine

325 Pounds

258 pounds

52 x 38 x 22

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True Fitness M50 Elliptical

True Fitness
M50 Elliptical

300 pounds

325 pounds

63 x 44 x 29

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Elliptical Machines Reviews

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

Elliptical Trainer Review

Experience a trainer which is Sixstar, meaning this trainer is Certified. It is the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer and has many benefits which make each stride smooth while training.

Product features include the surround sound which links to your MP3 player equipped with a COOLfit fan, along with the comfortable foot pedals creating working out a satisfying and comfortable experience while you can step your workout game up a level with 10 various settings for programming.

There is not another trainer which can create outcomes inside the home like this Elliptical EX-59. It is close to silent, easy and won’t quit on you. Certified by Sixstar means while operating, everything flows smoothly. There is a combination of positive qualities which include it being durable, lasting and set up for at-home exercise success.

Since you can sync your MP3 with it, cool down with the COOLfit fans, there is no doubt you’ll not only have personal results but also enjoy the journey getting there.

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Product Features:

  • Certified by Sixstar, this elliptical intertwines 6 features which provide a smooth experience with 10 different levels for resistance along with a solid and strong flywheel weighing.
  • 14.3 pounds which creates a smooth workout; height is low to the ground for stepping on.
  • The pedals are Zerogap; Capable of linking MP3 with the Sonic speakers, built in.
  • Displays are LED, orange and there are 3; Options for programming are 10; total of 3 programs for workout, 3 for targeting and 1 workout which is custom.
  • User weight capacity up to: 275 lbs.

Final Analysis:

Pros: Definitely worth spending money on. There is a great quality and simple to assemble. The elliptical is fantastic. There is an input for audio jack and included is a cord to link it, you may listen to your MP3 with the speakers included or you can use your headphones and plug them into the unit.

Also, one area is designated for your MP3 or ipod to sit. Since there are wheels towards the front of this product, it is easy to move around. It is quite silent, no loud noise. It is unlike any other product because it barely takes up space.

Cons: The built in speakers were not built of high quality. Also, the length of strides is not changeable. If someone is tall, it may seem too short. Other than that, however, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 is an amazing machine.

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Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn Elliptical Trainer

Training with an elliptical is a satisfying cardio workout because not only is flexibility enhanced but also both the lower and upper body along with coordination.

By using an elliptical, there is less stress placed on the joints and knees because there is one fluid motion that supports the heel area in the foot, which is smooth and natural for both feet.

Using an elliptical often feels like an enhanced natural experience for exercising while your health is improved with the lungs and the heart are increasing in capacity and calories being burned.

Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer, appeals to a diverse audience since it has stride being a foot and a half and also pedaling movement that is bidirectional meaning any user can not only forward pedal but also backwards, each targeting different muscle areas. The choices of programs for working out, pleases users.

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Product Features:

  • Design is compact and the trainer is a high-end elliptical.
  • Programs for working out are not limited and include tests for fitness, customs and controlled heart speed.
  • 16 Levels of resistance, controlled by the computer; Comfortable, upgraded pedals for the feet.
  • Strides are fluid with the design of BioFit; LCD backlit screen.
  • Length is almost five feet, width is slightly over 2 feet and height is a bit over five and a half feet; Warranty of the frame in years is 15.

Final Analysis:

Pros: The elliptical is very quiet and smooth. If there are others around watching TV, there is no problem. At fast pace, it is smooth and very strong.

There is an impressive selection numbering 20 of programs included along with a number of 16 different levels for resistance. This machine is just like using a gym elliptical, with this one, not being any different. The machine is a solid one, and well made.

The maker, Schwinn definitely succeeded in carefully organizing and packing each washer and nut included considering the user does not have any doubts in differentiating each.

Following the instructions was simple and there is no need for additional tools, because everything is already included.

Cons: Setting up the machine takes time although it is easy to do with the help of the clear instructions. There is a fan included which is pretty much useless. Very small nuisances since the Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer works like a charm.

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Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

Sole Elliptical Trainer

The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer definitely creates convenience especially because there is no need to leave the home in order for you to receive a complete body workout, a major reason why it has been labeled one of the “best purchases” from various sources.

The trainer provides a drive system that is noiseless, a hefty flywheel of 25-pounds, advanced gear ratio which is a very unique feature.

The E35 has a dynamic LCD projection appearance along with a synchronized sound structure. Therefore, the trainee receives a very smooth experience, not to mention, it also is equipped with intense resistance ranges, which is usually found on trainers that have quite high costs.

With the E35’s incline options, your training is enhanced from the increase in resistance which will focus in on a range of core muscle areas. Whatever position you like best, all you have to do is push a button and the ramp will ascend to intensify your work out.

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Product Features:

  • The elliptical has a sturdy flywheel of 25-pounds, which helps with enhanced performance.
  • The option for inclination on the trainer provides resistance which pinpoints various muscle areas in the body.
  • Timing, along with distance, resistance and calories can be easy viewed on the dynamic LCD screen which is about half of a foot.
  • There is a synchronized sound; larger than most, along with specially made foot levers. Fans are equipped; 375lbs limit for user weight; total weight of 200lbs.

Final Analysis:

Pros: You can receive an extremely impressive workout with this. Not only does the E35 create a phenomenal workout but it also has value and excellence. The 25-lb flywheel adds to the suave system and it is a strong and stable product, which makes it feel even more high-end.

It is great the E35 is almost noise-less. Since the display is illuminated and easy to view, there are many selection choices on what you would like to view. There are variant options on what to use it for and pretty simple to set up.

To set up the product, along with how to use it and basic questions on fixing it, the guide was helpful and easy to follow. Some of the best additions to the machine include the ability to link an MP3 player with the assembled speakers along with the ability to track your own heart beat speed.

Cons: There is a fan which is a bit overpriced and doesn’t do much. Really, this is the only downside of the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer.

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Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical Machine Review

Proform CE Elliptical Machine

Experience faster and enhanced results with Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical. This elliptical is linked with Technology including Live iFit, Google’s Maps and workouts trained by Jillian ‘the famous coach’ Michaels along with resistance which is automatically controlled.

The technology is wireless meaning you will receive thought out workouts along with quick results. The Ramp which is intensity powered allows you to have your glutes isolated and your calves or quads in a quick instant.

Even your lower section of the body can be defined during the process in the midst of your upper, along with your core. Additional features also include a variety of 14 different Quick Levels of Resistance and even 14 different apps for working out while the weight limit being 300 pounds.

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Product Features:

  • Compatible with; WIFI iFit and iPod audio.
  • Workout CoolAire fan, adjustable degrees for strides (10-25)
  • Resistance ranging from 0 to 14%.
  • Incline that is adjustable 10-25%; 18 different programs for working out are included.
  • Warranty lasting a lifetime for the frame; Pedals that are cushioned; 6. Weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • With the flywheel weighing 20lbs and being inertia optimized, there is smooth training resistance on the elliptical.
  • With the integration of Maps through Google software with the Live iFit, there is terrain stimulation.

Final Analysis:

Pros: The elliptical is super quiet. If there was a baby around, you could still use it. If you lack space in your home, or children around, that is not a problem because it easily folds into a size which is about 2/3’s and has a safety lockdown feature.

Setting up the machine is simple and by following the clear directions, it takes between somewhere around one to two hours to complete set up.

The workout is fantastic, it is very gentle for the knees area and with the pads for your feet, it is pretty easy to workout various muscles while the inclination hits your hamstring and glut areas.

Cons: The fan is not great at all, seems like some sort of toy. The speakers are definitely far from professional and do not function very well. However, very minor issues considering the quality the Proform 14.0 CE is.

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True Fitness M50 Elliptical Review

True Fitness Elliptical

The curved and smooth profile of the True Fitness M50 Elliptical gives a modern-day, refined look to house cardio devices. Includes orthopedic supported footpads and ergonomic multi-grip handles.

Plus, the M50 elliptical is made with features that are premium user-focused. Paired up with TRUE’s famous copyrighted Heart Rate Control innovation and HRC Cruise Control, this elliptical definitely increases your health and is a worthwhile fitness investment.

It is one of the tiniest footprints on the market place, it’s a wonderful option for the consumer who is space-conscious.

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Product Features:

  • Featuring orthopedic supported footpads and ergonomic multi-grip handles
  • Features TRUE’s famous HRC Cruise Control and patented Heart Rate Control technology
  • The curved and sleek profile of the brand-new M50 elliptical offers a present day, finished appearance to your cardio equipment

Final Analysis:

Pros: It appears to be well made with no issues in its design or craftsmanship. It’s basically quiet as well as has a great feel. It’s fantastic to have an elliptical in the room so you may invest 30-40 moments on it when just waking up or while enjoying TV, prior to heading to work. The M50 is a compact elliptical machine with a smooth motion.

You can really obtain a great workout in a small time and it will be an effortless habit to get yourself into.

Cons: The electronic on this machine are basic, however for the cost, it’s great. Generally speaking the True Fitness M50 Elliptical is exceptional for its price and function.

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