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Best Indoor Portable Propane Space Heater In 2018 – Reviewed and Tested By Expert

Many people are mistaken when they assume that electricity is less expensive than propane. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Propane allows you to heat a specified space for far cheaper than using electric space heaters, and that’s where a lot of people are confused.

They simply refuse to accept the possibility that propane may in fact be cheaper. And it is, a lot cheaper.

Best indoor portable propane space heater come in a variety of different design schematics and sizes. They’re actually very inexpensive to purchase at around $100-$150, and the cost of propane will save you money over electric, each and every time you change cylinders. The cost savings really start to add up when you do the math.

So, now that you know that propane is much cheaper than electricity, you might want to think about getting a portable propane space heater for yourself. While not all portable propane space heaters will be safe for household use, there are a variety of other applications that they fit perfectly for. Heating a garage or shed, for example.

Most portable propane heaters will run on a 20 lb cylinder, but there are smaller units you might consider as well. Below, we’re going to be covering three different portable propane heaters that got great review scores at Amazon.

We found that these three portable propane heaters are genuinely worth the cost and will provide years of happy heating. Don’t forget to do your own research on Amazon and look a bit closer at the feedback. That way, you’ll know for sure that you’re getting a good deal.

Now, onto the products!


Mr. Heater Big Buddy Propane Heater Review

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Propane Heater Review

This is a smaller scale heater that’s perfect for heating areas of up to 400 square feet. While it may not be the biggest portable propane space heater, it sure packs a punch for its size.

It’s approved for both indoor and outdoor use, and has a low oxygen shut off system that prevents it from operating in air conditions that would endanger your health. If you tip it over, don’t worry, you’re safe. This portable propane space heater will shut itself off automatically.

Choose between three heat settings: High, Medium, and Low. The blower fan can operate on A/C current or by using a battery, and the Piezo starter system makes for easy ignition, every time. If you’re so inclined, you can easily mount this propane heater to a wall with the key shaped rear mounting holes.

The control knob is also extra large and allows you to use gloves when changing the heat settings. This heater can operate on two 1 lb cylinders or a 20 lb cylinder using an optional hose.

The Amazon review score on this item is solid. It scored 4 out of 5 stars across 194 customer reviews. And if you’ve been paying attention to our other lenses, then you already know that a 4 star score means that a great many people think this item is worth five stars.

As with any product, you have to expect a few defects to occur in any factory production model, thereby lowering the review score a little bit.


Product Features:

  • Suitable For Areas Of Up To 400 Square Feet
  • Indoor/Outdoor Compatible
  • Can Use Dual 1 Lb Cylinders Or A 20 Lb Cylinder
  • 3 Heat Settings: High, Medium, and Low
  • Low Oxygen Shut Off System
  • Piezo Starter System
  • Key Shaped Rear Mounting Holes


Final Analysis:




  • Despite its small size, this portable propane heater delivers an adequate amount of heat
  • Great for use as an emergency heat source
  • Heats a 10′ X 15′ space from low 40’s to mid 60’s in only 15 minutes
  • Attachment hose for a 20 lb cylinder allows you to get hours upon hours of use without having to change cylinders
  • Anti-tip shut off feature works quite well
  • Ordering the accessories like A/C adapter for the blower allows you to use standard current to power it
  • Blower moves a lot of hot air in a short amount of time
  • For tailgate parties, this unit is a godsend
  • Will work in both indoor and outdoor settings




  • Can generate a lot of heat at times – Enough to possibly scorch tile
  • Even bumping this unit gently can cause it to shut off


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DynaGlo Delux 18,000 BTU Portable Propane Heater Review

Portable Propane Heater Review

This DynaGlo Delux 18,000 BTU Portable Propane Heater will provide you with enough heating power for areas of up to 450 square feet and is suitable for outside work areas, garages, camping, decks, and patios. The Piezo ignition system ensures that you can get this propane heater started with the push of a button, and it’ll ignite each and every time.

Choose from 6,000 to 18,000 BTU of power across multiple heat settings. You’ll also feel safe when using it, thanks to the Oxygen Depletion Shut Off Switch (ODS). When the oxygen is low, it automatically turns itself off. It’s compatible with 20 lb propane cylinders and will last for many hours without having to change cylinders.

The locking caster wheels prevents it from moving on tilted ground, and the propane cylinder is self contained within the unit, preventing you from accidentally breaking it off like you’ll find on some “outside the unit” cylinder designs.

The Amazon review score on this unit is pretty good, but there’s not a lot of feedback for this item yet. So far, so good, though! Across 259 customer reviews, it got a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


Product Features:

  • 6,000 – 18,000 BTU Of Heating Power Selection
  • Suitable For Areas Of Up To 450 Square Feet
  • Piezo Igniter System
  • Compatible With 20 Lb Propane Cylinders
  • Self Contained Cylinder Design
  • Oxygen Depletion Shut Off Switch (ODS)
  • Locking Caster Wheels
  • Side Carry Handles
  • 1 Year Warranty


Final Analysis:




  • The side carry handles allow you to pick this heater up and move it, or you can use the wheels to guide it over smooth ground
  • Powerful enough to heat a 1,000 square foot room very quickly
  • Works with standard 20 lb propane cylinders for maximum fuel compatibility
  • Three adjoining burners, each rated at 6,000 BTU, allow you to select from multiple heat settings for fuel efficiency
  • ODS system will turn off the gas to the unit and extinguish the flame for safety sake
  • Labeled as a “construction heater” and isn’t rated for residential use – Makes for a good garage heater




  • Some of the design is made from sheet metal
  • If you try to use it in outside settings, nearly any wind will blow the pilot light out


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World Marketing CG Portable Propane Cabinet Heater Review

Portable Propane Cabinet Heater Review

If you look at shops that line the shopping district of USA, you’ll see that this is one of the most advertised and displayed units in storefronts.

While it hasn’t gained such a popular following in the US yet, it’s a quality propane heater that’s designed to last for many years of trouble free use. The cost is pretty low, and with the low price tag, you can immediately see how great of a value this is for heating purposes.

With a push button ignition and the ability to use 20 lb propane cylinders, you can operate this unit for hours at a time without stopping. It has a total of 18,000 BTU of power and is suitable for rooms of up to 650 square feet.

It even comes with a windshield so the flames don’t go out when it’s windy. This is strictly an outdoor type heater that’s suitable for places that are under construction, sheds, garages, and other areas where air quality won’t be much of an issue.

The Amazon review score on this item gives you a better idea of the product quality. Although the 6 customer reviews aren’t enough to really make a judgment call, it got a full five stars of customer feedback. As time goes by, this item will receive more review scores to give us a better idea of the product quality.

Like we said earlier, this is a very popular propane heater in countries like USA. You can walk to the storefronts and see it proudly displayed in the windows for everyone to purchase.


Product Features:

  • 18,000 BTU Of Heating Power
  • Suitable For Rooms Of Up To 650 Square Feet
  • Push Button Ignition
  • Compatible With 20 Lb Propane Cylinders
  • Adjustable Heat Control


Final Analysis:




  • Assembly of this propane heater is quick and easy out of the box
  • $20 of propane can last for a full two weeks – This heater has very good fuel conservation
  • Works well and is safe to operate
  • Will heat up garage areas and other outdoor type settings well
  • Propane tank fits nicely INSIDE the unit instead of on the outside
  • Amazon has the lowest price on this unit and it ships quickly
  • USA loves this product, it just hasn’t caught on in the US just yet


Helpful Tip:


  • Be sure to follow the directions whenever you’re changing cylinders for safety
  • Ensure that you always keep children away from this unit when it’s operating




  • Even with the windshield, it’s possible to blow the flame out on windy days
  • Not many Amazon review scores for this product yet


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