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Best Jawhorse Reviews 2018 With Buying Guide

Best Jawhorse Reviews 2018 With Buying Guide

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Jawhorses can lend you a great amount of force to secure objects you’re working on. People who need an extra set of hands on the job will rejoice over the functionality of a best jawhorse.

They work great as both a clamping tool and a workbench, and you can find them for prices that are pretty affordable. For around $100-$300, you can get a great jawhorse that’s going to last a long time.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at what you should be looking for as a buyer. We’re also going to be listing three best jawhorse products we think are worthy of your purchasing consideration.


Best Jawhorse Reviews 2018

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Review

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Review

With a ton of clamping force and foot pedal clamping, your hands can be free to work on other things. The lock/release button allows you to both lock and release items with a simple button press.

With this jawhorse, you have a full 37 inches of width to secure your items. Even objects as big as a 36″ standard door will fit!

The tripod base provides you with outstanding performance on uneven terrain, and there’s holes on the legs to allow you to fasten it to the ground for more demanding jobs. It folds up without any tools needed, making transport simple and easy. It weighs a total of only 43 lbs and includes roller wheels.

As far as the Amazon review score is concerned, this is probably the most well received Jawhorse on the market. An amazing 4.5 out of 5 stars, yes, but that’s not the amazing part. The amazing part is the fact that 327 people thought it deserved that high of a score. Super impressive and it’s affordable too. We think this is a jawhorse deal that in all honesty you shouldn’t pass up.


Product Features:

  • 1 Metric Ton Of Clamping Force
  • 37 Inches Of Jaw Width
  • Rubber Jaw Pads That Prevent Marring
  • All Steel Construction
  • Tripod Base With Holes In The Legs For Securing The Jawhorse
  • Roller Wheels
  • Folding Portability
  • 43 Lbs Total Weight


Final Analysis:




  • Allows you to complete a variety of projects that normally require two people
  • Welding Jaw, Chainsaw Jaw, Saddlebags, and other accessories are available for additional purchase
  • The additional accessories have all been well received
  • Use it as a vice, welding station, miter stand, work bench, and more!
  • Makes for much safer projects – No more holding objects with your foot




  • Owners manual isn’t the best
  • Yellow latch in front can easily be broken off – Plastic construction


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Triton SJA200 Superjaws Workbench Review

Triton SJA200 Superjaws Workbench Review

The Triton SJA200 Superjaws Workbench is truly top notch. It’s guaranteed to keep your objects you’re working on stable for the best in hands free operation. The tripod base ensures that you get the maximum in stability and strength, so when you’re cutting, sawing, or doing angled work, you know it’s going to stay put.

The jaws adjust from 0-36 inches and have a full 360 degrees of access. The stainless steel construction is designed to last many years without problems, and it features a corrosion resistant epoxy powder coating. As far as being able to fold it down and transport it, you can easily fold this jawhorse down in under 20 seconds, and it ends up being compact enough to travel pretty much anywhere.

The foot pedal operation is a major strong suit with this jawhorse. Instead of having to use your hands to apply clamping pressure, you use your foot, leaving your hands free. The 2,200 pounds of clamping pressure is more than enough for the needs of most people.


Product Features:

  • 2,200 lbs of clamping force
  • 0-36 Inches of Adjustment Width
  • 360 Degrees of Access
  • Stainless Steel – Epoxy Powder Coated Construction
  • Foot Pedal To Engage Clamping
  • Sturdy Tripod Base


Final Analysis:




  • Great for welding jobs – Holds odd shaped objects in unusual positions
  • Soft jaw inserts that come with it allow you to grip wood without any marring
  • No sharp edges means you don’t get cut!
  • Foot pedal has a distinctive “feel” that allows you to clamp lightly or with a lot of force
  • Much more versatile than standard vices – Accessories available
  • Holds up perfect under dust and rain exposure – Performance won’t skip a beat!
  • Back leg functions as a handle once this jawhorse is folded up – Go anywhere with it!
  • Base is very stable and clamp is strong and easy to operate




  • Height is not adjustable
  • You have to be very careful with fragile items


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PortaMate PM7060 Megavise II Portable Vise Stand Review

PortaMate PM7060 Megavise II Portable Vise Stand Review

If you want a jawhorse that can really get the job done, consider the PortaMate PM7060 Megavise II Portable Vise Stand. It features over a ton of clamping force in a size you can easily maneuver around.

The included polyurethane jaw mechanism will grip your items without marring the surface of impressionable items. Wood is totally safe with this jawhorse, as well as a wide range of other materials.

You have a full 37.5 inches of jaw width to work with, making clamping large and small items easy. You can easily fold and transport this item to pretty much any work environment. And the all stainless steel construction with powder coat finish is guaranteed never to rust. The maximum object load is 600 lbs, making it a very versatile tool that can hold pretty much anything you can position into it.

Although there aren’t many Amazon reviews for this item, we do know that the ones we have found have been promising. 4.5 out of 5 stars is a pretty excellent review score and one that’s certainly respectable enough to consider for purchase.


Product Features:


  • Over 1 Ton Of Total Clamping Force
  • 37.5 Inches Of Jaw Width
  • Tripod Base
  • Foot Pedal Clamping Action
  • Polyurethane Coated Jaws That Won’t Marr Your Surfaces
  • Pressure Release Switch
  • Easy Fold And Transport – Collapsible Legs – Carry Handle Included
  • 36.4 Lbs Total Weight


Final Analysis:




  • A great alternative to the Rockwell jawhorse
  • Super affordable price makes this a jawhorse you can be happy with buying
  • Get a jawhorse and improve the safety factor of your work environment
  • Holds a ton of weight, making most projects easy and doable
  • Jaw is reversible, allowing you to hold wide sheet goods like doors




  • Limited number of accessories
  • Doesn’t come with wheels that allow you to roll it around


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Jawhorses Buying Guide


To start with, a jawhorse is ideal for holding objects in place while you work on them. They offer a level of clamping force that’s truly second to none. Let’s take a look at the buying factors you should consider before jumping into making a purchase.

1. Clamping Force

This is a major buying factor that you should be aware of. The amount of clamping force for most jawhorses is usually set to be around 1 ton. This is more than enough to keep your objects in place and keep them there while you work on them. Some jawhorses will allow you to steadily increase the clamping pressure so that you always are able to find the perfect clamp amount.

2. Clamping Width Range

Most jawhorses will accommodate up to a 37 inch range of material. This is ideal for doors and other large objects, but can also be sized down to fit any number of other items such as wooden stands and metal pieces. This is an ideal size that most jawhorse users are comfortable with and a size that fits most objects and materials.

3. Polyurethane Or Rubber Jaw Coating

Jawhorses also sometimes come with a coating on the jaws to ensure you don’t marr your surfaces. This feature is useful for people who work with sensitive materials that are prone to scratching and other forms of material changing.

4. Foot Pedal

With some high quality jawhorses you’ll be able to adjust the clamping pressure with your foot, leaving your hands free to do other things. This is a useful feature that many people prefer over using their hands to do the clamping.

5. Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel is the construction material of choice for a great many home jawhorse operators. Stainless steel will never rust and lasts for a very long time.

6. Foldability And Light Weight

Being able to fold your jawhorse down in order to store it away is useful, especially in compact areas. Most jawhorses will easily fold down and can fit into tight spaces so that you have plenty of extra room. Also, the weight should be around 50 lbs or less, which allows you the ability to carry or wheel it around without any problems.

7. Additional Available Accessories (Sold Separately)

There are many accessories available for jawhorses. Plywood jaws, Chainsaw jaws, Saddlebags, and more are all available for purchase to make your jawhorse into a more suitable worksite companion. Although they cost extra, they can expand your abilities and actually end up saving you money in the long run.

8. Manufacturer, Amazon Review Score, Warranty Period

The manufacturer pretty much determines how long your jawhorse is going to last and what kind of quality you can expect. It’s best to choose a manufacturer like Triton, PortaMate, or Rockwell.

The Amazon review score is also important, and you should look for at least a 4.5 out of 5 star score. Finally, a warranty is your best defense against product defects. See if the jawhorse you’re considering comes with a warranty. If you can’t find any warranty information, try calling the company directly to find out.

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