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15 Best Lightweight Luggage in 2018 – Reviews and Analysis By Expert

Today when it comes to buying things there are not just a few options like there used to be. Since you have more ways to shop including the internet, you now have sometimes hundreds of things to choose from. So when you need best lightweight luggage you can become quite overwhelmed quite quickly. Don’t just settle for anything though just because you have had enough or you don’t have the time to look. We have made the search easier for you by coming up with a list of the lightweight luggage reviews for you. You can have the easy part, just keep reading and pick the one for you!

Best Lightweight Luggage’s Compared

Skyway-Luggage-MirageSkyway Luggage Mirage100% Polyester22.5 x 15.5 x 8.5"

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Los Angeles 21.5 Carry onLos Angeles 21.5 Carry onpolyester lining21.5 x 13.5 x 9"

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Freedom 3 Piece LightweightFreedom 3 Piece Lightweight100% Abs31 x 22.5 x 12.5"

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Ilite Extreme Spinner by American TouristerIlite Extreme Spinner by American Tourister100% Polyester25 x 18 x 10 "

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Best Lightweight Luggage Of 2018 Reviews & Analysis

When you want luggage you want lightweight but durable luggage. After all the stuff you are going to fill it with is heavy enough by itself. So you don’t want any more added weight than you want or need. You also want to make sure that you still have all the features and room that you need as well. We have a list of the 15 best lightweight luggage options below for you to check out, all you have to do is find the one that fits you.

Skyway Luggage – Best 28 Inch Luggage Bag



This bag is made to go places and do it with ease. You can carry it from the side with a carry handle, by a top handle or roll it where you need to by utilizing the wheels and pulling by the pulling handle. No having to strain yourself anymore if you don’t need to. This bag is made of 100% polyester which is a durable material that can handle a lot. There is a full length interior mesh pocket for accessory items or easy to lose pieces. There are also shoe pockets as well to separate them from your clothing.

The handle for pulling is retractable, so when you don’t need to use the rollers you don’t have to have the handle sticking out. Also makes it easier for storing in a trunk and otherwise being able to store flush. You can push or pull this bag with the wheels provided. The retractable handle does offer multiple locking stages, which is great for different heights. This bag also features some self-repairing nylon zippers. The overall measurements are 10 inches X 19 inches X 28 inches and weighs 11. 8 pounds. It comes in two colors and a modern design you are sure to love.

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Los Angeles by It Luggage – 21.9 Inch Carry On Luggage


When you truly need to keep things light as possible, this is the suitcase for you. The It Luggage line is known for having some of the lightest on the market. This bag is not only lightweight it also keeps things easier for you by providing rolling wheels as well. So if you can’t or don’t want to carry let the wheels do the work for you. All you have to do is push or pull via the large roomy handle it provides. The handle is great since it is offered at a more comfortable natural height as well. It also features a regular carry handle on top as well as on the side. Making it easy to load and unload from trunks, overhead carry and more.

This bag features two wheels and two support stabilizers to keep it upright when idle. It has a large interior offering plenty of room with nylon interior pockets as well. So can keep your small items organized as well. There are also two zippered exterior pockets on the outside of the bag for even more storage. Bag is made of 100% polyester for lightweight durability.

The exterior measurements are 21.9 inches X 14 inches X 8.1 inches. The interior measurements are 19 inches X 13.4 inches X 8.1 inches. Which makes it small enough to be considered a carry on for most airlines. It weighs a welcoming 3.59 pounds, which is something anyone can appreciate. It is also available in 3 colors as well, for your personal tastes.

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Ilite Extreme Spinner by American Tourister – Best Rolling Luggage Bag 




If you need a bag that can move as quick as you do, you will love this one. This rolling luggage bag just don’t allow you to push and pull it via rollers. It allows you to be able to spin it on a dime! Which is great for close quartered areas. That way you don’t need as much room to move your bag where you need it. This bag is made of durable and reliable 100 % polyester. The interior is fully lined and can expand for added capacity. Which most could use sometimes after a trip. It does also feature a side carry and top carry handle, bottom handle, as well as a pull handle for when using the wheels.

The styling of this bag is great giving you a modern look with an array of different colored bubbles. This bag is available in other colors as well including solids. Inside the front flap there is a clear plastic zippered pocket which is great for things that may leak protecting your other items. There is also a netted zippered pocket on the inside of the flap as well. The interior of the bag is lined to match the great exterior. The size of this bag is 25 inches high X 18 inches wide and weighs 11 pounds.

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Vortex 24 Inch Spinner Suitcase – Spinner Wheels Luggage




This bag is the perfect combination of style and features. It is made of 100% polyester which is known for being a great durable material for luggage. It is available in subtle solid colors as well as a couple of catch your attention designs as well. It features contrasted colored zippers as well to add to the styling. It has two exterior zippered pockets for some of your smaller items. As well as some interior pockets as well to help keep things organized. The main interior compartment has plenty of room for the rest of your items.

This bag has a carry handle on the top and the side for wheel-less carrying. Then you have a retractable handle for when you want to put the 4 spinner wheels to work. Spinner wheels are better than standard, since they can move in all directions instead of just front and back. This bag is 24 inches high and 16 inches wide, which is a great maneuverable size for most people. This bag also comes in at a manageable weight of 7.3 pounds. This bag is part of a collection, so there are other items you can combine it with if you need more.

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Worlds Lightest 2nd Generation by IT Luggage – Upright Wheeled Luggage




Need to keep the weight down, this is the bag to help do that. This bag is one of the lightest on the market in wheeled suitcases. Although it is basic in looks it gives you it’s all in quality. The fabric is made of polyester for strength and durability. The frame is made to last being made of lightweight but strong fiberglass. There are corner mounted ball bearing wheels connected to the frame as well. So you have the option to take the load off of yourself and let them do the work.

The handle for pulling or pushing is made of aluminum and runs down both sides of the bag. It is great because it is nice and wide to help prevent flipping. The handle also features friction locking, to prevent any accidental movement during use. This bag is framed properly to stay looking great and keep the material from looking saggy and sloppy. There are two zippered pockets on the exterior front of the bag, as well as mesh sections inside of the bag. The bag is lined and features security straps to keep things in place. The interior measurements are 28.3 inches X 18.3 inches X 11 inches and the exterior measurements are 31.3 inches X 19.1 inches X 11 inches. The total weight of this bag unfilled is 7.4 pounds.

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Freedom 3 Piece by Traveler’s Choice – Rolling Set Lightweight Luggage


When softshell suitcases don’t do it for you and you need even stronger, than look no further than this 3-piece hard shell best luggage set. This is the perfect set for someone who needs a little more storage than just one bag. These bags are made of 100% ABS material, so they are made to last. They are easy to clean as well, since you can just wipe down when needed. There is a top carry handle and a side carry handle. As well as the handle needed for using the rollers. It comes in some great fashionable and modern colors as well.

These are great bags to have when you are worried about impacts. There are three different sizes one is 29 inches X 21 inches X 11 inches, another is 25 inches X 17.5 inches X 9.5 inches and the last one is 21 inches X 15 inches X 8.5 inches. There are pockets in each for smaller items, sizes depend on the case. There are also security straps as well to keep things in place. There is also one main strap to connect all three for moving all at once. All three bags feature wheels as well, which is another great feature.

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American Tourister Ilite 29-Inch – Xtreme Rolling Spinner Suitcase Bag 



This bag takes on a classic style with all the features you will love. This suitcase is a roller but it is a spinner roller meaning all the wheels can turn completely around. So there is no fighting to get it to move or turn around when you need it to, without needing all that extra room. This bag is made of reliable and durable polyester. It has a nylon lining to be gentle on items stored inside. There are two zippered compartments on the front of the bag.  You also have two more zippered pockets one mesh and one see through vinyl on the inside of front flap.

This bag comes in several solid colors as well as a couple of patterned too. So there is sure to be something that flips your fashion trigger. It is 100 % polyester which is a top choice of many makers due to durability. It has an adjustable handle for being able to maneuver bag when using rollers, as well has hand carry handles on bottom, side and top. This bag is perfect sized to be used as a carry on as well on most airplanes since it is 11 inches high and 20 inches wide.

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Hard Shell Samsonite Winfield II – Rolling Spinner Luggage Suitcase




When you want the ultimate protection in luggage, you won’t go wrong with the Samsonite Winfield II. It is constructed of a heavy duty impact resistant 100% polycarbonate. The same material used for many things including helmets. Also allowing the suitcase to be lighter in weight than older plastic style suitcases. It has a fabric liner as well for style and a soft ride for your items as well. This is a roller style suitcase, but this one goes a step up using spinner wheels. Which makes them multidirectional, so they can turn in small areas and go in any direction with ease. It has a zipper closure to keep things safe and secure.

There is a full zipping interior divider and pockets to keep everything organized. It also has cross-straps to keep things in place during transport. Want to keep things private when getting something out, well they have that in mind and also added a privacy curtain as well. For extra security there is also a side mounted TSA combination lock as well. This luggage suitcase is 12 inches X 28 inches X 19 inches and weighs in at 14. 4 pounds. You will get nothing but quality since the makers of this luggage is Samsonite and they know quality.

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Los Angeles Worlds Lightest Luggage – Best Upright Suitcase




A perfect balance of lightweight and stylish is what this luggage bag is. It looks fit for the runway with its perfect fit to the frame 100% polyester body. Comes in solid colors with a backdrop plaid design. It features a carry handle on the side as well as the top of the bag for when you are not using the wheels. Then it has a large fit to frame handle that you are sure to enjoy when using the wheels. Since that handle is wider it gives more hand placement options as well as well needed stability. It features only two wheels for pushing and pulling forward or back. As well as two stability legs to keep it upright when just sitting.

This is one of the lightest bags on the market due to the use of polyester as well as the lightweight fiberglass frame. There are two zippered pockets located on the outside front of the bag and 6 mesh pockets on the inside of the bag. The measurements are 18.1 inches X 10.2 inches X 28.9 inches. This brand also wants you to believe in their product as much as they do, so they also provide you with a 10-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

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Mega Lite Luggage by IT Luggage – Roller Spinner Suitcase



This is the luggage for those on the go, if you know IT Luggage than you already know. This is a great brand that has some of the lightest luggage in the market. This company also backs this suitcase with an out of this world 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. This suitcase is made of 100% polyester and boasts a fiberglass frame, hence why the suitcase can be so light. It doesn’t stop there though it also offers up multidirectional wheels. So you can maneuver in tight spaces even easier. It comes in two basic colors grey or black, which is great for those of you wanting to keep the color simple.

This suitcase also features a carry handle on the side and top, to make moving or storing the bag so much easier. Then it also has a retractable handle for use when using the rollers as well. It can be pushed in when not in use to save space. You have two front zippered pockets on the front as well as pockets on the inside of the flap. The overall dimensions of this bag are 9.3 inches X 26.4 inches X 16.3 inches. It weighs in at an excellent weight of 6.8 pounds. You will love this suitcase this is one you may have for a lifetime.

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Travelpro Maxlite 3 – Lightweight Roller Luggage




When you are looking for the basics in style with some modern features, this is a great choice. This spinner roller suitcase comes in solid colors and is made of 100% polyester. It has a simplistic look but has some great features to offer you. Instead of having just standard rollers that go forward or back, it has spinner wheels. The wheels can then go in any direction with ease. It features a front zippered access flap as well as a zippered pocket located on the front of the flap as well. When it comes to the interior you have a mesh zippered area on inside of flap as well as a smaller mesh zipper pocket on the side of the main compartment.

The interior of the bag is lined to help protect your items, while adding to the style of the bag. There is a carry handle located on the side as well as the top for when you are not using the rollers. There is also an adjustable handle for when you need to use the rollers as well. The overall measurements of this suitcase are 11.5 inches X 31 inches X 20.5 inches. While not the lightest in weight it is still manageable for most at 13.8 pounds.

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American Tourister Illite Xtreme – Best Roller Spinner Suitcase Luggage




This is the bag to know if you are on the go. When you are on the go all the time you want to make it easy as possible to get around. So when you want a suitcase that helps you do that with ease, this may be the one for you. This suitcase is made of 100% polyester, which is favorite among makers due to durability. It also makes it lighter in weight for the person who has to carry it around. One of the best features of this bag though, when you don’t want to use the handles to carry by hand, there is a telescopic handle for roller use. This one uses the best rollers on the market the spinners. They can go in any direction instead of limiting you to forward and back.

This bag is imported and does also have a nylon lining as well. It has a zippered front access instead of a side. It also features two separate zippered compartments on the front of the bag. This bag does allow for some expansion as well in case you come back with more than you left with. The measurements of this suitcase are 21 inches X 14.5 inches X 8 inches. It is an excellent weight as well at 8.8 pounds. You have several solid colors to choose from as well as a couple of modern patterns as well.

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Rolling 33-Inch Duffel 8 Pocket by Olympia – Best Olympia Luggage




This is a great asset for anyone needing to carry a large amount of stuff. Most duffel bags are not easy to carry around for any length of time. So they have made it easier for you by creating a rolling duffel bag. So now you will have plenty of extra room for all of your items. Since this duffel bag is set up with 8 pockets instead of just one big one, you can keep everything organized and where you can find them. There are three zippered compartments on the outside front. As well as two zippered on each side of the bag. Then the front of the bag opens up for access to the large compartment area.

This bag is constructed of some of the best polyester on the market. It is constructed of 1200 D. poly for supreme protection and durability. The duffel is also lined with synthetic lining for extra protection. Where it becomes easy to place to place is that this bag comes with metal ball bearing in-line skate wheels. So you don’t have to lug that weight anymore if you don’t want to. This bag weighs in at 7 pounds which is awesome for such a large bag. This bag measures 15.5 inches X 33 inches X 14 inches. This is a great choice for many different applications.

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Maxlite 3 by Travelpro Luggage – Best Travelpro Luggage




Looking for that lightweight solution to your travel needs? This is a great choice when you want something that is ready to go when you are. You will have plenty of room to separate items you want separate, giving you the organization that most need. You will have the durability of 100% polyester, this bag comes in 4 solid colors as well. This is a great low key styled design, so it is great for people who are not looking for flashy, but still want classy. There are two double zippered compartments on the front of the bag. The polyester looks great and keeps your items looking great as well.

There are hand carrying handles on the bottom, side and top for when you don’t need the wheels. When you need to use the wheels there is a telescopic handle that can be used and hidden when not in use. The wheels are recessed and there are two pegs for stabilization when bag is sitting upright. The bag measures 21 inches X 22 inches X 14.5 inches. The heaviest part of this bag may be your items, since this bag only weighs in at 8.4 pounds.

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Rockland Melbourne ABS Suitcase – Best Carry On Luggage




This great hard shell suitcase could be your solution for a carry on if you are looking for one. This lightweight carry on luggage is made of ABS which is a great material for taking impacts. This material is also great for resisting indentations as well. Even though it is hard shell it is still within most regulations sizes to be used as a carry on. This suitcase features 3 different interior pockets as well as offering up a nice size main compartment. So you will have room for your clothes while still being able to keep some of your smaller items separate and organized. It does have a top carrying handle as well as a telescoping handle for when you want to utilize roller use.

That is right this suitcase will help you take the load off with spinner wheels. You will get full axis movement with these wheels, so they can go in any direction you need them to with very little space. The exterior is easy to clean which is another bonus for many. Since ABS was used in the construction you will still end up with a lightweight suitcase weight as well coming in at 7.9 pounds. The overall measurements of this suitcase are 14.4 inches X 9.2 inches X 22.1 inches. There are plenty of color options as well so you are sure to find the color for you.

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Best Lightweight Luggage Hard Shell & Soft Shell Pros And Cons

Now when it comes to buying luggage just like with anything else. There are some Pros and Cons, of hard shell and soft shell lightweight luggage. We want to make sure you know ahead of time. That way you know if lightweight or hard shell luggage is the best option for you and your needs. Sometimes you don’t get to find out both before you purchase.

Soft Shell Luggage Pros & Cons

We will start off with the pros of soft shell. Soft shell bags have a few things to offer. Since they are soft shell they sometimes offer that little bit of squeeze room you may need when it is little too full. Soft shell in most cases tend to be lighter. They seem less bulky because they are not hard. They do store better just due to the fact that some do collapse down. If you don’t carry a lot of electronics, this may still be a good choice for you.

Cons of a soft shell are kind of obvious ones. They are harder to clean you can’t typically just toss them in the washer. They absorb liquids rain, snow, spills and etc. Depending on the weave they can snag or get a hole. Since they are made out of a material, they absorb smells around them as well. So if you have to store it for long periods it may not be a good choice depending on how you store it. A good one will last for quite some time, but they will break down eventually.

Hard Shell Pros and Cons

Hard shells have come a long way since their super heavy predecessor’s. Now most are made of polycarbonate making them lightweight and impact resistant. So if you carry electronics with you were ever you go, you will want that extra protection to protect them. They are also easy to clean, big bonus! They can easy be wiped down and they don’t absorb liquids. They are now lightweight enough and small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. Of course still watch the measurements.

Cons, while there isn’t any the biggest is probably the hard bulk size of them. They don’t have any give when you are in a tight squeeze like a soft shell. Some are still on the heavy side and might not meet carry on requirements. So always check size, before you buy if it is a concern. Typically, no extra storage provided on the outside.

Best Lightweight Luggage Buying Guide

When you are buying luggage there are many options to choose from. Some people make the mistake though buying on looks instead of the way it functions or what it has to offer. There are many things to look for when buying luggage and we are going to go over some of them. So you know what to consider when purchasing so you know you will be happy.

  • Size is the first thing to consider, if using for airline travel you need to decide if you need for a carry on or if you don’t mind if it goes in luggage holding. That way you can make sure the size meets carry on regulations. If you carry very few items you want smaller, that way you are not left over with a bulkier suitcase then you need.
  • Extra storage, if you have a good mix of clothes and smaller items. Then you want to make sure you have enough space for all the smaller things to keep them organized. Especially if you are carrying all in one bag. You don’t want personal care items mixing with clothes in case they end up leaking.
  • Hard shell or soft shell, the biggest debate of many. That can depend on what you are carrying, if you are planning on taking electronics. Your best bet is going to be a hard shell case. It will provide the protection you need to keep those items safe.
  • Rollers or multidirectional rollers, that depends. If you don’t mind being restricted to just forward and reverse basic rollers are fine. If you find yourself in tight situations where space is limited, you may want the maneuverability of being able to move on a dime.
  • Find one with a warranty, the longer the better typically but sometimes a longer warranty will cost you more in the long run though it is worth it.

Those are the main basics on buying the best lightweight luggage to keep in mind. You won’t be disappointed when you purchase on your needs more than anything.


When it comes to comparing hard shell and soft shell luggage, it is hard to compare pricing. the you should read all the lightweight luggage reviews. Since pricing ranges so much between the two. You can get some great deals in either one at a price you will love. So when buying rely on the functions more than anything else and you will be more than satisfied.

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