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20 Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Reviews 2017

A great sleeping bag is a must have for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The type of sleeping bag you will want though will depend on where you plan to use it. That is why many people typically have a few. So they always have the one they will need on hand. No matter what though don’t be without when you need one most. So we are going to help you find the best lightweight sleeping bag for you.

Sleeping Bag Care: How to wash and Keep Clean

Even though sleeping bags are not an item that are typically used on a regular basis, they still need to be cleaned. They may look clean, but you do need a cleaning routine for them no matter how they look. How you clean them can vary between sleeping bags. Just like clothes they are all made out of different materials. So you do have to be careful when it comes to cleaning them. Most will have a tag on the sleeping bag explaining the best cleaning procedure. If not manual if it came with one, if not sure you can use your best guess.

If you have a bag with no instructions and no tag. The easiest and best way would be to follow a gentle washing guideline. Which is to wash in cold or warm water, not hot. That goes for the rinse cycle as well warm or cold not hot. Avoid the dryer if you can and line dry, if you don’t have a choice. Use a gentle dry cycle or the lowest heat possible until dry. Of course if you want to spend the money you can take it to a dry cleaner as well.

If your best sleeping bags for kids has been stored for a while it should be washed before taking for trip. Once you are done with your trip you will want to wash it again on returning. Your sleeping bag comes in contact with a lot of things. So you don’t want to transfer to other items. You also don’t want to store a damp sleeping bag or a bag that may have something on it you didn’t know was on there.

rei.com explain about the washing of a sleeping bag in a good way , I found their sleeping bag care very interesting and useful .

Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Reviews

To save you some time we have complied a list of the best lightweight sleeping bags. That way you can use all that saved time for something better. There are 20 in this list so you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Every sleeping bag mentioned is designed to be easy to carry and transport, which is a must have for the outdoors person.


Outdoor Camping Lightweight Sleeping Bag Envelope Style by Naturehike with Straps



Looking at this camping sleeping bag you would not believe it all fits in the palm of your hand. The straps on this bag help keep it tight and compact, while also making it easy to move. It comes in four solid colors you are sure to love. This is a great choice for those on the go and don’t have much room to spare. This bag can be zipped up with another of the same to make a larger bag as well. This bag is a great choice for the warmer seasons.

This bag is waterproof which is another great feature as well. The outside material of the bag is durable 320D Nylon. The interior of the bag is TC Cotton for comfort and warmth. The bag weight is great at 1.54 pounds and the dimensions are 5.5 inches X 9 inches X 13 inches when rolled up. You will get the bag as well as a compression case.


OuterEQ Sleeping Camping Hiking Bag with Compression Bag



If you are looking for a great sleeping bag to take hiking this is a great choice. This sleeping bag doesn’t look like much compacted down, but you won’t be disappointed. This bag is designed for spring, summer and fall weather. It will fit most campers that are 5ft 11 inches and under. It is great for any age group for youth and up. It is also completely machine washable which is another welcomed feature. This bag has a QuickCord feature as well for easy storage with no tying required.

The outside layer of the bag is made of 320D Nylon and features a 210T/C cotton filling. The rating on this sleeping bag is 9-15 degrees. It is also waterproof to help keep you dry in damp or wet weather. It has compression straps to keep it tight and compact during carrying. Open it measures 30 inches by 75 inches. Bagged it measures 5.5 inches X 6.6 inches X 10.8 inches. It weighs in at 1.6 pounds which is awesomely lightweight and easy to carry.


Outdoor Vitals OV-Light 35 Degree 3 Season Mummy Style Lightweight Sleeping Camping Bag with Warranty



If you love a bag that is snug to you on those chilly nights, then a mummy style is the one for you. This great looking mummy style sleeping bag will keep you warm in 35 degrees and warmer. You can also connect this bag to other bags of the same kind, doubling the room and the warmth. This bag is lightweight at 2.2 pounds and comes with a compression bag as well for carrying. When compacted it is only 10 inches X 7 inches, so it can fit many places.

This bag is great for 35 degrees and higher so it is great for spring, summer and fall. The outer shell is made of durable nylon that keeps water from seeping in. The fill is made of a great new hollow filament synthetic fill, that has heat retention properties. When bag is open it is 83 inches X 29 inches, which is large enough to fit a 6 ft. 3-inch man. You will also have peace of mind knowing this bag comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.


Camtoa Outdoor Multifunction Sleeping Camping Envelope Styled Bag



Light enough to hold in one hand, heavy enough to keep you warm! This bag is a great choice when you need a bag that is comfortable, warm and portable. This bag is made of nylon, which is water resistant helping to keep out moisture. It is also breathable to help keep you warm but allowing some air flow. It is also crease proof keeping it looking and functioning great. It utilizes a double sided zipper for disability and you can connect it with other bags that are the same kind. This bag is plenty roomy enough for most average people.

The filling of the bag is made of TC cotton which is great at retaining heat. It also comes with a 4 strap compression bag, helping keep bag compressed when not in use. This is another 3 season bag, making it great for spring, summer and fall. When this bag is in sack it measures 11.4 inches X 4.7 inches.


Ohuhu Sleeping Camping Hiking Bag with Carrying Bag for Temps 48 to 59 Degrees Fahrenheit


Looking for a lightweight bag for that spring, summer or fall cool but not cold night? This is a great bag for those nights when you need to stay warm but not overheat. It is also the perfect size to fit right in with the rest of your camping and hiking gear. When it is in its strapped compression bag it is only 4.7 inches X 11.4 inches. So you have many places you can store easily to port around.

This has a left side zip so if you purchase another with a right side zip you can zip them together. This bag has a nylon outer with 100% polyester filling. You get the bag and the strap compression bag to store it in as well. The total weight of this bag is 1.65 pounds, which is great when you are trying to keep carrying weight down.


Teton Multi Color Sports Trailhead +20 Degree Fahrenheit Ultralight Sleeping Camping Bag




This mummy styled sports sleeping bag is great for any trip when you need warmth and comfort. The design is meant to fit like a cocoon. When the bag is unpacked it is 87 inches X 32inches X 22 inches. When it is in the bag it is 14.5 inches X 6.5 inches X 6.5 inches. It is easy to lug around weighing in at 2.9 pounds. This bag is great for temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. This bag is longer and wider than most on the market, so it is great for those taller or bigger people.

This bag has a breathable liner and extended foot box for those needing more room. You can unzip this bag from the top or the bottom from interior and exterior. This bag also has a mummy cinch hood to keep your head warm as well. There is also a Velcro tab to make sure the bag stays closed. The zippers are taped with anti-snag as well they are made from acetal resin. There is also an interior zippered pocket for small items such as keys or a phone. The fill is made of 7-denier woven fiber fill for comfort and warmth.

Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Style Ultra Compactable Sleeping Camping Bag



When you need to use the least room possible when hiking or camping but need a bag. Then this is a great choice for you this bag compresses down to a great size of 7 inches X 7 inches X 13 inches. So there are many places you can fit it into your pack. Yet when it is open you can be sure it gives you plenty of room being 29.5 inches X 84.5 inches. This has a double layer construction which is provided to offset cool spots in the bag.

The lowest temp this bag is rated for is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but probably wouldn’t push that. Ideal range would be 40-55 degrees depending on the clothes you are wearing. This bag weighs in at 3 pounds which is heavier than some other bags but still lightweight enough to be easily portable. The fabric type is 100% polyester. You will not be disappointed in this bag once you give it a try.


Green Redwood Ultralight Sleeping Camping Bag Rated 55 Degrees Fahrenheit by Stansport


This is a bag that is loved by many and boasts some pretty rave reviews. That is because it is a great bag offered in such a small package. You will get full size comfort when it is open, when open it is 30 inches X 75 inches. When it is closed and ready to move it is 15 inches X 8 inches X 8 inches. This bag is rated for 55 degrees and higher, so great for cool nights but probably not cold nights.

The lining and the shell are both created from polyester. The filling is made of poly-therm a synthetic insulation that will not lose its efficiency. The lining is a poly-cotton blend for comfort and durability. You will also get a stuff sack to keep the bag in when not in use making it easier to port it around. The total weight of this bag is 2 pounds.


Ecoopro Warm Weather Outdoor Camping Hiking Envelope Styled Sleeping Bag


When size matters this is the one you will want. This Ecoopro bag is only 7.5 inches X 5.5 inches when compressed. So you can fit into any bag with ease or strap to any carrier without too much bulk. This bag is made of 320D nylon and it is filled with 100 g/m PrimingoftOne. The compression bag comes with it as well. This sleeping bag is a standard rectangular shape. This is not a winter bag it is rated for 48 degrees farenheit or higher. So it would be a great option for spring, summer and fall.

This bag open measures 75 inches long X 30 inches wide. So it will fit anyone up to 5 ft 11 inches comfortably. This is a great option for those 5years and older. It only weighs 1.5 pounds, so it doesn’t add that much weigh to your carry. This bag can even be completely unzipped to be able to be used as a blanket.


Teton Sports LEEF Mummy Styled Micro Fiber Ultralight Sleeping Camping Bag



Looking for that full body covering warmth? This mummy styled Teton Sports Leef Bag will keep you feeling warm and comfy through the night. This bag is a great choice for many seasons, depending on how cold the locations winter season is. This bag is rated for 0 degrees Farenheit, so you could use it in areas that stay above that in winter. This mummy styled bag will keep you covered from head to toe, with the use of a drawstring head covering as well.

The hood is a 3-piece hood that will adjust around your head and face. Keeping heat in and the cold out, which is great for heat conservation. This bag also features anti-snag zippers, zipper draft, body mapping fill and a compression sack. When in sack the bag is 8 inches X 10 inches, when open 87 inches X 34 inches. This bag is a little on the heavier side, which is expected with a heavier bag it weighs 4.2 pounds.


15 Degree Fahrenheit Outdoor Vitals Down Mummy Styled Camping Hiking Sleeping Bag



If you are looking for the best comfort and warmth during spring, summer and fall. Then you need this great bag that is filled with 500 fill power down. Down has been a great choice for many that are not allergic to it. This mummy styled bag will keep you warm from head to toe literally. It is rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit and above. If paired up with the opposite side zippered bag of the same make you can zip them together. Increasing the warmth and the space.  When this bag is compacted down it is only 7 inches X 8 Inches. When open it is 30 inches X 8 inches X 80 inches. It weighs in at 3 pounds 7 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down either.

There are two draw strings for around the face and shoulders, to keep heat in where it belongs. The fabric type is double weave making it durable. There is also a reinforced zipper as well as hanging hooks. There is an interior pocket that is great for keys or cellphone or other small items. You will also get a compression sack with it to keep it compacted when not in use.

I don’t say that this is the best Lightweight sleeping bag, but this is one of the bests for sure .

Weanas Lightweight Compact Sleeping Camping Hiking Envelope Styled Bag for Summer


This is the perfect bag for in the summer time when you just need to take the chill off. This bag is rated for 59 degrees Fahrenheit and above. It takes on the standard rectangular shaped bag, which is fine for many especially for co-sleeping. This bag can be unzipped completely to use as a blanket as well. The outside fabric is 320D nylon for strength and durability. The lining is TC cotton, so it is soft to touch and it helps keep you warm. It is filled with 100 g/m primingoftOne, which is a perfect fit for a lightweight bag.

This bag open measures 75 inches X 29 inches, which will fit most people comfortably up to 5 feet 11 inches. When it in stored in storage bag it is 10 inches X 5 inches X 5 inches. The bag it comes with is a strapped compression bag, that will keep it compact and portable. It can be zippered with another bag like it to make it larger in size as well. You can get in 5 colors to suite your color coordinating needs. You will love the weight as well since it only comes in at 1.54 pounds.


Fofar Sleeping Camping Hiking Outdoor Single Lightweight 2 Pound Bag with Envelope Hood



This is a 3 season bag you are sure to fall in love with time after time. This bag is a great 3 season solution for those needing a bag when camping or on the go. You can even use this bag indoors for sleepovers or guests if needed. It is rated for 41 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, so not recommended for winter weather. Only spring, summer and fall weather and temps use. Unfolded this bag measures 85 inches (with hood) X 30 inches. When stored in compression bag its measurements are 9.3 inches X 9.3 inches X 14 inches.

This bag weighs in at a welcoming 2.5 pounds making it lightweight and portable. The liner is made of polyester and nylon pongee. The filler is made of hollow cotton for warmth and comfort. There is also a pocket in the sleeping bag for a cellphone, keys, or other small items you need near. You receive the bag and a compression sack with straps for storage.


Naturehike Outdoor Sleeping Camping Hiking Bag with Envelope Styled Hood



This is the bag for total coverage warmth you can count on. This bag has a rectangular shape with an envelope designed hood to keep your head warm as well. This bag comes in four beautiful colors, so you are sure to find one you like. The outer fabric is durable and waterproof 320D Nylon, and the lining is made of TC cotton as well as the fill. When in storage bag this bag measures 5.4 inches X 6.1 inches X 12.5 inches. When unfolded this bag is 1900mm X 750mm in size. This bag is rated for 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is a great option for those cool summer months. May be able to use when a little colder depending on clothing you are wearing.

This is a great option for camping, hiking or sleepovers as well if needed. You will have no problem carrying this lightweight bag around since it only comes in at 1.5 pounds in weight. When rolled up this bag can be held in one hand. So it will be a great addition to anyone’s gear collection. It comes with a strapped compression bag to keep it compacted during transportation.

Almond by Egoz Mummy Styled Sleeping Camping Hiking Bag Lightweight with Carry Bag



If you are looking for something with tactical qualities, then this is the one worth looking at. This Egoz mummy styled sleeping bag is a great choice for someone looking for one in the lightweight line. This bag is great for many different situations. It is perfect for 3 seasons out of the year spring, summer and fall rated at +30 to +40 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior of the bag is made of 100% polyester as well as the lining and the fill is 100% cotton for warmth and comfort.

This bag features a drawstring head cover as well, which is great for keeping the heat where it needs to be. It also features cord lock, which makes it easier to operate one handed. This also has a zipper draft tube to keep cold air out. The bag has dual sliding zippers which lock to prevent unwanted opening. When this bag is folded up and in stuffsack it measures 9 inches X 15 inches. When open it is 83 inches long, accommodating an adult up to 6 feet 6 inches. Total weight of this bag is 3 pounds, which is lightweight for a thicker bag.


Outdoor Vital Summit Down Ultralight Camping Sleeping Bag One Year Warranty




You won’t believe that this bag is as lightweight as it is when you see it unfolded. This is a great bag to have if you are a down lover. This bag is rated for 20 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. So it is great for the 3 season of spring, summer and fall for sure. Winter use depends on the temps of the winter in the area you want to use in. The outer is made out of 20D rip-stop polyester and repels moisture to help keep you dry. The inner lining is also made of rip stop but 320 T. The filling is 90% down and 10% feather, both duck. You will love the comfort and the heat retention you get.

When this bag is open it measures 75 inches by 30 inches and if you need something longer there is one available and that one measures 81 inches X 32 inches. When this bag is folded up and compressed it measures 8.5 inches X 7.5 inches so there are many place you can fit this bag easily. It weighs in at a great weight of 2 pound and 13.5 ounces. Which is great for something that offers quality down fill.


Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with Pillows and Carrying Bag for Camping and Hiking



Save yourself some time when looking for a double sleeping bag and buy this one! This is a great option for those looking for a bag that can keep two people comfortable and warm. It is also great for those that just want more room for themselves as well. Not only do you get the double sleeping bag you also get two pillows as well, which is a great extra. If you need to it can be separated to make to individual bags as well. It has a waterproof 210T polyester shell and a T/C lining. The filling is a 300G M2 3D cotton filling. Since there is a zipper located on each side when joined, you get easy in and out access when needed.

This bag is rated for 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit limit temp would be 23 degrees Fahrenheit. When bags are joined they measure 86.59 inches X 59 inches. When stored in the included carrying bag they measure 18.9 inches X 11.8 inches X 11.8 inches. You will get bag, pillows and case when purchasing. This bag weighs in at 6.08 pounds, so it is on the heavier side, but remember this is a double. So the weight is great for the size.


Campsod Long Cotton Lightweight Camping Sleeping Bag with Drawstring Hood



This sleeping bag is a great bag for those looking for a drawstring hood that is not a mummy style. Mummy style is not for everyone, especially those looking for more foot room. So this is where this comes in. You can have the best of both the sleeping bags you want. This bat is rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. The outer shell is made of heavy duty taffeta with a waterproof coating. It has a soft cotton flannel lining you are sure to love as well.

It has a dual layer construction, zipper baffles, shoulder baffles, staggered seams and no snag self-repairing zipper. You can connect to another bag of the same make as well, increasing size and warmth. This bag measures 8.7 inches X 11 inches X 13.5 inches when compacted down in bag. When open you have plenty of room measuring in at 86.5 inches X 29.5 inches.


North Rim Zero Degree Camping Sleeping Bag Mummy Style by Coleman



A bag by a company you can trust and a company that knows camping gear Coleman. They have done it again, bringing you a quality item you can count on when you need it most. This bag is sure to be one that lasts you for many trips to come. This bag is rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, so it can handle some of those colder temps. The North Rim has a polyester shell and polyester filling both a full 100 % each. This bag is plenty roomy for people up to 6ft 2 inches tall. This polyester is top quality diamond ripstop to make it even more durable.

This bag also features a stay warm hood to keep your head warm as well during use. The size of this great bag unfolded measures 32 inches X 82 inches. When stored in the included carrying sack the measurements are 12 inches X 12.35 inches X 17.1 inches. It is a little on the heavier side coming in at 6.2 pounds, but the thicker the heavier.


Teton Sports Tracker +5 Fahrenheit Ultralight Mummy Style Sleeping Bag



This bag looks as great as works, you will not be disappointed when you purchase this Teton Sports Tracker bag. This bag takes on the mummy style bag that is loved by many. It provides head to toe warmth that you will appreciate when needed. This bag unfolded measures 87 inches X 32 inches X 22 inches. When it is packed up in its strapped compression bag it measures a wonderful 15 inches X 9 inches X 9 inches. The weight of this bag comes in at 4.1 pounds making it a middle ground lightweight bag. This bag uses PolarLite insulation for its fill keeping you warm and comfortable.

This bag offers body mapping and a warmer foot box by adding an extra layer in foot area. The shell is made of diamond rip-stop polyester that is water resistant.  There is also an interior pocket to store your phone or other items you want nearby. The compression bag has straps that will assure the bag stays nice and compact when stored in bag.


How to Choose a Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

When it comes to choosing a sleeping bag for your trip, it can become pretty confusing. There are so many different bags on the market offering you different features. So maybe you are stuck on the fence about which one to choose. There are some main ways to make that decision when it comes to buying a bag. They are the main determining factors the rest you can go on your wants but always make sure your needs are taken care of first.

  • First thing to consider is the time of year you plan on using it. Are you just planning on some summer camping occasionally and just looking for something to take the chill off? Or are you planning on a big winter skiing or hiking trip in the mountains? Those two situations are going to need two entirely different bags. Temps are way different and the same bag won’t work for both.
  • Location is another thing to consider, are you planning on a stay somewhere it tends to be typically damp? Then you may want to consider something waterproof. If you are looking to stay somewhere it tends to stay dry with maybe an occasional wet surprise, then you could go with water resistant.
  • Camping or hiking use, you may be doing one or the other or both. However, if you are just doing basic camping lightweight may not be a big issue for you. If you are lugging around a loaded pack though and going for long hikes you want to keep the weight down.
  • Durability need, if you are an occasional camper the typical polyester shell is usually just fine. If you are someone that is going to be roughing it in the woods and moving from campsite to campsite or maybe sleeping under the stars and not a tent. You want a more durable shell, something like rip-stop. That way it will hold up better in the long run from snags, pokes and etc.


Those are the main considerations, other features in most cases are personal wants or great extras. So those will be based on if you want them.Hope, it helps you to choose the Best Lightweight Sleeping bag for camping.


How to Properly Fold a Sleeping Bag  


fold a sleeping bag


There are many people who have fought the battle of folding a sleeping bag. They are something most of us need, but they are not the easiest to get them back in the bag where they started. The first thing to take into consideration is what type of bag it is. Different types have different methods of folding and storage.

If the bag has straps attached or separate, then chances are it is likely to be the style that should be rolled. The straps are meant to keep it in the rolled up position until needed. If it came with what is commonly referred to as a cinch, stuff, or compression sack it should be stuffed not rolled.

How to roll a rolled sleeping bag is easier than you think. Here are  the steps to roll your bag properly, so you can make sure you fill stays in shape and place.


  • First lay your sleeping bag on a flat dry surface, the floor is best. If outdoors you can use a tarp on the ground to protect bag. Rolling up on the ground can get the bag damp and you don’t want that getting into your bag. Otherwise you can end up with mildew issues you don’t want.
  • Next you want to completely zip up the bag. Then make sure you flatten out any air trapped in blanket going from the foot to the head of the sleeping bag. That way you end up with a nice smooth rolled up bag.
  • Then proceed to fold the sleeping bag in half lengthwise. Try to get the edges to match up as evenly as possible.
  • Then start to roll the bag from the feet of the bag up. Make sure you are using both hands, rolling tightly as you go. While rolling try to squeeze out as much air as possible. Rolling from the feet pushes the air out of the head where it has the best escape route. If there are straps attached that is where they will be located as well.
  • Once you get to the top kneeling on it is the best way to get the rest of the air out.
  • Once you are sure you got as much air out as you are going to get. Then apply the straps to keep the bag rolled. Some just slide over the ends and others attach with Velcro. If it just came with a regular bag but not a stuff or compression, then put in carrying bag and close top.


Stuff Sack Sleeping Bag Storage


sleeping bag storage

The storage for a stuff sack sleeping bag is quite simple, these type of bags don’t get rolled. Their design is different and improperly storing them can shift insulation. So the best way to store is to simply do as the bag is named after. Stuff the sleeping bag into the stuff sack and close up.

Things to remember about sleeping bag storage:

  • Long term compression storage is not good for your sleeping bag. Great to compress during travel, hiking and etc. Best not to keep compressed when not in use if possible.
  • Wind or water resistant bags should be turned inside out. That extra layer is nice for keeping water and wind out, but it also stops air that you need to escape from escaping when packing.
  • Stuff sacks are the best for storing your bag, if you get them large enough you can also add more items if needed. Making carrying more items even easier for you.
  • Air out your bag after taking on your trips. That way you can assure it is fresh and dry for storage. Just don’t leave in sun any longer than you have to.
  • If you have a down sleeping bag and you have feathers poking out. Don’t make the mistake of pulling them out. Try and push them back in the hole will self-seal itself.

There are the easiest steps to fold a sleeping bag and a few best tips for storing one as well. Properly doing both will help you get the most out of your sleeping bag for years to come.



We have given you some of the best bags on the market. Every one of them has different things to offer you. Now you get the easiest part which is to find the best lightweight sleeping bag for you. You are sure to be pleased with your purchase because each one of these bags are top quality. Enjoy your sleep and your comfort as much as you enjoy your camping and hiking activities.

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