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Best Mountain Bike – Reviewed and Tested By Expert

Best Mountain Bike – Reviewed and Tested By Expert

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When looking for best mountain bike, you want to find one that is designed specifically for control and offers full suspension. This extra controls is gained through front and rear wheel suspension combination.

You might be trading off a little weight, however, it is totally worth it as many bike enthusiasts will certainly tell you. Mountain bikes are made to bear uneven patches, rougher riding and tougher land.

Prior to making your best mountain bike purchase, you should consider exactly what type of terrain you will be riding on. There are many bikes to choose from that will adapt to this terrain.

Mountain biking is meant to be fun with the combining a healthy workout so you will definitely want to pick the right one that is comfortable for you. Below are four of the top mountain bikes on the market with all the features you need.


Best Mountain Bike Reviews 2018


Diamondback Overdrive 29’er Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Mountain Bike Review

Now, you can really tear the trail up with the Diamondback Overdrive 29’er Mountain Bike. This bike is created around a frame which is lightweight while still being a 29 inch tough, 6061-TG hard tail, overdrive, aluminum frame along with suspended forks made by Suntour which bring 100-millimeter traveling.

Overdrive is created for conquering roots of trees, bumps, and rocks you may cross along a trail. Overdrive’s tires are WTB, large Wolverine sized 29 inches by 2.2 inches which combine along with the rims, double-walled, SR-7 and the mechanical, Tektro-Novela brakes for fast rolling and quick stopping.

There are 24 different gears which are controlled through SRAM, X-4 shifters and the back derailleur that give you the chance to adjust when going through steep areas.


Product Features:

  • Bike for mountain riding that is 24 speeded hardtail with fork suspended in the front. The wheels are sized 29 inches.
  • Hardtail, Overdrive frame that is 29 inch butted aluminum 6061-T6; Fork suspended SR-Suntour-XCT along with 100 millimeters of travel.
  • Back Sram-X4 derailleur and 8 speed, X-4 triggered shifters.
  • Rims are double walled, SR-7. Brakes are mechanical and made Tektro-Novela.
  • Frame warranty is for a lifetime; Finish, components, labor and suspension pieces have a warranty for one-year.


Final Analysis:


Pros: An ideal bike for riding in your neighborhood area, riding through a bike trail, hitting hikes and riding inside a park. This isn’t very expensive and still includes adjustments that are free.

This is a bike which is built well, solid and for rocks, it is perfect. It’s pretty simple to put together overall. Riding is very smooth and with great components. This bike’s brakes are great and frontal suspension has quick recoil.

This bike’s tires grip a lot and the bike has a very good saddle. The bike is so fun to ride and huge, which catches a lot of eyes while you ride it.

Cons: You have to be ready to assemble it and to also tighten each screw up before riding because they can become lose through the shipping process.

However, the Diamondback 2012 Overdrive 29’er Mountain Bike is rugged and great for all different ways of riding.


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Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike has included 26 inches of dueled suspension and has basically everything you would need for riding on any type of trail.

There is also a frame created with complete suspension, which really does bring maximum comfort along with enhanced performance. Not to mention it has a ST fork suspension created for smoothing bumps and for increased controlling.

There are 24-speeds, triggered shifters making it simple for changing gears while moving on this bike. Finally, disc rear and front brakes on this bike give fantastic power for braking in any type of situation or any condition.


Product Features:

  • Dual-suspended bike for mountain biking along with a frame that is fully suspended.
  • Bumps smoothed and control increased with SR fork suspension.
  • Shimano Shifters 24 speeds triggered and back derailleur.
  • Brakes in back and front for power of complete stopping.
  • Pedals made of alloy and santour-crank; headset is thread-less and oversized.


Final Analysis:


Pros: A fantastic bike for riding. With the shocks in both the back and front, it gives you a huge difference, compared to other models. Without adjusting, it shifts very smoothly and only the disc-brakes have to be adjusted before first riding.

With dual-suspension, everything you usually feel is now all soaked up and the disc-brakes are above average along with the great gearing. The bike has everything you need; two disc-brakes, dual suspended, tires that are flat and easily released along with easy release on the seat and shifters that are triggered shifters made by EZ-Fire.

This bike definitely works very well on both graveled roads and pavement.

Cons: Instructions for this bike are a bit complicated because the manual is created for every Mongoose model bike, and not specifically for this one. Other than this, the Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike is a really solid bike.


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GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

With its fully suspended, very strong frame of aluminum, the GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for mountain riding is the ideal pick for riding on diverse trails and through your own (or any) city.

The design of the frame is suspended by floating beams and attached to fork that has Zoom fork suspension with the spring/elastomer technology. This all together, creates for a steady and smooth ride even throughout areas of rough and tough land.

The derailleur is drivetrain by Topkick and there are push style shifters by Microshift for controlling the tried-and-true Shimano derailleur, TZ-30GS. There are very strong wheels made of aluminum with V-shaped rims and hubs made of alloy, high flange. This is an attractive, rugged looking bike and created for long distance biking.


Product Features:

  • 21 speeds of biking; fully suspended; Frame is aluminum and strong.
  • Design is floating, suspended beam and mated onto Zoom fork, suspended; Technology is spring/elastomer.
  • Shifters are push, Microshift; Shimano derailleur, TZ- 30GS.
  • Wheels are strong and aluminum; rims are V-shaped profile; Hubs are high-flange and alloy.
  • Breaks in the front and back by Promax fantastic for any condition, even adverse ones.


Final Analysis:


Pros: A great bike, best part being that it is dual-suspended. For going off of any curb, it is easy and light. The disc back and frontal brakes are great for using and they work much better compared to brakes on rims.

The release of the seat and tires is quick and great. Since this bike is low priced, you save a lot of money, meaning you can buy great accessories like grips, reflectors, seats and of course, a helmet and this will still keep the price lower than others.

Overall, the features and complete build of this bike is very impressive.

Cons: The tires are not the greatest for street riding. If you decide to street-ride often, you may wish to replace them with tires that have a middle tread that is much smoother. Also, the assembly of this bike is pretty tedious.

Small nuisances for what the GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike really has to offer!


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Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike

Comanche Mountain Bike

Are you looking to ride a bike through a rough trail in the mountains? Or maybe you are looking to just bike ride to work a couple miles away? Either way, the Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike can do it!

This bike is sized 18.5 inches and very lightweight with a frame made of aluminum and handcrafted. The frame also is with a fork suspension by design Zoom-29-er and dropouts that are forged for 65mm of biking travel.

You can easily ride without any problems from annoying branches and rough bumps. The stem and handlebar is 31.8 mm and oversized, made of alloy. Also, there is not flex meaning you can have top confidence while going on a tricky track.


Product Features:

  • The bike size is 18.5 inches. Frame is aluminum, lightweight and handcrafted.
  • Fork is suspended with Zoom-29er; 65 mm of bike traveling; Ideal bike for the tough and rough trails.
  • Oversized stem and handlebar, size 31.8 mm; Linear back pull-brake.
  • Back derailleur and the shifters are Shimano-Tourney and 21 speed; Frontal, Radius disc- brake.
  • Caballero, CST tires sized 28 by 2.25 inches; Finish is satin, beautiful copper.


Final Analysis:


Pros: Very simple to assemble with parts made from great quality. For its size, this bike feels pretty light. Handle-bar is big and very nice while it even is tapered styled and very cool. The grips are good.

The bike sits high up meaning there is no messing around in order to raise up the stem. Shock in the front area is fantastic and super smooth making the bike able to bounce over any potholes with ease.

Cons: Only negative about it is the possibility of wanting to buy a seat which is more comfortable. Overall, however, the Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike is a must have.


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