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Best Ocean Kayak – 2018 Top Model Reviews With Buying Guide

Ocean kayaking is a fantastic way to stay physically fit, enjoy the great outdoors, and get some fishing done if you like that sort of thing. The ocean is different than a lake with the constant waves and water conditions.

It’s not the same thing as going for a paddle across a pool. In order to go out on the ocean with a kayak, you have to be in pretty good shape, know how to paddle, and know how to stay afloat.

When it comes to purchasing a best ocean kayak, the cheaper varieties just aren’t going to hold up to the rough water and waves. Instead, you should decide to spend a bit more and get a kayak that’s designed with safety and performance in mind.

A ocean kayak costs around $500-$750, so you should make sure you’re ready for the expenditure. Basically, the difference between a regular kayak and a sea worthy one is the durability. The ocean is rough, so you need a well built kayak that can handle it.

Top 3 Best Ocean Kayak – Editor Reviews

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak Review

Perception Sport Pescador 12 KayakWhen it’s time to take to the waves, you need a kayak that you can depend on. Not just any kayak will do, because the waves can batter and damage a subpar kayak. That’s why the Perception Sport Pescador 12 Kayak is such a good deal.

It features easy carry handles, a CSS seating system, foot braces, hatches in both the bow and stern, as well as an additional center hatch for even more storage. And not only that, it’s also built to high quality standards with a highly durable construction.

This is a sit-on-top type of kayak that’s perfect for any size single individual to go out on the water and enjoy themselves. While it might not be suitable for fishing, as far as paddling in rough conditions are concerned, you really can’t do much better.

The Amazon review score tagged to this item is especially impressive. Across 14 customer reviews, it scored the full 5 stars. With a review score this good, it’s easy to understand what a good deal this really is. Below you’ll find a list of the features.

Product Features:

  • CSS Seating System
  • Foot Braces
  • Carry Handles
  • Adequate Hatches In The Center, Bow, And Stern
  • Single Seat Design
  • 3 Year Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Storage areas let you put your fishing poles in and holds them well
  • Makes for great fishing expeditions
  • Lots of scupper holes keep water from accumulating inside the kayak
  • Easily maneuverable through obstacles and rapids
  • Bumping into rocks, even at higher speeds, is no problem for this kayak
  • Turns on a dime
  • Loads easily on top of a car or trailer
  • Adjustable foot pegs and high back seat system allow you to work your abs very well
  • One of the best values in the marketplace for people with modest budgets
  • The fun factor of this kayak is very high


  • People say that a “wet butt” is pretty much inevitable when testing the limits of this kayak
  • Takes a good amount of upper body strength to carry it to the water

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Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and BackrestsLifetime Products makes the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests. It’s a genuinely good quality product with a great Amazon review score. Out of 211 customer reviews, it scored a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The cost to own this product is pretty good at right around $500 dollars. This kayak is able to go through rapids, bump into rocks, and has great tracking and speed. Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s built like a champ.

This kayak is able to accommodate single people as well as three people in tandem. It includes two sport paddles, a dry storage compartment, and comes with ditty trays and a shock cord as well. It weighs a total of 60 lbs, so it’s by no means light, but traveling with it isn’t difficult.

Lifetime Products is a leader in plastic and metal innovation and they’ve continually improved the quality of their products so that everyone can enjoy more durable and longer lasting production items.

Their kayaks are top of the line, and you can see by the Amazon reviews, that everyone who tries this kayak really likes it.

Product Features:

  • Olive Green Color
  • “High And Dry” Seating Design
  • Blow Molded Polyethylene Construction
  • Four Included Fishing Pole Holders
  • 6 Inch Rear Storage Hatch
  • Scupper Holes To Drain Cockpit
  • 500 Lb Weight Capacity
  • 10′ Length X 36″ Width
  • 60 Lbs Total Weight
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Final Analysis:


  • Well balanced – Allows you to stand up and fish with no problem
  • It’s able to be used in tandem, which allows for synchronous rowing
  • Has fold down paddle clips, waterproof rear entry point, and tie down points
  • This is an extremely well balanced kayak
  • Even if you try to rock the kayak and spill yourself out – It won’t flip over!
  • You can catch a lot of fish with four included fishing pole holders!
  • This kayak will provide years of fun and more than pay for itself in terms of the enjoyment you get out of it
  • Performed well in the Gulf of Mexico, where it handled big waves and didn’t even get the rider wet!
  • Shipping is fast and FREE from Amazon via Super Saver Shipping


  • It weighs almost 70 lbs, so it’s a bit difficult to carry around
  • This kayak has a bit of difficulty staying “in pace” with other tandem kayaks – It’s just not as fast

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Old Town Canoes and Kayaks 10 Vapor Recreational Kayak

Old Town Canoes and KayaksThis is a ocean kayak for people on a budget. It costs nearly $400.00 less than competing kayaks. It fits one person comfortably and is highly stable and maneuverable.

It comes with adjustable foot braces, a Comfort Flex XT Seat, thigh pads, and is designed to come in and out of the water quickly. It also comes with a cup holder, allowing you to stay hydrated while paddling.

It also has a storage compartment to keep your lunch and/or other items dry and safe. It weighs a total of 48 lbs and will hold between 275 and 325 pounds safely.

The Amazon review score says that this is a pretty good item. 4.5 stars out of 5 across 25 customer reviews is a very respectable score. Let’s take a closer look at the features:

Product Features:

  • Sport Design
  • Comfort Flex XT Seat
  • Foot Braces (Adjustable)
  • Thigh Pads
  • Carrying Handle
  • Adjustable Foot Pegs
  • 10 Foot Total Length
  • 48 Lbs Total Weight
  • 275-325 Lb Weight Capacity

Final Analysis:


  • Short enough to fit in the back of a truck – Roof racks for a car isn’t a necessity
  • Light weight makes it easy for older people to carry it to the water without any problem
  • If there are any problems with the kayak, Amazon will replace it and send you a new one free of charge – Free shipping included!
  • You can purchase a cover for this kayak for $50 on Amazon
  • Bow storage compartment is big enough for a cooler and other items
  • Tracks well in the water
  • With the purchase of this kayak, you might find that you want to join a paddling club
  • A great item for recreational purposes
  • Serves its purpose well for casual kayakers


  • This is not the kind of kayak you want to take into rapids
  • The drain plug is in a difficult location

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Ocean Kayaks Buying Tips

Buying an ocean kayak means that you’ll be able to enjoy hours of paddling out on the water, and some ocean kayaks even allow you to do it in tandem with another person. Ocean kayaks are built to withstand rough ocean conditions and won’t break apart on you. They’re super heavy duty, and although they cost a bit more than less well built kayaks, you’ll need the extra support when you’re in the ocean.

Buying a roof rack and cradles for your kayak is also a good investment. They allow you to safely travel with your kayak and experience the many bodies of water that the world has to offer.

If you’re in the market to buy an ocean kayak, there are a few features you’re going to want to be on the lookout for. This little buying guide will help you make a smarter purchase and get yourself a sea worthy kayak that’s going to last for years without problems. Here are the buying factors you should be considering:

1. Tandem Capability

Being able to go out on the sea with more than one person is a great feature. Not only can you paddle in unison with someone else, but you won’t get lonely either. You can take a tandem capable sea kayak out by yourself, or take someone with you for even more fun!

2. Storage Compartments

Being able to store your much needed accessories like food and water, fishing supplies, and other items is really pretty essential to having a good time out on the water. Most quality sea kayaks will have storage compartments, in the front and back of the kayak, that allow you to store these things away.

3. Carry Handles

You’ll also be needing to carry your kayak from your vehicle to the water. The only real way to do this is through carry handles, so make sure the kayak you’re considering comes with this feature. Carry handles make it a lot easier to walk with the kayak and without them, it would be really difficult to get them to the water.

4. Scupper Holes

Scupper holes are the feature on kayaks that drain the water from the cockpit area, allowing you to stay dry. Scupper holes are included in most professionally built kayaks, so be on the lookout for this feature.

5. Adequate Weight Capacity

Around 500 lbs is an adequate weight capacity for a ocean kayak. This ensure the kayak won’t capsize, even when going out on the water in tandem with another person. You’ll find that you get a lot more use out of your kayak when you can safely use it with more than one person. For family vacations, it makes for a really good option to have.

6. Warranty, Manufacturer, and Amazon Review Score

There should be at least a 1 year warranty with your sea/ocean kayak. Also, ensure that the kayak manufacturer is actually going to stand behind it and get you a replacement if the product is defective from the factory.

Secondly, ensure that you’re buying from a good manufacturer in the first place. Some good producers of ocean kayaks these days are Lifetime Products, Perception Sport, and Ocean Kayaks. Finally, ensure that the Amazon review score is good enough to warrant the purchasing of the product.

Look for at least 4 stars in any product you’re considering to give you the best chance at a product that’s going to last.

Now, below, we’re going to be listing three products that got an exceptional review score at Amazon. These are really good kayaks, and we invite you to read the reviews that accompany each one. Onto the products!

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