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Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Of 2018 (Detailed Reviews With Buying Guide)

Best outdoor patio heaters can make fall excursions on the patio a fantastic way to spend your time. They can keep your outside areas warm and provide you with soothing comfort that lasts long into the night.

They extend the amount of time that you can spend outside and don’t cost all that much to own. Many run on propane and natural gas, but others also use electricity. We’re going to help you make the smartest buying decision that you can.

Jumping into a purchase without knowing what goes into a patio heater could mean wasted money. We’re going to make sure you don’t make that mistake.


Best Outdoor Patio Heaters 2018 Reviews


Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater Review

Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater Review

Throwing a night party or entertaining guests could not be livelier with a commercial patio heater like the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Patio Heater. It enhances everyone’s mood and adds a little magic into the night. It makes a wonderful solution to a night party in terms of warmth and ambiance.

All your guests will be cheerful and happy. Plus, you do not have to worry about the normal night party issues like cold weather as this patio heater is the answer. It is attractive and looks great. It is designed with sophistication and has a modern day look to it. It turns your patio into a luxurious night spot for everyone to enjoy.

This patio heater is one of the better more powerful heaters in the marketplace, giving off an outstanding 46,000 BTU’s and is incased in an eye-catching dark bronze finish. It is very portable with its wheels and comes with the Piezo ignition system. If you enjoy the regular night entertainment, this patio heater is a must have.


Product Features

  • Comes with 46,000 BTU’s
  • Includes the Piezo ignition system
  • The burners are made with durable stainless steel and has a double mantle heating grid
  • Very safe with the tilt valve that is auto shut off
  • Optional wheel assembly making it portable


Final Analysis:


Pros: This patio heater looks great and is priced very affordably. You can easily fire it up and you are welcomed with instant heat. It enables you to enjoy the winter season outdoors keeping you nice and warm. It is simple to operate, very power and offers the highest BTU’s around, meaning you can move it further away and still feel the heat. You can also buy the snug fitting covers as well which is a great add on. It offers minimal noise, and it has a blue flame and distributes even light. However, the most important feature, it is safe.

Cons: If you are entertaining a lot of guests one night, it is not the greatest heater to keep everyone sufficiently warm; however, if you are having a few people over for cocktails, then it is just the ticket. Also, the instructions are not the greatest. They are hard to read due to the fine print, but you can easily find the instructions online on their website.

It would be nice if you were able to adjust the height of this heater, but not many heaters of its kind have this feature. You will likely run out of propane quickly if you constantly use it on its highest setting so keep that in mind.

Overall though, the Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater is the perfect patio heater for small night parties.


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Garden Radiance GRP4000BK Outdoor Patio Heater Review

Outdoor Patio Heater Review

The flames of the Garden Radiance GRP4000BK Dancing Flames Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater with Black Base, unlike traditional patio heaters, are mesmerizing and keep warmth all around you rather than area above your head. You will find it a unique piece of yard art due to its pyramid design. It accents any patio with its functionality and beautiful lines.

You will notice warm fire light all around your patio in diamond shaped patterns due to its pagoda shaped top. This heater is shelled in a 4 ft. high ceramic glass tube. You can easily adjust the flames that dance safely behind the mesh panels by turning the adjustable knob.

Although this heater is attractive, do not let that fool you, it is cased in an all metal construction that will withstand all the elements that nature gives off. The temperature controls are concealed inside the stainless steel door in the front, and it has a push button igniter, and 20 lb. full sized propane tank. The propane tank will last approximately 10 hours when on the highest setting, however it can last a whole lot longer when on its lowest setting. It is safe and easy to use.

Plus, lighting it is a breeze; you simply adjust the knob to its light position, start the pilot by pushing the igniter, and select your preferred heat setting. This heater is suited for windy areas too due to its pyramid design, its heavy wide base, stream line grill and small reflector cap. It is approximately 89 inches tall with a 50 inch ceramic glass casing and burner which puts forth 34,000 BTU’s, and can warm up a 15 ft. diameter area with ease. You can have peace of mind because it is backed by a 2 yr residential warranty as well as 1 yr commercial warranty. Therefore, you can enjoy this heater whether at home or in your business.


Product Features


  • Has a 50 in ceramic glass tube casing with pyramid design
  • Warm up an area of 15 feet with controllable heating and 34,000 BTU’s
  • Made with stainless steel and has an anti-tip shut off sensor
  • Comes with an ignition switch that is electronic
  • Is CSA approved


Final Analysis:


Pros: This Garden Radiance GRP4000BK heater is easy to assemble and even comes with its own screwdriver. There is no confusion when assembling because all the screws are the same! It performs well and Sets off a warm light all around the area.

The grills do not get hot so you can have it on around children and not worry about them burning their fingers. It can be moved rather easily once you remove its propane tank and it is very attractive. If the heater is accidentally knocked over, it automatically shuts itself off due to the auto safety tip-over valve.

Cons: It does take up to 30 seconds or so for the propane to reach the pilot igniter which is no big deal and afterwards it worked great. The Garden Radiance GRP4000BK Outdoor Patio Heater should not be considered as powerful as the big umbrella model so do not expect to keep warm at its lowest setting. Overall, it is a beautiful heater that works wonderful for smaller areas.


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Garden Sun Floor Standing Patio Heater Review

Floor Standing Patio Heater Review

There is no reason to squander away your outdoor living space when you can bring it to life with the Garden Sun Floor Standing 41,000 BTU Propane Powered Patio Heater. This heater is very attractive and will bring your outdoor space to life. If you find it a bit chilly to relax out on your patio at night, you are in luck, because with the push of a button on this heater, your patio will be transformed to warmth in minutes, as well as your pool or deck area. It will feel like a summery patio all year round. Amazingly, this is a patio heater that anyone can afford. You will get all the features, attractiveness and durability from this Garden Sun product as any of the top quality heaters at a fraction of the cost.

This heater has a push button ignition system that does not require any outside power or batteries, you simply use the dial-a-setting knob to adjust to your preferred comfort level and push the button. There is even a safety feature that shuts the unit off in the event of an accidental tip over with its built in safety valve. Nestled neatly inside the stainless steel base of this heater is your average propane tank.

It produces over 41, 000 BTU’s of heat that fills up a room of up to 15 ft. It can withstand any weather condition due to its stainless steel construction, which includes hot sun and salty air, and still holds up its beautiful finish.


Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel with heating grid
  • Produces over 41,000 BTU’s
  • Heats up a 15 ft. area or 175 sq. ft.
  • Is safe from accidently tip overs due to its safety tilt shut off valve feature
  • Stands 87 ft. tall


Final Analysis:


Pros: This Garden Sun Floor Standing Patio Heater is absolutely amazing. It is very simple to assemble and functions as it is supposed to. It is pretty decent in size and is fairly affordable to a heater of its kind. It is both sturdy and can stand up to windy conditions. It is even portable when using the wheels. Works properly right out of the box when the instructions are followed carefully. It warms up a small living area wonderfully and has an attractive copper finish.

Cons: You should note though that you should not leave this heater running when not needed because it does tend to use up the gas quickly. Although it was easy to assemble, it was a bit time consuming and removing the protective paper was challenging. It does start easily, however, not always on the first try. You are definitely not going to sweat with the Garden Sun Floor Propane Powered Patio Heater, however, it does give off a nice warming which can really help on a cool night.

The propane tank cover, although made of stainless steel is rather thin, however it is not bad. The nuts and bolts during assembly are of poor quality so be prepared to strip a few if you are not careful. Aside from these few faults, it is a great patio heater to have around.


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Best Outdoor Patio Heaters Buying Guide


When it’s time to go shopping for a outdoor patio heater, you need to know what to look for. In this small guide we are going to be listing some of the aspects of a patio heater that you should consider before making a purchase.

1. High Safety Rating

When dealing with patio heaters, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. You wouldn’t want your new propane heater to blow up or catch fire, so always look for heaters that have safety shut offs or a safety certification. This will give you not only peace of mind, it will help to keep your family safe while using it. CSA or UL approved markings are a good sign of quality control efforts, based in the USA.

2. What Type Of Patio Heater Are You Looking For?

There are many types of patio heater on the market today. Portable heaters with wheels, freestanding patio heaters, permanent mounted heaters, ceiling or wall mounted heaters, electric patio heaters, and tabletop patio heaters. You’re going to have to make the model decision that’s right for you. On brisk nights sitting around a table, for example, you’d probably want to buy a tabletop patio heater.

3. Choose The Right Style And Color For You

Because patio heaters are also a sort of decoration for the surrounding area, you should definitely pick a patio heater that’s as stylish as it is functional. Try to find a model that has colors that will mesh with the colors that are already there. That, or try to design a color scheme to include the patio heater.

4. Electric, Propane, Or Natural Gas?

Both have advantages and benefits. Propane is easy to obtain and is available more often than natural gas. Keep that in mind when shopping. Speaking on the side of natural gas, it never has to refilled, is cleaner, and is less expensive to use. However, most outdoor patio heaters will be the propane variety. There are infrared, electric powered patio heaters on the market, but not nearly as many as propane.

5. Buy A Top Quality Heater And Read The Amazon Reviews

A few of the best manufacturers of outdoor patio heaters are Fire Sense and Endless Summer, which have both gotten consistently high reviews at Amazon. It’s best to air on the side of caution when choosing based on reviews, because most people haven’t owned the products for very long. However, assembly, ease of use, functionality, as well as the negative aspects of the patio heaters can be seen from the reviews, at least in a short term perspective.


Feel Confident When Shopping for a Patio Heater


You can find various outdoor patio heaters that are available through various online retailers as well as the traditional brick and mortar stores. Therefore, it is important for you to determine which avenue you want to get yours from and which brand that will be more worth the money invested. The source of fuel is another factor.

To be certain that your needs are fulfilled properly, be sure to ask questions and that you get the right answers. Typically, you will find better prices shopping online; however, it is recommended that you get your questions answered first through their customer service. If you feel as if they are not able to handle your questions adequately, call other companies.

Exploring Outdoor Heaters

When shopping for outdoor gas or electric heaters, you want to go with the heaters that generate heat through infra-red rays. This results in the object being heated and not the air. This object of course is, a person, floor, etc. Although you can purchase gas heaters as infra-red heaters, in order for them to function this way, you will need to set them on their highest setting of heat.

You can find outside heaters in units running off natural gas, liquid propane or electricity which is typically the most expensive. Gas and electric heaters both come in either wall mounted or free standing formats. Usually the wall mounted heater is preferred because it frees up floor space and you do not have to worry about tripping over cords or gas feeds.

Outside Electric Heaters

You will usually find the electric heaters in 120V or 240V formats. The voltage of the heater is what limits the power rating. So typically you will not find 120V heaters running on more than 1500 watts of power which is what powers a hair dryer. You will normally use these 120V heaters for more localized heat. Obviously the 240V gives you more power options when using the 6000W heater. Therefore, it is essential that you decide which heater will be best for your power needs. Other factors you need to determine is the height you want to install your heater, how much space you are looking to heat and the temperature at the time you plan on using your heater.

Gas Patio Heaters

You will find gas heaters in both wall mount and free standing units and they use natural gas or propane as their fuel source. The free standing heaters run on a range of 30,000 to 50,000 BTU’s and range from $199 to $1500 or more depending on brand and model. Keep in mind though; the quality depends on what you pay for. The cheaper heaters typically burn on lower heat than what is advertised, need far more replacing than better quality heaters and typically do not have the parts as easily available. The wall mount gas heaters can be found in units that ignite the heater in lower voltage electrical current via a remote or switch on the wall.


Exploring Different Patio Heaters and Fuel Choices


If you are a person who enjoys being outside or throwing outdoor parties, you could really benefit from owning a patio heater. These heaters come in various sizes, styles and fuel options. Therefore, it is wise to know what you require prior to buying one. In the past, high prices kept these patio heaters from being used more often. However, now that they are in more demand, you can find them at far better prices than before and can even get a fairly decent propane heater as low as $150.

You will find three different fuel options for the outdoor heaters, which are electric and infrared, gas, and propane heaters. The most commonly used are the propane heaters since there is no need for outlets or extension cords and they can be placed anywhere the owner desires. Gas heaters, fueled by natural gas, as well as the electric heaters, will of course need to be near their power sources; natural gas and outlets. So, it is less likely you will be able to place these types of heaters where you desire without the need to install a new outlet, etc.

You will find two different designs of the propane heaters; table top and stand-alone models. If you are entertaining a small group of guests in a small area who plan on staying seated, you might desire the table top heater. However, it is a good idea to keep your heater a bit lower than your seating arrangements. This will actually be the most comfortable, since the heat will be directed upwards. You will find a few of these heaters are designed with a mushroom top to push a small part of the heat downwards. Your fuel source for this type of heater is in disposable propane canisters and. One bottle will last you anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, therefore if you plan on being outdoors for longer than this, you might want to consider the stand alone heater instead.

This type of heater is stood on top of a post and is fueled with an LPG hose connected to a propane tank or disposable bottles. These heaters spread the heat over wider areas and can operate for longer amount of times. However, you will not have the portability benefit, but you will save more money on fueling since you would require more disposable bottles which will result in more costs.

Speaking of fuel costs, the gas heaters will help you save the most. However, they will need to be professionally installed and cost more than the propane heater, which is why many people decide against them. The electric heater does not cost as much to fuel either. All heaters can be found either online or locally.

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