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Best Plate Joiner Reviews in 2018 With Buying Guide

When you have two pieces of wood that you want to join together to create a complete piece, you can’t do better than using a biscuit or plate joiner to accomplish it.

There are lots of features that come with best Plate joiner, and in this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at biscuit joiners and what they’re made of.

By the end of this buying guide, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when it comes to making a smart purchasing decision. We’re also going to be listing three biscuit joiner reviews that did very well in the Amazon reviews, and we think you’ll agree that these are the best that Amazon has to offer.


Best Plate Joiner 2018 – Reviews In Details


Porter-Cable 557 Plate Joiner Review

Porter-Cable 557 Plate Joiner Review

Being able to handle a variety of different types of wood and wood pieces is what the Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner does best. Not only did it get a fantastic 4.5 out of 5 Amazon review score, but it’s genuinely a great product that lives up to the reputation that Porter Cable has become so famous for.

This plate joiner comes with seven different cutting settings to allow you to get more done. The 7 amp motor operates at 10,000 RPM for perfect results every time, and the fence goes from 0-135 degrees with a positive stop at 90 degrees. The four inch blade is able to make standard biscuit sized cuts and it comes with a dust bag, spanner wrench, chip deflector, and centering plate.

It accepts both standard and face frame blades and comes with a 1 year warranty to ensure you don’t get stuck with a factory defect. Professionals and home users alike will love this tool, as Porter Cable is one of the best companies in the world as far as power tools are concerned.


Product Features:

  • 7 Amp Motor
  • 10,000 RPM Blade Speed
  • Tilting Fence 0-135 Degrees – 90 Degree Positive Stop
  • Four Inch Blade
  • Microheight Adjustment Knob
  • Seven Position Rotating Depth Stop
  • Comes With Centering Plate, Spanner Wrench, Dust Bag, and Chip Deflector
  • 1 Year Warranty


Final Analysis:




  • Smooth and easy to use performance
  • Priced low enough and built well enough to be called a really good deal
  • Powerful motor is strong enough to breeze through the toughest of woods
  • After 8 years of use, this plate joiner performs just as well as the first day it was bought
  • The Amazon price on this item is much lower than retail stores
  • Microheight adjustment knob allows you to adjust the cutting depth with perfect precision
  • Fence system is simple to operate and allows for a variety of precision angles
  • A little more expensive than DeWalt, but worth the extra cost




  • Dust bag doesn’t work all that well because the dust port gets clogged up sometimes
  • You might need to hook up a Shop-Vac to it in order to eliminate dust


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DEWALT DW682K 6.5 Amp Plate Joiner Review

DEWALT DW682K 6.5 Amp Plate Joiner Review

DeWalt continues to prove itself as a real winner in terms of customer satisfaction and Amazon review scores. The DeWalt DW682K 6.5 Amp Plate Joiner is built well enough for professional use and will provide years of trouble free wood joining.

It comes with a 6.5 amp motor and a 10,000 RPM blade speed. The dual rack/pinion fence gives you perfect accuracy every time, and the fence is fully adjustable with tilt ability from 0-90 degrees. It’s able to make cuts of up to 20mm in depth and weighs only 6.6 lbs for easy all day handling.

It can also be clamped to surfaces for stationary type work, and the included heavy duty aluminum shoe is built to last. Retractable anti-slip pins help to keep your workpieces in place, and you’ll love the 3 year limited warranty with 1 year free service contract.

The Amazon review score on this item is impressive too. It received 4 out of 5 stars across 124 customer reviews. Lots of people gave it a full 5 stars, and that just goes to show how dependable DeWalt products are being made these days.


Product Features:

  • 6.5 Amp Motor / 10,000 RPM Blade Speed
  • Makes Cuts Of Up To 20mm In Depth
  • 6.6 Lbs Total Weight
  • Stationary Clamps
  • Carbide Blade
  • Vacuum Adapter
  • Dust Bag
  • 3 Year Warranty – 1 Year Free Service Contract


Final Analysis:




  • Grip and switch location are conveniently placed on the joiner
  • Vacuum compatible – Allows you to keep your shop clean without sweeping!
  • Dust port doesn’t clog up like you’ll find with similar models
  • Most people who bought this tool would buy it again in a heartbeat
  • Solid metal construction of the fence assembly gives it a “heavy duty” feel
  • Comes with a generous amount of cord length
  • Powerful enough motor to handle cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut, and oak with no problems
  • Carrying case allows you to travel with this plate joiner easily




  • Some people are having problems with their accuracy – They tweak some settings and it seems to resolve the problem
  • Dust bag is kind of a joke – You’re better off using a Shop-Vac with it


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Lamello 101252 Classic C3 5 Amp Plate Joiner Review

Lamello 101252 Classic C3 5 Amp Plate Joiner


Often called the “Cadillac” of plate joiners, the legendary quality of Lamello shines through every time. This Lamello 101252 Classic C3 Plate Joiner is top of the line, and comes with the ability to cut grooves for 9 different “biscuit” types.

The slide shoe, fence, and multifunction stop are all made from the same piece of machine milled metal, delivering an overall durability that’s nearly impossible to beat.

Although you may be a little intimidated by the price, professionals wholeheartedly agree that it’s worth its cost. Blade changes with this joiner are a snap and only take a few moments to complete. It also allows you to cut grooves for 9 different biscuit types without having to change the blade. Amazing!

Vertical use of this joiner is also easy, and the fence will pivot from 0-90 degrees. Let’s take a look at the rundown of features:


Product Features:


  • Swiveling Fence With Positive Stops At Common Angles
  • 6 Tooth Carbide Cutter
  • 23mm Suction Stub
  • Chip Ejector
  • Stop Square
  • 4mm Slip-On Plate
  • Included Tools
  • Owners Manual


Final Analysis:




  • This tool is made in Switzerland, and it’s been said that Lamello is the best company in the world for plate joiners
  • Everyone agrees that this is the best biscuit system available on the market
  • Cutting action is very smooth and you get perfectly accurate results every time
  • Dovetail joinery on the slides is very solid and well made
  • Even when working with blind joints, this product performs with unparalleled accuracy
  • A pleasure to use when compared to “discount” plate joiners
  • It has plenty of power and is very durable




  • Does not come with a storage case
  • Operators manual could be a little more clear


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Best Plate Joiners Buying Guide


Plate joiners cut slice-like holes in large wood pieces so that smaller slice-like wood pieces, called “biscuits”, can fit inside the holes with some glue to join the bigger pieces together.

There are many producers of plate joiners in the marketplace these days, so it helps to know about them before rushing in to make a purchase.

Let’s get to learning about the features and buying factors you should be looking for:

1. Amperage and RPM Rating

A high quality plate joiner should have a 5-7 amp motor and the blade should spin at around 10,000 RPM. It’s important in terms of accuracy that the biscuits fit perfectly without any chipping of the inside area of the slot. That’s why they spin at such a high RPM. And 5-7 amps is powerful enough to get through even the hardest of hardwoods without bogging down at all.

2. Tilting Fence and Positive Stop(s)

The fence on a plate joiner should tilt generously and have positive stops at all the most common angles. This allows you to make quick work of angled biscuit fitting and you’ll find that you’re able to accomplish more work in less time with positive stops.

3. Ability To Use Different Biscuit Types

The ability to make slots to fit different “biscuit” types is important because some jobs will require different types of biscuits. The more expensive the plate joiner, usually the more biscuit types you’ll be able to use with the slotted holes you make.

4. Microheight Adjustment Knob

This allows you to make more precise adjustments when it comes to the accuracy and precision of your cuts. Most high quality plate joiners will come with this type of adjustment ability. Be sure to look for it in any biscuit joiner you consider.

5. Fencing Plate

This provides support for stabilization, centering, and spacing. It’s important to have a fencing plate as part of a plate joiner because without this piece, the work wouldn’t get completed with the accuracy you need.

6. Compact and Lightweight Design

In order to work with a plate joiner for long periods, as in all day long like a professional does, you need your plate joiner to be lightweight.

Under 10 lbs, and actually closer to 7 1/2 lbs is ideal, and having it be compact enough for easy travel is important too. You’ll find that a combination of light weight and compact design makes for the easiest job completion and ability to work with the tool for prolonged periods.

7. Amazon Review Score, Manufacturer, and Warranty

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in the world of power tools, you know that your purchasing decision is only as good as the warranty that backs it. That’s why it’s best to buy from a reputable manufacturer and ensure that you get at least a 1 year warranty with any plate joiner you’re considering.

Some good manufacturers of plate joiners these days are DeWalt, Porter Cable, Lamello, Makita, Ryobi, and Festool. Finally, the Amazon review score is a surefire way to determine whether or not the product you’re considering is a wise move.

You’ll also be able to see, by reading the reviews, the high and low points of the product you’re considering.

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