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Best Snow Blowers for the Money

Global warming my A–. Get ready for a lot of the white stuff this year. If you like to exercise, there is nothing better than shoveling snow manually. I did it for many years growing up as kid in snow country.

In my days, we had no choice but to do it when our parents asked. Today, good luck getting your kid to manually shovel some snow. You’ll be waiting a long time, unless you invest in a Best Snow blower.

I have put together this lens with Reviews Of Snow Blowers and Electric Snow Shovel Reviews to see what choices are available out there for you. I hope that this lens helps you to choose the best snow blowers for your family.

Two Stage Snow Blowers Single Stage Snow Blowers Electric Snowblowers Gas Snowblowers

It sounds confusing doesn’t it

Snow Thrower Reviews, Snow Blower Reviews and what to look for.

Whether you call them Snow Blowers, Snow Throwers or Electric Shovels, they are all meant to do basically the same thing. Clear off large amounts of snow from your driveway, your walkways and your house. You need to figure out just how big and powerful a machine you need for where you live and what you need to do.

Electric Snow Shovels and snow throwers are geared for lighter jobs than their gas powered counterparts. They have some limitation due to the fact that they are attached to an electrical cord which may hinder your movement. Their range is also limited by the length of the electrical cord, and if you lose power and need to get out of your driveway in a hurry, electrical powered snow shovels won’t be of any use to you. If you live in a high snow area and need to move a lot of snow and a lot of snow quickly, you’d be better suited to pass over the electric snow blower reviews and get into the more muscular gas powered snow blower reviews.

With the gas powered types of snow blowers, there are 2 types available, single stage and dual stage. With much more power than the electric snowblowers, these can clear up an area much quicker. Single staged units can clear up many inches of snow quickly and are lighter than the dual staged units.

The two staged units are geared for heavier duty use and can clear hard packed icy snow without any problems. They can handle the roughest of terrain even gravel covered paths which can damage the lighter duty single stage units. Most models have electric start, a four stroke engine and some even have power steering. If you live where there is a lot of snow or if you have large areas to clear quickly, although somewhat higher in price, these are the best units to go with.

Best Snow Blowers, Snow Shovels, Snow Throwers

I have listed the electric powered snow blowers or snow shovels first. They are good for smaller jobs and lighter snow falls. If you need real snow cleaning power, skip down to the gas snow blower ratings. I have also listed this alternative manual snow shovel/plow here for those that do not like or want electric or gas powered devices.

Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel

If you can’t afford or don’t want a gas or electric powered snow blower, then I have an alternative solution that works well and keeps you from getting a sore back.

The Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel is that solution. You can push away a lot more snow and a lot quicker with this than with manual shoveling. It works great and it folds to store flat. It’s not a best rated snow blower but it sure is the next best thing and way better than a manual shovel in my opinion.

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Toro Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Electric Snow ThrowerToro Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This Toro Electric Snow Shovel will cut a path 12 inches wide and 6 inches high through the snow.

It weighs a not to heavy 12.5 pounds and works great for smaller areas that don’t have huge consistent snowfalls. It sure beats shoveling by hand.

Toro gets high marks for it’s electric snow shovel.

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Greenworks 12-Inch 8 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Corded Snow ShovelThis Electric Snow Broom will clear a 12 inch path that 4 inches deep. It’s weighs in at 14.5 pounds and has a strong 4 year warranty.

The only complaint that people seem to have with this electric snow shovel is that the scraper or auger portions are made of plastic and they seem to wear out quicker than usual.


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Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

13 Amp Corded Snow ThrowerEven bigger and badder in the Greenworks line of Electric Snow Blowers with a 20 inch clearing path to a depth of 10 inches high. You need a little muscle here as this is not a self propelled machine even though it has wheels. Strong warranty is a plus.


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WORX Electric Snow Thrower

WORX Electric Snow ThrowerWORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

WORX tools seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. I keep seeing their ads all over TV for yard and garden tools, so it’s no surprise to me that they are also making an electric snow thrower as well.

It’s run by a 13 amp motor which will probably be less likely of tripping your breakers as often as the 15 amp models do. It has a clearing path of 18 x 9 inches and can throw the snow as far as 30 feet away. The chute adjusts 180 degrees. It’s quiet and powerful and will do the job pretty well in most cases.

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Power Smart 22-InchCompact Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Two Stage Snow ThrowerThis two stage snow blower has a 22 inch wide path and will clear snow as deep as 16 inches in one pass.

It has an electric start and it’s self propelled with 4 forward and 2 backwards speeds. The engine that powers this snow thrower is a very good and strong made for the cold 208cc LCT engine that is excellent. It’s at a great price for a very good two stage snowblower.

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Poulan Pro 21-Inch Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower

Gas Powered Single Stage Snow ThrowerThis Single Stage Snow Blower also has the well known LCT 208cc engine and it has a path clearing capability of 21 inches wide by 13 inches high.

It’s lightweight, maneuverable and durable. It’s not an electric start snow blower.

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Poulan Pro 24-Inch Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow ThrowerThis Poulan Pro snow blower is one powerful two stage snow blower that cuts a wide 24 inch path and a high 23 inch in height path through the toughest of snow conditions using that workhouse of an engine, the LCT 208cc motor.

With an electric start and forward and reverse speeds, this snow blower will clean up the toughest deepest snows in no time flat. There is a control panel in an easy to reach position that allows you to change and control the snow blowers speed, direction and the angle and direction of the chute and deflector.

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Poulan Pro 30-Inch Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric StartPowered by the bigger and more powerful 291cc LCT engine, this Poulan Pro Snow Blower can cut a wide 30×23 inch path thru the snow quickly.

Electric start, power steering and easy controls make this a breeze to operate under any conditions.


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Husqvarna SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start, Power Steering & Trac Hydro Drive

Husqvarna SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow ThrowerThis is one of the highest rated snow blowers or best snow blowers as this is one serious machine.

A 414cc monster sized engine gives this beast the capacity to clear a path 27 inches wide and 23 inches high, while tossing the snow with the precision and speed of a major league baseball pitcher. It has everything that a high quality gas powered two stage snow blower should have including power steering and an electric start. It also has tracks likes snowmobiles rather than wheels for maximum traction in snow and icy conditions.

This is an expensive top rated snow blower but if you need serious snow clearing capabilities, this may be what you are looking for.

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Husqvarna 24-Inch SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Husqvarna ST224 24-InchA tamed down version of it’s beastly brother above, this is still one heck of a snow blower.

Powered by a 208cc engine, this highly rated snow blower will cut a 24×23 inch path through the snow easily and quickly.

With electric start, large wheels, LED headlights and a single motion lever control to direct the chute it will make your snow clearing chores that much easier.

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Yard-Man 26-Inch Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Two Stage Self Propelled Snow ThrowerPowered by Yardman’s 208cc OHV engine, this Snow Blower is self propelled with 6 forward and two reverse speeds and a 26×21 inch clearing capability.

It has an electric start and a 4 way 200 degree chute control. With large 15 x 5 inch wheels and being fairly light weight, this two stage snow blower is easy to maneuver.

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