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Best Toddler Beds In 2018 – Reviewed By Experts

In most cases, the toddler bed is less expensive than if you were to purchase a full size bed, but they are additionally more important to your child’s safety and sleeping patterns when they make that transition from the crib.

This type of bed has various benefits to it with being able to use the same crib mattress as you had before being one of the benefits that make transitioning easier. It is lower to the ground which helps with your child getting in and out of it.

Many if not all have safety guard rails which help to keep your child from falling out of bed. Parents often can save money with best toddler beds because they do not have to purchase different bedding and can use the same as they had in the crib.

When shopping for toddler beds, keep in mind that there are many different styles, themes, shapes and more so you want to be sure you are buying the right bed for your needs including your crib mattress size, although most of these beds use standard size mattresses.

There are various selections available when it comes to adorable toddler beds and below we have suggested for our our top picks.



Best Toddler Beds 2018 Reviews


DaVinci Elizabeth Toddler Bed Review

DaVinci Elizabeth Toddler Bed

When it comes to your baby, there are various DaVinci furniture options available to provide serene and safe nursery items.

The DaVinci Elizabeth Toddler Bed offers a crib mattress that is standard size and may easily convert into a full-size bed complete with rails that you can purchase separately. It is a smooth transition and you can even use the same mattress you had on your baby’s crib.

This is a unisex bed crafted with pine wood as well as wood composites.

Product Features:

  • Easy transition to bed from crib prior to moving to a full bed or twin
  • Full size bed and Rails (M4799) that you can purchase separately
  • Includes a non-toxic finish and is Phthalate and Lead safe
  • Comes in espresso, natural, white or cherry
  • Comes with a 1 yr limited manufacturers warranty
  • Constructed with sustainable pine

Final Analysis:

Pros: This bed is very well designed and totally worth the money you pay for it. It has two side railings and is a perfect way for your child to transition from their crib to their own bed. It has a nice color to it and is modern looking and stylish, looks just like a Daybed.

The wood quality might not last forever, but it really is a great bed that came at a great price and you even get free shipping. It is very simple to put together and once together it’s very solid and durable.

It’s well balanced and sturdy and your child can even jump up and down on it with no problems.

Cons: The only negative to this bed is that it might not be able to hold the weight of both your child and yourself if you want to lay down with them for bedtime stories or if they need you there to help them fall asleep. You will have to pull up a chair instead.

Also, the wood might scratch easily, but other than this the DaVinci Elizabeth Toddler Bed makes a great transition toddler bed which is why it is our first pick of toddler beds.

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Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed Review

Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed

The Dream On Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed is the perfect bed for any toddler transitioning from their crib. It is designed specifically to be lower to the floor and it has 2 side rails for added safety to prevent your child from falling.

The sleigh design headboard and footboard comes with a non-toxic finish and can be found in 8 finishes. It truly makes the best selection for your child and everything you need is included for simple assembly.

Product Features:

  • ASTM standards are met
  • Crafted in solid wood
  • Includes 2 safety guard rails; can use any standard crib mattress which is sold separately
  • Comes with a warranty of 60 days on parts

Final Analysis:

Pros: This bed is wonderful and is well worth the price as well it has quality pieces to it. Setting it up is a breeze because all the pieces fit great together.

You can use the mattress from your baby’s crib with this and it should fit fine so you do not need to purchase a new one. It is low enough to the floor so your child can get in and out easily enough and it was delivered in perfect condition.

Once it is assembled, it is really beautiful and is a much cuter bed than most of the plastic toddler beds out there for more money. The wood on this bed is not cheap looking at all and it is very comfortable for your little one to sleep in.

Cons: The wooden slats that hold up the mattress do not appear that sturdy, however, they seem to hold up fine, but because of this, we are rating the Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed as our second pick for toddler beds.


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DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed Review

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

The DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed is a wonderful bed for your child who has grown out of the crib and is not quite ready for a full size bed yet.

It has guard rails which offer a great deal of safety from falling so both your toddler and yourself can get a good nights rest. It makes a great transition towards getting into that full size bed, but with a small step to a smaller bed right after crib.

This toddler bed has a sleigh style look to it that is unisex and offers the added protection of guard rails on both bed sides. It is crafted of solid pine wood along with wood composites.

Product Features:

  • First and proper transition from your baby’s crib prior to moving to a full or twin bed
  • Can be used with a standard crib mattress
  • Added protection against falling with bed side guard rails; available in white, oak, cherry, natural or ebony
  • Crafted with sustainable pine
  • Comes with a non-toxic finish and is Phthalate and Lead safe

Final Analysis:

Pros: You will be completely thrilled with the craftsmanship and quality of this bed and it is easily put together with four pieces and slats.

Only takes about an hour to set up after you unpack it and clean up and it comes with all the necessary tools you need to set it up. You can use the same crib mattress with it and it fits all standard size crib mattresses. You get stability and safety due to the bottom slats so your little one can practically throw themselves on the bed with no issues.

Also, the wear and tear of your child getting into this bed and out each day will not pose a problem either. The color (natural) of this bed will match most furniture that you have in the room and overall it is great quality and very sturdy.

Cons: Although the bed looks really nice, it’s protection guard is a bit too short and there is a 70 pound weight limit as well so be careful not to get on the bed yourself while tucking in your little one.

Overall, the DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed is a good bed, however, we felt it warranted being third on our list of suggested toddler beds.


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Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed Review

Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed

The safety of your child is the utmost importance of Stork Craft. They strive to not only exceed your expectations in safety, but in all other areas as well such as style, usability and performance.

All of the products made through Stork Craft also meet and exceed international and domestic regulatory standards that are imposed on juvenile furniture performance and safety. They are crafted to eliminate any potential risks or hazards to your child.

The Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed offers you a terrific looking sleigh design in a toddler bed which uses your standard size crib mattress. This bed is simple to put together and is crafted with solid wood as well as wood products. It includes a safety guard rail and can hold up to 50 lbs.

Product Features:

  • Beautiful looking toddler bed with sleigh design
  • Uses the standard size crib mattress
  • Simple to put together
  • Crafted with solid wood as well as wood products
  • Includes safety guard rail and holds up to 50 lbs.

Final Analysis:

Pros: This bed is so perfect for any toddler and it is affordable, sturdy and really cute. It is low to the ground so there is no worry about your child falling out and they can get in and out of it easily.

It is delivered super fast and comes well packaged and all pieces are individually wrapped up in foam paper. Is so simple to assemble and the oak finish on this is very attractive with a sort of dark honey color. It is delivered in good condition and is made of great quality.

The guard rails on this bed do not interfere with your child climbing in and out of it as well as protect them from falling out of it.

Cons: The directions that come with this are a bit vague. For instance, the images do not clearly show you how to put each piece together properly, you have to figure it out on your own.

Also, the wood on it is a bit on the soft side much like particle board which is why the Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed comes fourth on our list for suggested best toddler beds.

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