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Best Yoga Mat Reviews 2018

Yoga mats tend to come in many dimensions and shapes to meet both your spiritual and physical requirements.

There are various options for you to select from on the market so purchasing a best yoga mat can come with some difficulties.

Prior to purchasing your yoga mat, it is essential that you understand exactly what type of mat you require. Also, the type of yoga you are practicing is just as important as well as the type of surface you will be performing on.

The proper mat will cushion you and provide stability while you are performing your yoga exercises so the right mat perfect for your needs will benefit you the most.

Below are 4 yoga mat reviews for you to take a look at.

Best Yoga Mat In 2018 – Compared

Product Image
Product Name

Manduka Black Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka Black Mat PRO 71

71 Inch


7 pounds

71 x 26 x 1/4

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Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Professional

68 Inch


1.8 pounds

68 x 24 x 0.2

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Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

74 Inch


7 pounds

74 x 24 x 0.3

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Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel

Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel

72 Inch

Chakra Blue

1.1 pounds

72 x 26.5 x 0.1

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Best Yoga Mat 2018 Reviews

Manduka Black Mat PRO 71 Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat Review

Yoga and Pilates Mat Review

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat offers you some really decent features and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can feel safe that you will get outstanding wear and longevity with this mat as it will last a long time.

It provides a comfortable cushion so you can protect your hips, elbows, knees and spine while you are performing on it and there is no need to worry about sliding and slipping around while on it.

It provides slip-resistance without being sticky and this is even during a really sweaty session. Comes Oeko-Tex certified and is emissions-free manufactured.

Product Features:

  • Designed for outstanding wear and longevity
  • Cushions your knees, elbows, hips and spine comfortably on hard floors
  • Provides slip-resistance without being sticky even while perspiring; solid stability on soft or hard surfaces
  • Certified Oeko-Tex and emissions-free manufactured
  • Measurements are 71 x 26 x 1/4 in., weighs 7 lbs

Final Analysis:

Pros: This mat is thick enough to be two mats combined and helps with cushioning your boney body parts like elbows and knees.

It is also much denser than other mats and very comfortable on hard floors as well as holds its place while doing activities like inversions asansa or standing. You get outstanding cushioning for leaping and even if you sweat a whole lot while performing, it does not budge.

It does not get sticky and it does not bunch up while you are using it and it is made with really good quality material that will last forever. The thickness of this mat really makes a huge difference when working out on it as it is comfortable on hips, knees, elbows and your spine.

Cons: This mat is really heavy to the point where you think you are carrying a few mats all at once so if you plan on toting it around a great deal, this might not be the best mat.

It really is the perfect mat for placing it in a spot where you plan on working out and doing your yoga on a regular basis. Other than this, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is a really great mat that is built to last.

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Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat Review

Yoga Mat Review

The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is the most popular Jade yoga mat and offers superb traction, balance and cushion. It is constructed with natural, open cell rubber which helps with providing outstanding slip-resistance.

You will not need to be concerned about slipping around while you are practicing, even if you perspire. On top of that, this mat provides compression-set resistance that is unmatched, exceptional resilience and cushioning that is incomparable so you can do every pose with comfort.

The natural rubber, which comes from rubber trees is what this mat is made with and is a renewable resource so there is no concerns with ozone-depleting toxins or PVC.

Product Features:

  • Made with natural, open-cell rubber and is 3/16 in.
  • Provides outstanding slip-resistance even during a sweaty session
  • Offers incomparable cushioning and exceptional resilience
  • Absoluteness no ozone-depleting toxins or PVC issues
  • Comes in 68 or 74 in. lengths and is washed with water and soap easily

Final Analysis:

Pros: You can do performances like going from down dog and jumping into bakasana without being concerned of sliding or slipping. This mat is made from the great company, Jade so you can rest assure you are getting a great product for your money spent. It is so easy to wash too, either soap and water or simply wipe it down using an anti-bacterial wipe.

Cons: When you first get this mat, there is an overwhelming smell of rubber, however it does go away over time once you air it out a bit. Other than this, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is a must have for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga.

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Jade Fusion 74 Inch Yoga Mat Review

Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat

Natural rubber that comes from the Far East combined with Western technology is what Jade mats are made with and is great to practice yoga on.

The Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is 5/16 in. thick so it provides extra cushion and it is perfect for core fitness, yoga and Pilates practices. This mat is constructed with natural open cell rubber so there is no worries of slipping while you are practicing your yoga; even if you are sweating.

The slip resistant properties in natural rubber provide a strong grip, compression set resistance, resilience and cushioning so you can perform in comfort.

Product Features:

  • Yoga mat is natures best
  • Made with natural open cell rubber which means solid grip
  • Provides comfort, cushion and resilience
  • Constructed of natural rubber which is a renewable resources; made in the US and has no synthetic plastics
  • With each mat sold, a tree will be planted through the partnership with Trees of the Future

Final Analysis:

Pros: This truly is a wonderful mat with a really strong grip so there is no worry about sliding around when you are trying to do down dog.

It is comfortable and helps you to do much more while you are practicing and it makes it easier to do poses too. Because it is thick, you will not experience and discomfort in your elbows or knees.

It is totally worth the investment and you will simply love it because it will help to improve your performance greatly.

Cons: It is a fairly heavy mat due to it being so thick so it may unroll, however, you can purchase a sling to keep this from happening and it will also make it more simple to carry.

Overall, the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is the perfect yoga mat to keep you comfortable and improve overall performance.

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Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel Review

Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel

The Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel is a premium yoga towel that was designed to eliminate slipping and sliding during yoga practice. It works intuitively, you just place the silicone eco nubs side face down on your mat or a low-pile carpet.

After you get into your yoga posture and your weight is distributed evenly, the eco nubs on this towel begin to grip the mat which helps to keep your feet and hands from slipping while in mid-stretch.

This towel is made with 20% nylon and 80% polyester material and is extremely absorbent adding a hygienic layer between your exercise equipment and you.

Product Features:

  • Made with 20% nylon and 80% polyester
  • Made with 100 percent silicone and is eco-friendly
  • Measurements are 24 in. by 68 in.
  • Eliminates slipping and sliding while on your yoga mat
  • Is machine washable

Final Analysis:

Pros: If you tend to perspire a great deal while in yoga class, you most likely have experienced some sliding and slipping around, however, not any more. This mat totally eliminates this problem and enables you to sweat and practice without any slipping issues.

Plus, your mat stays clean which is an added bonus and you can easily toss it in your washing machine after to clean it and it drys fast with no need for drying. No matter what type of mat you are using, you will benefit from using a Yogitoes towel to extend the life of it. It comes in many different colors that are attractive so anyone can find one that is perfect for their personality.

Cons: The only drawback is because of the brilliant colors it might bleed in your laundry, however, there are some things you can do to help prevent this. For instance, you can add some white vinegar (tablespoon) in your wash using cold water only and only wash either alone or with like colors.

Overall, the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel is a really great item to have if you are a regular yoga practitioner.

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