BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Reviews

Getting a new double stroller can be a hassle, especially when you’re unsure of whether to trust newer brands, or afraid to spend too much money on a product that may or may not deliver high enough value as advertised.

If you’re looking for a high quality stroller that can offer everything from style to safety, while being built to last and provide your little one with perfect comfort, there’s no better choice than the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller.

Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, a multitude of exceptional features, durable materials and a clever design make this stroller an excellent choice for your young ones.



  • Full stability is facilitated through a well-designed 12.5 inch swiveling front wheel that locks forward, and makes jogging much easier, while allowing you to keep the stroller fully under control.[BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller]
  • If a smooth ride is what you’re looking for, this stroller will definitely deliver. Your baby will feel delighted and comfy every step of the way due to the quality adjustable suspension system the BOB was fitted with.
  • For even more comfort, a convenient padded reclining seat was also included, allowing you to accurately adjust the reclining angle according to what your baby or toddler needs.
  • For bad weather, multi-position canopies can be wrapped around the stroller at a short notice, and the large viewing window at the top will still let you keep an eye on your little one.
  • The high impact polymer wheels are one of the most loved features of the BOB Revolution stroller. These wheels are extremely resilient and built to withstand and maintain their stability on virtually any terrain you have to deal with.
  • The BOB Revolution stroller is also very easy to fold and transport. Its design allows for easy two-step folding, while its sturdy frame is also surprisingly lightweight.
  • Seat-back pockets and storage compartments allow you to store extra food, toys and accessories, so you’ll never leave home unprepared.
  • Internal pockets also make for a great place to store extra toys and snacks for baby.


Safety is a major consideration when buying a baby stroller, and the BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller was definitely built to present you with only the best safety features the industry has to offer.

One of the main features is the padded 5-point harness that provides your baby with perfect comfort, while keeping him/her securely in place even during a rough ride. The canopies can also be adjusted independently offering increased protection from rain and sunlight.

Also, a clever front wheel tracking system is in place that will keep you strolling straight with just the touch of a dial. Another great feature for improved mobility and control is the foot-actuated rear parking brake which can quickly be accessed to stop the stroller when needed, or get it going again at a short notice.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning some of the handy practical and comfort-related benefits you can get from this high quality stroller. To begin, its price is definitely a plus, the BOB stroller offering many excellent benefits at a relatively fair cost, while maintaining the highest value in the industry.

Some of the additional advantages include its quality waterproof material that doesn’t fade over time, the exceptional maneuverability that allows you to turn on a dime with ease, and the relatively compact construction that allows you to fit it through most doorways and push it quite easily, even if your toddler is already 4-5 years of age.


BOB is an established brand that produces and promotes high quality strollers, infant car seats, travel systems and fitness products geared particularly toward families.

They have established themselves as one of the most popular manufacturers of sturdy, safe and stylish strollers for young children, and you can easily see just how much most moms and dads love their products by simply looking up some of the reviews and the hundreds of 5-star ratings associated with their baby strollers.

Known for their ability to be completely thorough when testing and tweaking the safety features, sturdiness, ease of use and maneuverability of their high end products, BOB has become one of the most popular brands you can consider when thinking of buying a new stroller.

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If you want a truly reliable stroller for your little one, that will also provide you with the kind of functionality and the affordable cost you are looking for, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller should be among your first choices when considering the highest quality strollers on the market.

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