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Best Duffle Bags for Girls

Duffle bags for girls that have been designed especially for girls make great birthday and Christmas gifts.

Even young girls need a roomy bag to put their belongings into. Whether it is for dance class, a sleepover or sports practice, a versatile bag that reflects her personality and style is something that she not only needs but will enjoy using over and over again.

As I quickly discovered, duffle bags for girls come in a huge range of styles and colors. Which one do you think your girl would love the most?

Girls Sport Duffle Bags

For girls who love their sports, a sport duffle bag is an absolute must-have.

All of these bags would appeal to the most fashion-conscious tween or teen. They all come with adjustable shoulder straps which kids seem to prefer using and they are all made from durable fabrics that will stand up well to regular use.

None of these bags are overly large which I think makes them perfect for girls and almost all of them have mutiple color options to choose from. Make sure you go and check them out.

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Dance Duffle Bags for Girls

With so many girls into dancing these dance duffle bags are ideal for carrying her ballet shoes and costume.

All of these dance bags are designed for younger girls and are sized to suit. Don’t expect them to hold a heap of gear but they should all be big enough for her dance practice needs. I really recommend reading the buyer reviews to give you a better understanding of the size and capacity.

All of them are decorated in a dance theme which I think is really cute for this age group.

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Rolling Duffle Bags

Sometimes you need the convenience of a rolling suitcase but not the bulk. That’s when a rolling duffle bag comes in very handy.

This relatively new innovation is all the rage with young people. It is so popular that the rolling duffle is almost synonymous with youth. Perhaps that’s because you don’t see many old people using them.

Girls will love being able to pack everything they think they need into these gorgeous bags and not have to worry about not being able to lift it. How cool is that?

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Monogrammed Duffle Bag for Girls


Monogrammed Duffle Bag for GirlsBrown Tan Reinforced Canvas 21″ Duffel Travel Bag

Kids love to see their name on things and this gorgeous bag would definitely appeal to any young girl.

With her first name embroidered onto the quilted duffle bag there will be no question about who the owner is.

This bag would be perfect for sleepovers and because it is soft, you can throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty. I love it!

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Overnight Duffle Bags

For times when just a regular size tote bag is required, these overnight duffle bags should do the job nicely.

I’m a big fan of Wildkin products and I was really impressed with their carry on duffel bag range. They have over 30 different patterns to choose from and you can see them all here.

The girls bags that you see below could be used for multi-purposes. I think they would suit a dancer or gymnast who likes to have plenty of room to fit all their gear and a bit more.

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Quilted Duffle Bag for Girls


Quilted Duffle Bag for GirlsBelvah Quilted Zebra Print 21″ Duffle Bag 

For girls who like to be noticed this Belvah Zebra print bag is a perfect choice.

It is made from quilted cotton and has four detachable ribbon bows which I love but can be removed if you think they are a bit much.

The video below reviews a similar style bag to give you a better idea of what you would be getting.

If you like the style but you’re not sure about the pattern, Belvah duffle bags come in a huge range of color and pattern options which can all be seen.

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