How to Choose a Handbag

There are plenty of handbags out there to choose from today. Chances are you have noticed that sometimes buying just one can be hard to do. They are an important necessity for most of us though. So how do you narrow your chances down to end up with the on or ones that are perfect for you? Well there are many different things to consider when buying a bag.

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Detailed Guide about How to Choose a Handbag  

We are going to go over the most important factors that come into play when choosing a bag. Once you have found a bag that meets all of those factors for you, then you will know you have the right one. If you are one that is always doing something different though, you may need more than one type and that is ok too.


Size Matters

The biggest thing to consider is the size you are going to need. If you only need a few things, then you are not looking to go big. So you will want something smaller that won’t weight you down such as a clutch. If you need to bring quite a bit such as a tablet, camera and other things. You may want to consider a tote, backpack or satchel style handbag.



Handbags come in a variety of materials, so you need to plan on where you are going to use. As well as how you are going to use. If you are planning on being outdoors a lot, something that is water resistant would be choice. There are some out there, you don’t want something that can easily soak up water. If you are going to be where it can get dirty easily, you want to be able to clean it with ease as well.

Leather is still a great choice for many for durability, most leather can be treated to be more water resistant as well. Suede is different than smooth leather though, suede can collect dirt and be harder to clean or treat. Nylon is another that is good for being water resistant, if you are not worried about water or spills than any material would be fine.



Color of a bag is usually selected for personal choice color is usually a style choice. So you can color coordinate with what you are wearing. So picking a color is obvious if you are wearing with certain outfits. If you want a bag that will go with anything you will want universal colors. Colors that will go with just about anything. Two of the most common and popular selections being black or white.

Using colors such as metallic, sequins or crystals make a great addition as well. Especially for a night out on the town or an important event to light things up a little.



Purses have different types of ways to keep them securely closed as well. Some have flip over tops that cover the main compartment area, then securely fasten in the front. Which is a great way to protect against the pick pockets. Some bags have snaps and magnetic closures. While some use slide through twist locks. Still though the most used closures are zippers. That is because they still do the best job to this day.


Storage and Organization

We have already covered room, which room is great. However, if you have many smaller items the last thing you want to do is fish for them. So when you need them you want to find them easily. Bags can offer many storage options for you today in pockets and compartments. Many have even moved forward to accommodate todays technologies. Offering you areas for your phones and your tablets. That way they are safe and separate from other items, as well as easily accessible.



There are several handbag styles on the market, again style should go by use. If you want full use of your arms and your hands. Than a cross body style or backpack is a great choice. You could also utilize a shoulder bag as well, but shoulder bags can and do slip, which could inhibit arm usage. If you have some decent amount of things to carry a tote, backpack or cross overs are great choices. They tend to be larger and can accommodate tablets if needed. Handbags are great as well as satchels and hobo styles for a medium sized bag.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully some of the things we have covered will help you decide on that new bag or bags. You want to make sure you always have what you need when you need it. Always preplanning what you need will help you pick the right bag for your situation. As you well know you surely wouldn’t want to take a clutch hiking and you wouldn’t want to take a backpack style out to a black tie function. So common handbag sense will always help you be prepared.

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