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Best Laptop Bags For Girls

Laptop Bags For Girls – You Will be Spoilt For Choice

I don’t know about you, but i know about laptop bags for girls. also I am much happier carrying my laptop around in a nice ‘girlie’ laptop bag. The plain black or brown bags are a bit boring for my liking!

So if you want a laptop bag that suits you rather than the standard style (for that read black!) then take a look through my lens and you will be sure to see something that appeals to you.

You may have a daughter, girlfriend or wife who would appreciate a lovely laptop bag that has been made with girls in mind, so have a look and see what I have unearthed in my quest to ditch my old black laptop bag.

Some Great Funky Laptop Bags For Girls

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Computer Bags For Women

How To Choose The Right Computer Bag

Well first off you need to work out which type of computer bag you want. You could go for a laptop sleeve, a laptop backpack, a messenger bag or a laptop bag that you can also use for other things. Are you looking for a retro design? A designer laptop bag? A Pink laptop bag? There are so many varieties of laptop bags for women that you will surely see one that appeals to you.

Once you have decided on the type of laptop bag you would like then have a think about what it is to be made from – there are laptop bags made from nylon through to leather.

Obviously another priority is getting a laptop bag that is going to be the correct size for your laptop, so when you start shopping make sure that you know the size of your laptop. for example your laptop is 13 inch so before get a one make sure your bag is the best 13 inch laptop bag.

Do you want to keep other accessories in your laptop bag? You are obviously going to need room for your power supply, but what about a spare battery, a book, pen etc. You need to ensure that these will all fit into your laptop bag without looking too lumpy.

Is there plenty of padding on the bag you like? You need to make sure that your laptop is completely protected just in case you (or someone else) drops the bag or knocks it onto the floor. After all one of the main reasons for having a laptop bag is to keep your laptop save when you are moving around with it, and the last thing you are going to want is a damaged laptop. So why not protect it with a lovely computer bag especially for women?

Great Laptop Bags For Ladies

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Pink Laptop Bags And Accessories For Girls

Just about any girl I know likes pink, and would probably love a pink laptop bag. You may even want to think about accessories in pink too! For instance you could choose a lovely pink usb cable, or a pink anti-dust silicon plug cover set to go with your pink laptop bag.

Luckily quite a few of the computer manufacturers will produce bags and accessories for their laptops in a nice variety of colors, including pink.

You may want a pink patterned laptop bag, or maybe a pink rolling laptop bag, or even a pink messenger bag. If you are the sort of person (or the person you are buying the gift for is the sort of person) that prefers the thought of a backpack type laptop bag then you can also buy these in pink.

You may be looking for that perfect gift for someone at college, at work or even at school – what could be better than a beautiful pink laptop bag?

Laptop Bags In The Pink

Choose a Lovely Pink Laptop Bag
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Messenger Bags For Girls

Ok, hands up, I carry too much stuff in my bag and pockets! By the time I have put in phone, cosmetics, pen, diary, keys, money etc there is not a lot of space left, and I would certainly struggle with my laptop as well.

When I want to carry my laptop around with me I love a messenger bag – this gives me the room for all my bits and pieces and of course my laptop. Now you can get some beautiful designs and no longer need to stick to plain colors.

Most messenger laptop bags have pockets within the bag, so there really is lots of room. If you go for a leather messenger bag you can be sure that your bag is nice and strong.

It’s not just professionals in the workplace that will want to carry their laptops around, but also students too. You can go as funky as you like on the design as their is such a lot of choice out there.

So if you want to carry your laptop around with you, and not have to take another bag with you or hunt through your clothes for your keys and other bits and pieces, then click here to take a look at the messenger bags for girls that you can buy. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Retro Laptop Bags

Vintage Style Laptop Bags Are Making a Come Back!

Retro designs are making a huge comeback in every area, fashion, home decor and bags which includes laptop bags. People seem to really love the bold flower designs from the period 1920’s through to the 1980’s.

I expect part of the reason they are becoming popular is that for those of us that were around (at least during the latter part!), the vintage designs can bring back memories and remind us of things we did and places we went. Although even those that are younger still love the vintage and retro designs, you only need to look at just how many vintage weddings there are.

So what sort of designs can you expect on a retro laptop bag?

To be honest just about anything as the period covers so many years. You can find some bold patterns, or paisley designs, or you may even find the odd tie dyed effect on a vintage laptop bag. I personally love the dark colors with a beautiful bold picture along one edge, and as I love butterflies, then the one shown here is my absolute favorite!

Luckily designers of vintage and retro laptop bags for girls have made them in several styles, so you could go for a vintage rolling laptop bag, or a retro backpack laptop bag. You can even find laptop sleeves that have been designed in the retro way

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