A Leather Backpack Is Both Practical And Stylish

There is a growing trend in mainstream fashion that includes the use of a leather backpack for daily activities because of its practical advantages and stylish appearance. People are toting around more gear in recent years than was typical in the past. This means people need more bags. What was once reserved primarily for students and their school books is now commonly found on the backs of professionals heading to work or even grandparents visiting the kids. The backpack is the easiest way to carry electronics with their accessories while still having space for a host of other goodies. Making the backpack stylish only seems natural, and the following manufacturers are doing this in various ways.


The High-End Option


For proof of their popularity, high-end retailers such as Gucci and Ghurka are selling leather backpacks at select locations in the U.S. with price tags exceeding $1,000 while offering worldwide shipping from their online outlets. The Ghurka line offers handmade products that are available in chestnut, walnut and black as well as light and dark herringbone twill. These average nearly a cubic foot of carrying volume.

The products in the Gucci line are typically smaller than Ghurka products, and Gucci has a much larger selection to choose from. Gucci designs also tend to stray from the traditional ideal of what a backpack should look like. The Gucci line includes the leather backpack purse design that maintains the shape and style of a Gucci purse from the front with the straps attached to the back for practical convenience.


Leather Backpack For Women


Leather Backpack for Women


Claire Chase Uptown Back Pack

Gucci is not the only manufacturer with an eye for the ladies. Many others offer leather backpacks for women as well. Some examples include ClaireChase and Coach. The ClaireChase brand features a variety of colors and styles with both a traditional backpack look and feel as well as the purse backpack design. Coach is similar to ClaireChase in their selection of backpacks for women with the obvious differences in style and design. Both fall into a mid-range price category with prices ranging from a couple hundred dollars up to the $600 to $700 range.


Leather Backpack For Men


Leather Backpack for Men


What about men? Most of the previously mentioned manufacturers carry a line of leather backpacks for men, and of course, many designs are virtually gender indiscriminant. For example the Ghurka line may be considered more masculine especially when compared to the Gucci purse style options.

Beyond the high-end retailers, there are others who make a leather backpack for men and leather backpack for school boys that are designed with a rugged image in mind. A couple examples of this include products from Carhartt and the Saddleback Leather Company. Keeping with the Carhartt image, their products are designed for lasting functionality in demanding situations. Additionally, Carhartt develops specialty bags for activity specific applications like electrical work, hiking, fishing and others. The Saddleback Leather Company does this as well with backpacks that borrow their design from the saddlebags used by cowboys in days past. Along with the tan and dark brown options, the Saddleback Leather Company has a black leather backpack that features a large front pocket for additional capacity.


Cost Effective Options


At the low end of the spectrum, $200 or less, there are many manufacturers who produce leather backpacks at lower prices. In fact, the Carhartt line of products can be purchased at this price level, and here is also where one will find a faux leather backpack.

Discount leather and faux leather backpacks are distributed widely and can be found at multiple locations locally or purchased online from any number of vendors. Though not the real leather product, the faux leather option still offers the practicality of a traditional backpack while being stylish at the same time.

From the handcrafted, exclusive, high-end designer options to the discount, mass produced, faux alternatives, leather backpacks are readily available for both men and women in a variety of styles and designs with a price that can fit into any budget. The trend in leather backpacks for everyday activities has generated a market filled with products from well-known suppliers to start-ups with innovative solutions. Whether it is for work, school, recreation, or just to wear because it looks good, there is a new leather backpack option that will satisfy anyone.

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