Which Power Drill is Best to Buy?

“Which power drill is best?” is commonly asked when people are looking to buy a new tool, for the first time or for a gift. They make great housewarming and wedding gifts, or for the man in your life for Father’s day, Birthdays and Anniversaries. I got a lightweight Bosch PS31 for Christmas last year that is great for tight corners and have this Dewalt too that charges up fast.

There are so many different brands of power tools and types of drills for sale that it can be extremely daunting to make the right decision when buying a new one. Here are some tips on how to find which model is best for your needs. There are a few basic things to think of that will make a big difference if you take the time.

Intended use of drill

Will you be using it for small projects where you need to delicately screw screws in? Will you be working for 6 hours a day into drywall so you can run conduit wire? Will you need to bore holes into a thick concrete or brick? Do you simply need a basic tool to use around the house occasionally and never plan on doing any mega-large jobs?

The type of drill that is best to buy depends upon your intended and primary use. The best hammer drill on the market won’t help you to hang photos on your wall using screws.

The good news is the best tool for you probably is not the most expensive. If you are like most people you are a homeowner who may do some woodworking projects, bore some holes occasional, and drive a lot of screws.

Should I Buy Cordless or Corded Drill?

A cordless drill will afford you with freedom. You can use it practically anywhere and not have to worry about having enough extension cords. With a cordless unit you will not be tripping over the cord or running into the dangers of having the cords unexpectedly get tangled up around other power tools.

A disadvantage to a cordless is the battery life. You may find your battery going dead when you are still working with it. You can always buy an extra battery to have on hand as a back-up; however this can get expensive. So look for a model that comes with a spare.

The newer Dewalt brand drills use a special lithium-ion battery that is interchangeable with other Dewalt power tools. If you are running a newer Dewalt and the battery is getting low, then you can swap it out for the battery in one of your other newer Dewalt power tools that is not currently being used.

When buying cordless drills you will find that many of the top models now use lithium-ion batteries instead of the nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-CD) that used to be common. The lithium ion batteries work more efficiently, charge faster, and are much more reliable. Unfortunately the cost of the lithium-ion replacement batteries will also be higher.

Variable Speed Drills

You need to have variable speeds on your drill that are easy to use. When you are screwing a self tapping screw into a new hole you need a device that will allow to gently pull the trigger so the screw can begin to bore a hole, and then once the screw is partially in, you squeeze the trigger more and the speed picks up to allow the screw to be driven in all the way.

Without variable speeds you will be trying to start a screw into a new hole and the screw will bounce around, not catching the thread and not be even or straight even if you do get it started in to the wood or other surface.

Many models will also feature “reverse action”. The reverse action feature allows you to unscrew screws. If you do a lot of screwing than it is imperative that you buy a unit with “reverse action” feature. Most name brand models now feature “reverse action” as one of the basic components on almost all of the models they manufacture and sell.

The Comfort Factor

The design and size of each drill are different. It is important that you can comfortably grip it and use it properly. If you are a very small person who is not extremely strong then you may struggle to use larger models safely. On the other hand if you have huge hands you may find that the compact styles make your hand get extremely tired.

Once you have narrowed down the features you need, you can then consider the ergonomic designs. Some are just a basic style grip which is a quintessential classic in drill design. Other people may prefer a model that has more fluid and smooth lines as it is easier for them to work for extended periods with less hand and wrist fatigue.


If you go into your local hardware store you will see a large variety of power tools for sale in different price categories. The inexpensive drills that cost less than $70 are rarely worth buying. You will need to buy a better quality model in order to get variable speeds and reliability.

Fortunately we can order tools on the Internet. By buying one online from a retailer such as Amazon you can get a better unit at a cheaper price than your local hardware store. In most cases you will not have to pay tax on your purchase. You will also find that tool sellers such as Amazon offer proves that are much cheaper than your local hardware store.

You can buy a better tool for less money when you buy online. Once you decide on which power drill is best for you, then you can usually find the lowest price available at Amazon.

Ready to shop?

Once you have narrowed down the features that you need in a drill, and then you can find numerous models within that range of features that you need. If you stick with the highly reputable and quality from brands such as Dewalt, Bosch, Skil, and Makita then you will be better off than buying a cheap generic device that is poorly built.

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to tools than Dewalt is definitely a brand you should consider as they make many of the best power drills that are very reliable and will last a lifetime.

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