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Best School Backpack Bags for Boys 2017

Getting Ready for Back to School

School bags are an essential part of modern back to school supply lists. School backpack bags for boys, Backpacks, messenger bags, and tote bags, are all great examples of organizational tools, and these tools, incorporated into your child’s school routine early on, can help in developing good habits for future years. As a middle school teacher, I found that many of my students didn’t have as much trouble understanding what I taught, as they did keeping track of their work. Poor grades, more often than not, were a result of lost work, ignored work, and not studying.

My middle school students tended to be poorly organized, but then, if I re-visit my own middle school days (it was called junior high, then), I recognize that I was just as organizationally challenged as my students. School bags were rarely used in those days, and papers often found their way out of my binder. Fortunately, school bags are more prominently incorporated in school culture.

There are many designs in school bags for boys, and knowing your son’s age level, and how the students at that age tend to behave, may help you in your selection of a book bag or backpack. There are lots of choices, that’s for sure!


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Help your son to establish school bag routines at the start of the year. For example, when he arrives home from school, it’s time to empty the book bag, and get rid of any trash, unneeded papers, and so on. Next, review the contents, and go over work that needs to be done for tomorrow. When he’s done with his work, everything that needs to be in the school bag is put in place, and the bag is stored in a designated place, for easy retrieval in the morning.

Early Elementary and Pre-School Book Bags

At the pre-school and early elementary school stage, boys love all sorts of characters. There are favorite cartoon characters, as well as favorite movie characters. There are also those boys who absolutely love dinosaurs, and other creatures. Your son’s tastes will change, as he gets older, as will those of his peers.

There will be some transitioning in maturity, along the way, and moving beyond what boys may perceive as childish. I would say that by third grade, you will want to be especially cognizant of these issues in purchasing back to school supplies, as well as clothing, avoiding any characters that might draw unwanted attention from peers.

Early Elementary Favorites in School Backpack Bags for Boys

Cartoon heroes tend to be high on the popularity list with boys!

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School Bags for High School

As your son approaches high school, his interests may be more defined, whether he will pursue advanced placement classes, sports, or other areas of interest. Simple is best, and you may become equally concerned with school bags for sports, or for gym class.

Jansport Backpacks


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JanSport Boost Backpack

When you need a more mature school bag for your son, Jansport is a longtime favorite, with quality backpacks in wild or simple design. Many college bookstores make Jansport school bags for boys available for sale in student bookstores, and these are very good for the college prep high school student.


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