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Best Sleeping Bags For Kids 2017

The Cool sleeping bags for kids make sleep time a joyful time.The kids indoor sleeping bags are comfortable sleeping bag for kids to use for sleepovers, nap times at daycare and slumber parties.

I remember growing up with my three sisters and a brother. We used to love pulling out our sleeping bags so we could cuddle up in front of the television in the lounge room on the big furry rug. Coming from a big family there was always someone to play… or fight with.. depending on the mood of the kids.

So if you’re looking for sleeping bags… Find the best colorful & cozy sleeping bags for kids for fun time and sleepovers in the styles and options listed here.

These childrens sleep bags are perfect for sleepovers or unexpected friends and they’re super convenient to store away without taking up too much space. When my kids were younger we always had friends stay over and found this was a great alternative for sleeping arrangements…and fun at the same time. Never did get to the part of pitching a tent in the backyard.

If your kids are anything like my sisters and myself your girls like to have pretty things, like fairies and butterflies,…and like to show off to their friends. Boys usually like colorful things, like trucks and animals or favourite movie or tv character.

This is one of those things you don’t realize how much you’ll use it until you have it…And…
“Bedtime becomes the most popular word in your house!”

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Cute Sleeping Bags For Kids

Melissa & Doug Mollie Sleeping Bag

Cute Sleeping Bag For Kids

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The cozy ladybug sleeping bag made of comfy polyester and printed with bright ladybug design will be your kids favorite place to take a nap or drift to dreamland every night .The ladybug pillow makes going to sleep an attractive event.

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Washable Animal Sleeping Bag with Plush Pillow, in Cat

Animal Sleeping Bag


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Bright colors and plush animal pillows makes this appliqued sleeping bags for kids an adorable acccessory for sleeping.The cute sleeping bags are portable transforming into a tote easily.

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Disney Sleeping Bags

Disney Sleeping Bags with your kids favorite disney characters printed on them will make their sleepover parties a treat. They will love to relax with mickey mouse,minne mouse,all the disney fairies and more.Playtime or naptime the disney sleeping bag will make it a funtime for them.

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Girls Sleepover Bags for Kids : Gifts For Girls

Little girls love their fairies, butterfly and princess themes. This is a fantastic selection of colorful girls sleeping bags and also includes mermaids, fairies and lady bugs themed sleeping bags for girls..

I can just imagine little girls snuggled down to sleep with one of their favorite fairy tale characters wrapped around them to keep them warm and cozy for the night…One of my favorite was butterflies…I created cards, had it on my book coverings, bed linen and of course my favorite pair of pajamas had butterflies on them too. I just couldn’t get enough of them… so if your child is anything like me… I know what you’re going through trying to find that perfect outfit or slumber bag.

If you’re kids are anything like mine they all have their favorite book, superhero character or animal that they just love to have on everything. From their sheets to backpacks and pjs. Here’s a list to let us know what your favourites are…

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Wildkin Butterfly 66″ Sleeping Bag – Soft & Cozy

Girls Slumber Time Bed – Pink Lining!

Wildkin Butterfly Sleeping Bag

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Little girls love butterflies and the color pink! The sleeping bag is soft and cosy…great for snuggling down to sleep when having friends for a sleepover.

Most important is is naturally flame-resistant sleeping bag. Includes storage bag and elastic storage straps Exterior is Cotton/polyester and is lined with 100% cozy cotton flannel interior. I love that it has it’s own little nap pillow… and of course it’s pink!


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More Wildkin Sleeping Bags For Kids

The range of wildkin sleeping bags for kids is extensive with modern designs and attractive patterns.
The travel pillow,storage bag and elastic storage straps are thoughtful additions to the comfortable best lightweight sleeping bags for kids.
The sleeping bags for children are 66″ in length and can fit up to a 5 ft. 6in. child.

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Points To Consider For Your Sleeping Bag Purchase

What You Need To Know

Companies today are designing sleeping bags that kids are going to love. Many of them feature styles and wacky colors that interest kids. From popular Disney themed ones, to fun looking animals, you can find the right style for your child. Some are a little more rugged and have more padding then others. It all depends on how your child is going to use it.

Whether your child is a boy, girl, or toddler, there’s a perfect sleeping bag for him or her. Nap time can be fun whether it is indoor or outdoors.

  • Both boys and girls love slumber parties. Overnight slumber parties are where kids will experience some of the most memorable moments in their life. They are going to need a sleeping bag to sleepover.
  • Nap time for toddlers at preschool is very important. Children are rapidly growing both physically and mentally. They need to rest. A lightweight sleeping bag or nap mat designed especially for toddlers is perfect for nap time.
  • Most sleeping bags are machine washable, but some require to be hand washed or washed in an industrial front load washer.
  • The cutesy sleeping bags are fine for sleepovers, day care, and around the house.If your kids want to go camping, they are going to need to get a sleeping bag that keeps them warm even if it is cold outside. Sleeping bags for camping have a minimum temperature label on them and come in different shapes and sizes.


Spiderman 3 Piece Bag Set – Slumber Sack, Tote Bag, and Pillow

Spiderman – Great Gift Ideas For Boys

Spiderman 3 Piece Bag Set

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Spiderman Sleeping Bag 3 Piece Set – Slumber Sack, Tote Bag, and Pillow

This boys sleeping bag set offers great value as it includes the slumber sack, a tote bag for carrying and your boy’s very own Spiderman pillow.

The pillow also fits inside the tote bag for easy carrying.

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Sleeping Bags are a great Xmas Gift Idea For Boys…. or girls if they are into Spiderman! Not all little girls prefer dolly items!


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Best Selection for Boys

Boys Fun Sleeping Bags Gifts for Boys Fast Delivery

Great selection of favorite boys sleeping bags which are colorful and warm in great pattern designs of pirates, camouflage, wild animal prints, Disney Cars, Trains, Planes and Trucks… and so much more for a fun sleep over night.

I’m sure if your little boy is anything like mine, he cant wait to snuggle down to sleep in his favorite sleeping bag!… My son had a thing for trains.. so I’m sure this would have been what he would have chosen. As you can see there is a fantastic selection of colours… so no matter what your child’s favourite colour it’s sure to be included in one of these sleep bags for boys… but who said they were only for boys!

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Melissa and Doug Top Pick

Melissa & Doug Girls Mollie Outdoor Bundle – Tent & Sleeping Bag

Melissa Doug Girls Mollie Outdoor Bundle

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Melissa and Doug are well known for their toy selection that brings hours of entertainment to children around the world.

Melissa and Doug Kids Sleeping Bags are popular and very well made and are extremely soft, cozy & warm. Perfect for sleepovers and pretend play. I’m sure your child cant wait to snuggle down at night in their favorite sleeping bag!
I sure wish we had had a great tent like this set when I was growing up. I think we used to put a big blanket over the dining table for our hideaway.


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Which One?

How To Choose

Sleeping bags for boys and girls have different themes and designs. Typically, sleeping bags for toddlers are a lot smaller and have cute cartoony designs. Each style serves a purpose and has their own benefits. How do you choose which is right for you?

Consider the following:

  • Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Are your children boys or girls?
  • What are they going to be using their sleeping bags for?
  • Do you prefer one material over another?
  • Would you like a sleeping bag that includes a pillow?
  • How cold is it going to be if you need to use your sleeping bag outside?
  • How many years do you want to use your sleeping bag?

It’s better to spend a little more for a sleeping bag that you can use forever than to spend less.

We want to hear from you

What is your favorite sleeping bag?

We welcome your comments on anything that has to do with sleeping bags for kids. Sleeping on a hardwood floor or rocky ground can actually be fun with the right sleeping bag. In fact, bedtime at a place other than home can be an adventure on its own for most kids. Toddlers just starting preschool are going to need to get a sleeping bag for nap or quiet time. There are some real cute sleeping bags designed especially for toddlers in mind.

Do your kids love slumber parties? Most kids love sleeping over at their friend’s or grandma’s house on the weekends. You don’t need the most expensive sleeping bag for sleepovers. Then there are kids who love outdoor adventures. They are going to need a heavy duty sleeping bag.

There are many different types of sleeping bags. Some come with fun characters and designs on them while others are built to withstand the cold temperatures outside. Sleeping bags are designed for both boys and girls. It doesn’t matter if you have a little Indiana Jones or little Princess, there is a perfect sleeping bag for your child.

Hopefully, you found some good ideas about what sleeping bag to purchase for your kids. Let us know what you think in the comments below . . .

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