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Best Travel Bags with Wheels

Take an in depth look at the various travel bags with wheels that make travelling so much easier.

Before adding wheels to our travel luggage we found it necessary to juggle bags of various sizes under our arms. Depending upon the size of the bag and what was packed, the weight alone was enough to discourage the traveler. As airports, bus stations, and train depots grew and became busier, we either had to carry these bags a greater distance or try to manipulate them while waiting in line.

For Women on the Go – Travel Bags with Wheels

Women today do as much if not more travelling than men.

When it comes to travel bags, women do not want to be wrestling with large bulky bags that are cumbersome to carry. Instead, many women choose to opt for travel bags with wheels which lets them move quickly and with a purpose without wearing themselves out.

These bags do not always have to come in basic black. There are many on the market that are quite fashionable.

Take a look at these few representative bags to make your travelling a bit lighter and easier.

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Kids Travel Bags With Wheels

Kids like to travel too. It does not matter if it is across town or across the country. But when they travel they want to have their own luggage.

In this next section I will be highlighting a few kids travel bags with wheels. The bags are very fashionable and perfect for your kids . You can read some of the features that have been posted and you can also look around for other travel bags.

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These Cute Travel Bags Have Wheels


Pet Travel Bags With Wheels

Travelling with your pet is not always the easiest thing to do. It seems like their energy level is in hyperactive mode which makes them difficult to carry. Couple that with new places, new experiences, and strange scenery you need a pet travel bag on wheels to help ease the stress.

As you can see from the select group below, pet carriers come in a variety of styles. Some can even be used in 4 different ways. They can be used as a rolling pet carrier, backpack, bed and car seat all in one.

If you plan to travel with your pet by air, be sure to check with the airlines as to any restrictions they might have then take a look at the options below and see what best fits your needs.

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Laptop Travel Bags with Wheels

Samsonite Spinner Mobile Office

Laptop travel bags with wheels

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Aside from the Samsonite name, this bag is popular with frequent travelers

The four spinner wheels actually turn independent of one another. This allows the traveler to push or pull this bag in any direction. Just being able to easily maneuver this bag down an airplane aisle eliminates some of the stress of boarding. These wheels are different from most roll on travel bags that have wheels fixed in place without being able to turn.

This highlighted bag accommodates 15.4 widescreen laptops along with all necessary files and resources enabling you to have everything in place for that perfect presentation.

Take your office on the road with this mobile office that easily fits under your plane seat or in the overhead luggage rack.

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Car Seat Travel Bags

There are times when you travel it is necessary to bring along your child’s car seat.

There can be many reasons for this. Perhaps there is no suitable car seat at your destination. You may be visiting grandparents and they do not have car seats of their own.

Maybe you are going on a family vacation and there are no car seats available from the car rental agency.

No matter what, if you have to carry your own as luggage you want to ensure it is protected from dirt and grime during travel.

Many car seat travel bags come with wheels in addition to straps that permit it to be carried like a backpack.

Click on any one of the links below to learn more about these aids for travelling.

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How to Pack A Travel Bag With Wheels


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